Reiki Crystal Chakra Cleansing – Balancing & Clearing Chakra Blockages

Reiki Crystal Chakra Cleansing

Reiki Crystal Chakra Cleansing to Clear and Balance Blocked Chakras

Predating the arrival of Reiki in the West, crystal healing and chakra cleansing has long been a tradition amongst Japanese Reiki healers. Many of these healers used a set of semi-precious stones. Reiki crystal chakra cleansing palm stones, are very good for this. These sets typically include, seven oval shaped stones representing the seven main chakras. They can have the Sanskrit chakra symbols on them.

Reiki healers sometimes use the chakra crystal stone set. To cleanse and clear blockages away from the seven main chakras. This will allow for the free flow of life force energy (Ki/Chi), throughout the entire being. This also cleanses the meridian energy highways of the light body. Again allowing energy to circulate more freely.

This is somewhat like a tune up for the chakras and energy being. The healer will use a crystal or semi-precious stone, that resonates with the associated chakra. This will help to bring its vibration back to its correct level to help each chakra to harmonise. The healer will heal over and down through each chakra stone. This is done with the intent to cleanse, unblock and harmonise each chakra, one at a time.


Reiki Crystal Cleansing

Reiki crystals should be cleansed and charged either the night before or just prior to the client arriving. You can charge them, either in sunlight or moonlight for about 3 hours. One method of crystal healing is for the healer, to channel Reiki energy into the crystals by firstly, placing the root chakra (in this case red jasper as in the photo), on a table and cover it with your dominate healing hand, and place the other hand resting on top.

With the intent of charging it with reiki energy. As you relate to your own root chakra by seeing red in your minds eye. Then having the intent to cleanse away negative energies or any impurities, left behind by the last client, to harmonise the crystal or stone. After 30 seconds to a minute. You will feel the energy buzzing or tingling on your palm, this means it is fully cleansed and charged. Repeat this with the rest of the set, moving up towards the crown chakra stone. Do this While thinking of each colour and chakra associated to the stone, you are currently cleansing and charging. Now when your client or healee arrives, you are ready to begin.

To begin you reiki crystal healing

To begin the crystal cleansing, first focus on getting your client settled for healing by grounding and protecting them, then draw in the symbol you use to open them for healing. The best method is to have the client lying down either on a therapy table, bed or couch. When using the crystals and stone set, it is often better to use them on the second session rather than the first, as the client is often more relaxed by the time of the second session.

Place as best you can the root chakra crystal or stone, either between their legs a few inches below the crutch or if not possible well above the pelvis, just on or below the belt line. Then place the rest of the chakra set over each associated chakra, lastly placing the crown crystal above the client, resting it on a pillow. Remember to make your client aware as you place the crystal or stone directly on their skin that it may feel a little cold.

Using the crystal set with intent

The charged energies in the crystals will flow down into the chakra and the Reiki crystal chakra cleansing palm stones will naturally help to cleanse, unblock and harmonise each of the associated chakra. Once each crystal has been placed on or near each chakra. Then the healer should start from the root chakra holding their hand off the body over the chakra and heal down through it with intent to cleanse and harmonise the chakra. Each chakra takes 30 seconds to a minute to do and then by moving up one chakra at a time, it should take no more than 4 to 7 minutes to complete. Once finished, carefully remove the reiki crystal cleansing set and begin a normal Reiki healing.

Reiki healers can buy Reiki crystal chakra cleansing palm stones, that can greatly add to the experience for the client. They work very wellp to cleanse away, any blockages in any of the seven main chakras. You can purchase them on eBay here Reiki crystal chakra cleansing palm stones set

Article by Neil

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