Astral Projection Out of Body Experience OBE – Fears & Paralysis


Astral Projection Out of Body Experience Explained

Astral Projection Out of Body Experience, is a general term for the spirit leaving the body. So Astral Projection is normally traveling some distance from the body, that can often be into the astral realms.

That is to say not of the earth, but toward the spirit realms. Where those having an astral projection can go on many amazing journeys. Sometimes meet their loved ones, who have crossed over. Other times meeting spirit guides and angels. Whereas an out of body experience, might be more local. Most often here upon the earth, often in the persons own home.

What you might experience in a astral projection

Astral Projection and OBE

Both are out of body experiences, sometimes triggered on purpose through meditation. Often having out of body experiences, is quiet difficult to achieve for most who try. Many only get part way out and cannot get any further. When attempting this and sometimes quite naturally, some of the signs that an out of body experience is about to happen.

Are; fast and difficult breathing and a racing heart rate. Or paralysis of the whole body, both when the spirit is going out of body and returning. Astral Catalepsy also happens, when returning to settle back into the physical body. Also acute hearing and suction noises can be heard, as the spirit seeks to free itself of the physical body.

Astral Projection

People react in different ways to astral projection out of body experience

Those having these conditions can fear it very greatly. The best thing to do when this happens, is to relax and it soon passes. Many also have involuntary Astral Projection Out of Body Experience. Those in their own homes, often find themselves floating near the ceiling, or looking down on their sleeping body.

Many have no control over it, while others can freely move where they wish to. Some have no memory of the event and find they wake up with astral catalepsy. Which is the same thing as astral paralysis, where the whole body is frozen, and no matter how they fight it, they often cannot move or even speak. This normally passes after a minute or two. But can leave many in fear, as they do not know what is happening to them.

Times we have natural astral projection

Most that do have Astral Projection, or out of body experiences OBE’s. Have them while they are sleeping and many enjoy them. While others fear and hate them. There are sometimes triggers, that can induce out of body experiences. One of them is lucid dreaming. Often while dreaming of flying in those dreams, it can trigger an astral projection or out of body experience.

Those the fear them

Some people also fear not being able to return to body, or getting lost. Others that they maybe attacked by an evil spirit. When we leave the body the spirit maintains a connection. This is called the silver cord or thread. It will never break and will always help the spirit to return safely back to body. As for bad spirits, well there are bad people here and in spirit to. There are ways to help to protect oneself using white light around us, as a shield to expel darkness or spirits that come to close to us.

We are spirits

As spirits we are beings of light and energy. So we can create this light of protection around us. If we keep a positive state of mind, it can also help to protect us from negative influences. As fear only serves to make us more vulnerable to any negative spirits. We can also learn to ground, and protect with white light, and close the chakras of we feel threatened. Those who experience astral projections, should try to ground themselves daily. Some wish it to stop and closing down is best. But often it is a very hard thing to prevent in some cases. As it is the spirit that chooses to astral project or go out of body, and does so because it wishes to.

Why do out of body experiences happen?

When asleep the mind enters a very different. This is while the conscious mind is sleeping. And other parts of them mind are in a different mode. So the spirit awakens and has more freedom, in what is called sleep state. It is believed by some that our spirit can travel out of body to experience life beyond the physical realm and within the spiritual realms. Where we are experiencing and learning in spirit. While our physical life is sleeping.

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