Global Warming & The Future Impact of Climate Change


.Global Warming & The Future Impact That Climate Change May Have on All Life

I speak not as a scientist, but as a concerned individual, who wants to see this world survive. We learn to respect nature and the environmental impact man has on the climate. Including global warming and that we look after it for future generations to come. I feel we need to address climate change to preserve our precious world, and quickly turn to renewable energy sources to prevent global warming.

It seems clear that climate change is happening and could even lead to a mass extinction event upon the earth, within this current century. Many believe if it is happening, that it will not affect them, so why do anything? That short term thinking for the possible consequences to our grandchildren or maybe even our own children. So I believe we should all be concerned, if we are wish to do the responsible thing, to prevent damaging our world.

About Noam Chomsky’s Video

The video is Noam Chomsky 6 May 2018 – The Anthropocene, 6th Extinction and Climate Change, speaking of current global warming predictions. He is also concerned by his countries actions and we should set that aside, as this is a global issue that involves us all and should concern every person and government.

Helping us all into taking far more action than we currently are, concerning the likelihood that climate change could at worst cause a mass extinction in the near future. If so, then that would be very irresponsible of us not to do enough to prevent it. So maybe it is time we begin to undo the damage we are already causing.

Severe & Freak Weather Conditions

Many of us might see some some of the server weather conditions that are beginning to happen in some parts of the world over the last few years. We can see server weather is on the increase over the last few years. Are some of these freak weather conditions a direct cause of the earths climate change?

The Cause of Global Warming

Man and the industrial age is the direct cause of climate change. Fossil fuels by far are causing a biggest rise in Co2 carbon dioxide emissions. This is causing an unrepresented rise in global temperatures. Other pollution’s are also having a detrimental impact on the world and life upon it.

Why should we personally and our governments being to do something?

Because we should not close our eyes to what we are potentially causing, even if we will personally survive it. It is the future generations, that may not do so, and that is our or legacy for them to potentially suffer. The responsible thing to do, is the prevent this likelihood of creating an unsurvivable climate, within the next 100 years or so.

So the time has come for us, to be more aware of this risks. It is tome to take serious actions to prevent this before it becomes too late. This world is for us to look after and take responsibility for, not just for the present day, but for the future generations to come.

We must learn to live in responsibility ways

So we must learn to live in balance and harmony with the environment and in balance with the ecosystem. We also need to respect this world is not just ours, it belongs to all life that lives upon it. Man is in places destroying the natural habitats of this world and cause extinction of some species. Often this can be put down to mans greed and lack of care for the environment and life.

The Earth has gone through billions of years of evolution to find the right balance of nature. It has to come to a fairly stable balance of nature and the ecosystem. Mankind in his somewhat ignorance in this modern day, has lost his way at respecting and keeping in balance with this. We say we are the most “superior species”. If that is so we should know better and be very concerned. We are causing such destruction to the earth and the environment. Sadly some do not see these things, or the evidence that man is causing this. We must think not only of our own survival, but the survival of our descendant and all life on earth.

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