Crystal Healing Guide for Beginners – Everything You Need to Know

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Crystal Healing Guide for Beginners for Crystals and Crystal Healing

Walking into a metaphysical store for the first time can be daunting. Everywhere you turn, there are books on auras, angel therapy, chakras, and even crystal healing. If the latter is of interest to you – but you don’t know where to begin – start by taking a deep breath. Relax! This crystal healing guide will help and the process doesn’t have to be scary, intimidating, or overwhelming. It is simply the first step on your new journey of well being.

Crystal Healing Guide Essential Information

To some, crystals are nothing more than beautiful décor pieces or stones incorporated into jewellery. While undeniably striking, there is much more to crystals than their aesthetic appeal. For centuries, they have been used for healing, protection, and abundance. (According to Judy Hall, author of The Crystal Bible, the earliest crystal healing recipe dates back over 7000 years.) From Egypt to Greece, China, and Mexico, there is evidence that many ancient cultures incorporated crystal healing in both their spiritual rituals and day-to-day lives.

Today, crystals are used in a variety of ways. That includes attracting love, achieving financial stability, improving physical health, boosting mood, and everything in between. So how do crystals work? Though a fair amount of debate surrounds the topic, you can think of it this way. Everything in the universe is made up of energy (crystals included). The energy that crystals contain is powerful and stable, which allows them to bring our unstable human energy into a place of balance and peace. Working with certain stones can help realign energies that are out of whack, draw positive energies into your life, and even remove negative energies that may be holding you back.

Start With These Beginner Friendly Crystals

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Not all crystals look alike. They come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. Often, a certain colour can be attributed to a specific type of healing (for instance, green stones are typically linked to luck and prosperity) while different shapes may indicate how to use a crystal (pointed shapes can be used to point an intention out into the universe). While it may seem a little confusing right now… before long you will be an expert.

Beginners Crystal

Instead of worrying about what each colour means or which shape to choose, start with a few of these beginner friendly crystals.

  • Amethyst is a wonderful stone to use. It ranges from lavender to dark purple in colour and is known for being both calming and protective. Additionally, amethyst is known for balancing moods, dissolving anger, and removing feelings of anxiety.
  • Rose Quartz is another stone that many beginners are drawn to. Often dubbed the love stone, this soft pink crystal boosts feelings of self-love, platonic love, and romantic love, as well as feelings of forgiveness and peace. Rose Quartz is gentle, calming, and sure to be a welcome addition to your new collection.
  • Tigers Eye should also be considered. It has a distinct golden-red colour with bands of light woven throughout. This is often referred to as the stone of brightness because it has the ability to bring light to your life. Tigers Eye can help anyone looking for clarity, increases psychic abilities, and boosts confidence.
  • Clear Quartz is an absolute must as it a universal stone. This clear crystal works for just about any problem or issue, can amplify energy, and make other crystals more effective. If that wasn’t enough, this master healer also draws away negative energies and can be used to cleanse other stones.
  • Citrine may be the last on this list but it certainly should not be ignored. It is a yellow stone that brings forth feelings of happiness, joy, and optimism. Citrine doesn’t hold onto negative energies (and therefore never needs to be cleansed) and attracts abundance.

Keep in mind

Something to keep in mind? You may walk into your local crystal store ready to buy each and every one of the stones listed above. However, you may then find that you are drawn to something else entirely. That’s okay! Trust your instincts when it comes to crystal shopping. If something speaks to you or feels right when you hold it, go for it. Always let your intuition be your guide.

Cleansing Your New Crystals

cleansing with palo santo

Purchasing a new crystal can be exciting, but before you start to work with it, you need to cleanse. This process removes any outside energies the stone may have collected. Though some will not need to be cleansed (you can read more about that here), generally speaking, removing any lingering energies is essential. This process will help your crystals work as effectively as possible.

There are many different ways to cleanse your stones. You can choose one or more methods but it is always best to do what feels right to you!

  • Cleanse your crystals in the sunlight or moonlight. Returning your stones to nature is a wonderful way to remove any negative energies they have accumulated. While some people prefer to bury their crystals in the earth, you can simply leave them outside in either sunlight or moonlight for four hours or more. (Some stones change colour when left in the sun, so make sure your stones are safe to be outside before you begin the cleansing process.)
  • Use a cleansing crystal like clear quartz or selenite. Certain stones can purify and recharge other crystals without taking away or harming their own energies. A few examples include clear quartz, selenite, and carnelian, and citrine. If you have them, put these stones to good use!
  • Burn something like Sage or Palo Santo. This cleansing method is quite popular and very easy to do. Simply light the end and surround your stones in the smoke. Continue circling the smoke around each crystal until you feel it has been completely cleansed.

Everyday Ways to Use Crystal Healing

There are countless ways to incorporate crystal healing into your everyday life. It all depends on what you want! A few suggestions include: using a crystal during meditation, adding stones to your desk at work for peace and clarity, making a crystal grid to manifest your desires, placing crystals on your body to heal specific areas, using them to create a sacred space, putting a few under your pillow (or near your bed) to cure insomnia, or simply holding whatever crystal you are drawn to.

Everyone starts somewhere… but you know what they say, knowledge is power. Now you have all the information you need to get started. Whether that means visiting a local crystal shop or doing a bit of online shopping, you are ready to incorporate crystal healing into your everyday life.

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