The 7 Main Chakras Guide to The Spirits Chakra Energy System

7 Main Chakras

The 7 Main Chakras Beginners Guide to the Spiritual Energy System

The 7 Main Chakras are Life Force Providers of the Energy Body

This is about the 7 main chakras beginners guide, is to help you gain an understanding of the spiritual energy system. There are 7 main chakras and many other secondary and smaller chakras. These chakras are the energy source of the spirit. They provide our spirits daily energy requirements. Spiritually we are somewhat like a battery, that needs to stay in a healthy charged condition.

If we become ill, our chakras can become depleted and discharged, or even blocked. So if this is the case we need to recharge our chakras and spirit back into its peak performance. As when we are depleted we are more susceptible to illness, and less able to do spiritual work. We can do meditations and receive healing for this. These meditations and healings can clear any blocked chakras and meridians, to recharge our entire energy system.

The chakras provide energy through the meridians and nadis

All matter gives off electromagnetic energy. Our spirit is much more than merely a being of matter. We are spirit with a subtle or light body, that produces energy from the 7 main chakra energy centers. There are many other smaller chakras within our spirit being. The chakras energies are channelled around our subtle body via the meridians and nadis. The meridians are the energy highways or pathways of the spirit subtle light body, and the nadis are smaller energy channels.

Blocked chakras and development

Sometimes a chakra, meridian or nadi, can become blocked or depleted. On the whole they work adequately and help us to remain, in a healthy balanced spiritual state. One might call the chakra energy centers god or universal power. The energies of the chakras are of an inexhaustible energy supply of god power. Even though the chakras can become depleted at times, such as when we are ill.

This can cause blockages or imbalances to our energy system. In most cases our chakras are fairly undeveloped. That is unless we do some kind of spiritual work or development to increase their power to open them more fully. Where they can become more powerful and impart more energy. They might also develop, if we become more spiritually aware.

Ancient cultures and how the chakra relate and work

In many ancient cultures they considered the chakras to contain our life force energy. That relates to us as a whole being on a physical, mental/emotional and spiritual level. What the Chinese would call Chi or in Indian Yoga Prana, both life force energy.

The chakras can spin faster or slower, to produce energy that is used for different purposes. This depends on what we are doing. The chakras mostly spin one way, and rarely in the opposite direction. However some chakras spin one way, and others in the other direction. Often one or several chakras can be working together, to mix and merge their energies, to help us in a certain manner.

What Are The Chakras?

The word chakra is ancient Sanskrit, and literally means wheel or spinning disc. As the chakras a spinning discs in a trumpet or cone like shape. The chakras are vortexes of energy that spin and each has its own unique colour and purpose. The chakras produce the aura that surrounds us in our energy field.

The aura can be visibly seen by some to change colours, depending on moods, emotions or what we are doing at certain times. So each day, our aura can go through several different colour changes, as the different chakras blend their energies with one another. This is to produce a certain effect, to aid us with what we are doing…

The 7 Main Chakras Beginners Guide

The 1st Chakra

The Root Chakra – Colour Red.
Sanskrit Name – “Muladhara” – meaning root or support.
Located – at the base of your spine near the tail bone in the perineum and its energies radiate downward and upward.


Its purpose is the connection with the physical plane of life, as well as earthly grounding and physical survival. If you become imbalanced it is always good to reform this connection by grounding yourself. This will promote peace, balance and harmony, by allowing any negative energies to drain out of you down into the earth and allow balanced earth.

Then allow the earth energies to rise up and enter your root chakra and whole being, to restore balance. This can have an amazing effect on promoting peace and balance and naturally ground us. It cam be like when walking bare foot on wet sand or grass. When we can feel that natural grounding happening, as we become ever more peaceful and in harmony.

The root chakra helps us with daily survival instincts, and helps with security both physically and emotionally. It helps us with a sense of accomplishment, safety and shelter. It helps us to focus on the human experience of life. The root chakra can sometimes become overactive, because it is used allot. It can manifest as anxiety, worry and fears, as one of its purposes is to keep us alive.


To calm this chakra, meditate for a few minutes connecting with the earth energies. Then focus on breathing in good energy from the earth, and exhale all your daily worries, fears and anxieties. If under active, meditate breathing in earth power to boost its energy. You might go for a walk in nature to revitalise it, or take a bath as water is very grounding and earthing and can restore balance to this chakra.

The 2nd Chakra

The Sacral Chakra – Colour Orange.
Sanskrit Name – “Svadhishana” – meaning the place of the self – your identity.
Located – three finger widths below the belly button in your center and its energies radiate forward and back.


Its purpose is personal creativity, and is the sexual reproductive chakra. It is associated to the lower abdomen and the kidneys, bladder and circulatory system. It helps the reproductive organs and is associated with the emotions. This chakra represents lust, desire, pleasure, sexuality, along with procreation and creativity. Blockages of this chakra can cause emotional problems or compulsive and obsessive behaviour, and even the feelings of sexual guilt.


This chakra also relates to the enjoyment in pleasurable things in life, when in a balanced and normal condition. Such a sex, eating good food, enjoying creative activities, inspirations that are enjoyable. That can create a sense of well-being and abundance in life. That can help us to feel happy and well balanced.

An underactive sacral chakra can lead to weight gain, restlessness and imbalances. To help balance this chakra. Channel its energy to the heart, then meditate and contemplate what is good for you, and find your balance and resolve. This helps to activate this chakra to find balance. So that it may become more active in pleasurable pursuits that you might enjoy.

The 3rd Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra – Colour Yellow.
Sanskrit Name – “Manipura” – meaning lustrous gem, your self-confidence, identity and personal empowerment.
Located – three finger widths above the belly button in your center below your breastbone and its energy radiates forward and back.


This chakra can often give you gut feelings about a situation. It is often wise you listen to it, as it is a very psychically perceptive chakra. This chakra connects you and represents your personal power, and is a big part of the center of yourself. It can give and feel confidence and give wisdom. This chakra is associated to the digestive system, muscles, pancreas and adrenals. It is the seat of our emotional life.

When balanced it gives feelings of a sense of wisdom. To help you define what you want out of life. As well as personal empowerment and confidence. Some call it the warrior chakra, due to its wisdom in conflicting situations. It has the ability to make instant decisions, that are sometimes for the best. It gives wisdom in standing up for the truth and what is right.

If this chakra is overactive, we may get angry quickly and need to control our outbursts. It can cause feelings of dizziness and lack of caring or feelings for others. Also suffering upset digestion and other imbalances in the internal organs.


To balance the Solar Plexus chakra, practice opening the heart with love and compassion. Meditate and send love and compassion to those near to you who are in need. Focus on being a channel of love to all.

If underactive you might feel your power is taken away from you by others, or you might feel a lack of energy. You might become indecisive and insecure and withdrawn. Or You might find yourself in need of help and feeling very wanting of others. You might experience feeling frustrated and a lack of direction.

The 4th Chakra

The Heart Chakra – Colour Green.
Sanskrit Name – “Anahata” – meaning unhurt, the chakra of love, compassion, where kindness is empowered.
Located – center of your chest over the heart and its energies radiate forward and back.


We all know our heart represents love. That is what the heart chakra is about, love, compassion, harmony and peace. Our heart feels love for others and for yourself. Love is a great healing force and promotes health and well-being. The heart chakra is associated to the immune system, lungs and heart. When hardship happens it can greatly support others through care and kindness. We should cultivate self love and kindness toward ourselves and others. When sad and negative things happen we can still give love and kindness to others and ourselves. Love truly is a healing force.

If this chakra is overactive, we can step over our personal limits and make emotional based choices, rather than more balanced decisions. At these times we need to step back. Then think what is in our own and others best interest. Always treat yourself with the same love and kindness, that you would show to others. Some of the symptoms of an overactive heart chakra, are a racing heart rate, heart palpitations, indigestion or heart burn and relationship issues.


To balance the heart chakra walk in nature and ground yourself. Take yourself away from the situation that is causing the imbalance, until you can make a more rational decision. Then focus on your own needs. Take time to allow self healing to take place, and don’t make rash decisions. Treat yourself to something relaxing and allow yourself time to love yourself.

If the heart chakra is underactive, it can be because of hurt and heartbreak. So you need time to self heal and self love. These hardships sometimes teach us lessons and help us to be stronger and make better choices in life. We have difficult times to go through in life. At these times it can be hard to get close to anyone. Meditate without judging yourself and others to find clarity. Try to see your situation from a third person’s perspective, without judging yourself.

The 5th Chakra

The Throat Chakra – Colour Blue.
Sanskrit Name – “Vishuddha” – meaning very pure, the chakra of voice to your personal truths and energy to speak from.
Located – center of the nape of our neck between the collar bones and its energies radiate forward and back.


This is the chakra of creativity, self-expression and judgement, to impart our thoughts to others in a verbal voice. This can be gentle, normal or harsh in the way we express our thoughts and feelings to others. The voice is a physical level of expression, and a way to speak our truth in clarity to others.

When the throat chakra is balanced. You may find you can speak the truth and what you wish to convey clearly, in a balanced and truthful manner. You will choose the right words for each situation as it merits. Often you will know exactly what it is you wish to say, in a clear and confident manner.

If the throat chakra is overactive. You might spend a lot of time finding it hard to choose the right words to say, at the right time. You may feel ignored and what you say is not taken seriously by others. Sometimes you might find yourself raising your voice to be heard, as you often feel ignored. You may find yourself interrupting others in their mid sentence. Also finding a lump in your throat or a pain or even get ulcers.


To balance the throat chakra, meditate on clarity within your mind and speaking. Also take a few seconds to think before you answer others.

You may suffer nervousness when speaking to others and find you get a dry mouth, or find it is hard to swallow. You may experience feelings of anxiety when speaking to others. Try to speak the truth with confidence and practice when you are alone. Try energising your throat chakra. If you are shy them work on building your self confidence and esteem. Sometimes speaking to others, even when you feel uneasy, can help. If blocked our creativity can be blocks. It can lead to hiding the truth or even being dishonest, even if no harm is meant.

The 6th Chakra

The Third Eye/Brow Chakra – Colour Indigo – Purple.
Sanskrit Name – “Ajna” – meaning beyond wisdom, the chakra that opens the mind beyond the material existence and our 5 normal senses.
Located – center between the eyebrows and its energies radiate forward and back.


This chakra brings extra sensory perceptions, psychic awareness, clairvoyance within the third eye. It can help us to question our spiritual nature of life and is for our inner vision, intuition and wisdom. The third eye pineal gland, is a pinecone shaped gland in the brain, that takes in light. The third eye has been depicted by ancient cultures, as seeing beyond the normal five senses. If balanced the third eye is used often to visualise thinking into imagery within the minds eye. And it can be used in spiritual development.

If the third eye chakra is overactive. Then pressure in the forehead can be experienced. This chakra can remain open, sometimes for many hours at a time, causing a headache. Grounding and closing it by intent to calm it is the best solution. This often helps, but it can again open at will. Those who are engrossed in psychic or clairvoyant activities or readings, can find this becomes a problem. Or in those where it naturally develops.


To balance this chakra, go for a walk in nature and ground yourself. Then sit quietly and meditate on peace and a gently flowing river. Or see yourself in a very relaxing garden, a place to clear your mind to find peace, harmony and clarity.

If underactive, selective memory problems and depression might manifest. Spend time meditating, cleansing and healing this chakra. To help this chakra develop, see images like cubes and shapes, spinning and rotating them in the minds eye. Then see many different colours one at a time.

The 7th Chakra

The Crown Chakra – Colour Violet – White.
Sanskrit Name – “Sahaswara” – meaning “thousand petaled,” the chakra of pure consciousness energy.
Located – center at the top of your head and its energies radiate upwards and downwards.


The crown chakra, is for personal acceptance and bliss. It is the connection to God and our divine purpose and destiny in life. This relates to things above and beyond the physical realms of existence. It connects us to the whole. This can be a part of our higher self, to connect with god, the universe and beyond.

Our own personal consciousness and individuality, as mind body and soul is related to the crown chakra. This chakra takes us beyond the human experiences of life. It can take us beyond the realms of suffering and physical death. It is one of the most difficult levels to achieve while existing here upon the physical realm. This chakra connects us to the highest level of spiritual awareness and consciousness.


This chakra brings, balance to all levels and happiness, prosperity and good health and wisdom of the highest level. The crown chakra when in balance and in harmony, can bring balance to all the other chakras. The crown is the center of the infinite consciousness, awareness and energy.

When underactive, it can manifest psychological problems. This can point toward us being more physically bound in the material life and its pursuits.

Energising the crown chakra, is best done by opening each chakra from the 1st root chakra, moving up opening each chakra in turn. Until the crown is fully open and channelling its energy outwardly to the universe and beyond. Then drawing white light energy back within it, from the universe and beyond to empower it. Meditate to connect with the higher consciousness to balance your mind body and spirit. Allow yourself to enjoy and become one with the experience.

Basic Chakra Balancing Using Crystals and Stones

You can use crystals to clear and balance the 7 main chakras. There are many different crystals that can do this, but here are some basic examples.

Chakra Crystals Stones
Crown Chakra – Clear Quartz, Third Eye Chakra – Amethyst, Throat Chakra – Sodalite, Heart Chakra – Rose Quarts, Solar Plexus Chakra – Citrine, Sacral Chakra – Carnelian and Root Chakra – Hematite. Find more info on crystal and crystal healing here

The Importance of Grounding, Protection & Cleansing

We should regularly ground and always protect ourselves, when doing any spiritual activities or meditations. As it is good practice to cleanse and balance the chakras. We should always remember to close the chakras and spirit down when we finish and end by grounding. If we do not we can walk around in an open state, that can pick up many bad emotions and energies from others.

Follow these videos below for audio version for the 7 main chakras – grounding, protection and cleansing of the chakras and aura, or find the links below the video version on YouTube.

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