Improve Communication Skills with New Age Strategies and Techniques

new age strategies for communication

For some, communication is easy. Others struggle to express thoughts, feelings, and emotions honestly. Failure to communicate effectively (whether that is with your significant other, best friend, or boss) isn’t just a minor concern. It can lead to issues like isolation, depression, and resentment. Sound familiar? There are many reasons you could be dealing with poor communication. Maybe you don’t feel safe speaking your mind…or perhaps you are anxious about how you will be perceived. It’s okay! Here are four new age techniques to improve communication skills.

Improve Communication Skills by Clearing Your Throat Chakra

There are many ways to overcome communication blocks. One approach is spiritual in nature and involves clearing your throat chakra. (You can read more about the throat chakra in this beginners guide.) Common signs of a blocked or overactive throat chakra include: being unable to speak honestly, holding back in conversation, and the feeling of being ignored. Physical symptoms can also occur in some people. As a result, you may find you have a stutter, sore throat, or feel hoarse.

Do you suspect your throat chakra may be unbalanced? There are a few ways to bring it back into alignment. Booking a Reiki therapy session is a wonderful option. This process can clear the throat chakra of any blockages, which makes it easier to express how you feel. Other options include: singing, visualizing the colour blue, listening to a guided meditation for the throat chakra at the bottom of this page, or writing your feelings down in a journal.

Use Crystals for Openness and Honesty

blue calcite for communication

Another way to improve communication is with crystals. Crystal therapy can draw out negative energies and increase feelings of self-confidence. Generally speaking, blue coloured stones work well with the throat chakra. However, many other crystals can be beneficial as well. Some great stones to use when you want to improve your communication skills are:

  • Blue Calcite. This stone is all about encouragement and positivity. It reduces worries and anxieties (which often prevent us from communicating in an open and honest manner) and increases feelings of confidence. Blue calcite has also been linked to mental clarity and the ability to speak authentically.
  • Amethyst. While there are many uses for amethyst, it can also work for communication. It has the ability to calm and balance emotions. So, if you have been putting off a difficult conversation or feel ill at ease talking to one person in particular, keep an amethyst stone nearby.
  • Blue Apatite. To let go of negative beliefs you may carry about yourself, choose blue apatite. This stone increases confidence, encourages feelings of motivation (maybe to address an issue that has been on your mind lately or talk to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while) and helps you communicate truthfully.
  • Carnelian. If speaking in public or making a presentation sounds like your worst nightmare, reach for carnelian. This stone can increase feelings of confidence (which helps you speak your mind effectively) and has even been linked to attracting luck (allowing tough conversations to go smoothly).

Ready to put these stones to use? Meditate with them, place crystals around your home, or take them with you when you need to have a difficult discussion. Used with intention, you will be able to express how you feel in a way that is beneficial to all involved.

Do Healing Exercises to Release Strong Emotions

Depending on the situation, you may be experiencing feelings of anger, resentment, or guilt. Do something about it! Whenever you feel strong emotions, it is important to find healthy ways to release them. For instance, if you do not feel you can talk out a problem safely or in a constructive manner, make time for a healing exercise.

That may mean punching a pillow to release angry emotions. It might mean screaming or having an imaginary conversation with someone. Or it could mean writing a letter and fully expressing how you feel. After you finish, you can always rip up the letter or burn it, but the ultimate goal of each exercise is to be open and honest. This allows you to address strong emotions that may be blocking or limiting your ability to communicate.

It may also be beneficial to add healing meditations to your weekly self-care routine. For example, the Louise Hay Forgiveness Meditation (which you can listen to at the bottom of this page) can be quite helpful. It uses visualization and positive affirmations to help you address deeply rooted issues, acknowledge your feelings, and release them with love. This will make it easier to improve communication moving forward.

Use Positive Affirmations to Improve Communication

positive affirmations to improve communication

Our thoughts have power and we can improve communication skills. The thoughts we think can make the world around us seem either wonderful and full of possibilities or terrifying and unsafe. It all depends on whether your thoughts are positive or negative. Affirmations can be used to manifest good things – and improve your mood in the process. Here are a few positive affirmations that might come in handy. Repeat them as needed to increase your self-confidence and improve communication.

  • It feels safe to communicate my emotions
  • I value honesty in myself and in others
  • I use my voice to clearly express my wants and needs
  • My opinions and feelings are always valid
  • I deserve to be heard
  • My words make the world a better place
  • I appreciate myself and know that I am a worthwhile human being
  • My thoughts, feelings, and emotions will effortlessly guide me through life
  • I make informed choices and communicate my desires clearly
  • I love myself, I trust myself, and I am honest with myself and others

There is no better time to speak your mind! With these new age techniques at your disposal, communication will be easier than ever. Focus on trusting yourself, being open, and expressing your feelings in a healthy way. Everything else will fall into place.

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