Reiki ASMR Healing Session for Stress Anxiety Relief Peace Restful Sleep


Reiki ASMR Healing Session Treatment for Stress Anxiety Relief Peace Restful Sleep

Hello I am a qualified Reiki Master Healer and Teacher. Here to give you your Reiki ASMR Sleep Healing Session. Reiki works at any distance, even through these videos. Accept the parts you enjoy and reject the parts you do not wish. Then sit or lay back and relax and enjoy the video and part that you might enjoy!

Healing Couch

Full Reiki ASMR Sleep Healing Session

This is a Reiki ASMR Sleep Healing Session with a full Reiki Holistic Energy Healing combined with ASMR. Please enjoy just the Reiki healing or ASMR or if you open to it then welcome both.

I have only been practicing Reiki since 2015 and I have also been a spiritual healer since 1995 and have many healing and guided mediations on YouTube Here

My interest has always been healing, but it fitted well allowing those who were looking for Reiki ASMR Healing Sessions and it helped me to get more hits which allowed me to help more people. This one is a very popular Reiki ASMR sleep healing session. I get so many comments on how it helps those watch to fall quickly to sleep and how it heals to bring relief from stress and anxiety.

Many tell me they keep returning to certain videos like this one, as they do not get the same relief from most other YouTubers, who are mostly just doing it as role play, rather than being a healer. So the two combined compliment each other.

What is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR)

The whole purpose of ASMR is to help people to deeply relax and is popular on YouTube. ASMR has many triggers from gentle hand movements or being close to the camera, whispers and soft speaking. Many YouTubers make role play videos such as being a doctor or beautician and so on. Others enjoy noises to trigger ASMR, such as combing hair, lip and mouth noises, taps and crunching sounds. Plus a whole range of other triggers that give ASMR to those watching, to induce pleasant tingles, mostly around the head and sometimes over the shoulders and with some the whole body.

What is Reiki Natural Healing

Reiki is a natural Japanese healing system to aid natural self healing where possible. Rei means universal and Ki means life force energy. So Reiki is universal life force energy, that Reiki healers tap into and evoked through becoming attuned to channel it from the universe or sometimes God. It is then channeled through the healer to the healee, who is the person or life who is receiving it, which can be any life, human, animal or plant life.

All living things have a life force or spirit energy and Reiki supplements any depleted energies and removes any negative energy within the healee, this will boost the healee’s natural ability to self heal and can aid natural recovery to take place.  It can be very beneficial and heals on a spiritual, mental/emotional and physical level, so it is holistic healing. It is given by the placing on of hands or through the aura energy field and can be sent at any distance.

Reiki is very good to help bring relief from a wide range of conditions and often helps the healee to relax and release those things that need to be lifted away, such as any emotional suffering or physical ailments. Reiki is great for mind, body and spirit.

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The History of Reiki

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