Aura Chakra Cleansing Balancing Healing – Clearing Blocked Chakras


Aura Chakra Cleansing – Deep Healing to Balancing & Clearing Blocked Chakras of Negative Energy Guided Video Meditation

The Chakra System - Aura Chakra Cleansing

This guided video meditation for the aura chakra cleansing. Is a deep cleansing of the seven main chakras, one at a time. This is to restore balance and harmony of each chakra, for the free flow of life force energy (Chi, Ki, Prana energy). With a gentle voice to guide you, in releasing pent up emotions and negative energy. To restore balance to mind body and soul, and give healing to all needs. This allows the release of any negative energies within the chakras and aura. While boosting your energy for free flow, throughout the meridians and nadi to cleanse them. While receiving distant healing at the same time, to heal all needs.

Cleansing the chakras and hands

We have the seven main chakras, and many more secondary chakras. Healers should regularly cleanse, the seven main chakras. Followed by cleansing the chakras in the palms and hands. As healers are greatly using their hands, to pass the healing energies to their clients. Therefore it is wise to keep them clear and cleansed. We can do this prior to seeing any clients, for the free flow of the Reiki energy, and sadly the importance of cleansing any blockages from the hands, is not often taught to reiki students.

Cleansing the Aura

Often after a cleansing the chakras and a short healing. It is wise to run the hands over the aura, with the intent to cleanse and remove away any negative energies within it. We can do this with the healing energy. By holding the hand a few inches off the body, and running our hands through the aura energy field for a few minutes.


Grounding is making a connection to the earth. We should firstly see white light of the universe, come down within and all around us to surround and protect us. We should always do this in any spirit work or meditation. Then close the chakras and spirit, and ground ourselves once more, once we have finished.

Please see the video below below to help with this.

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