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Aura Energy Field

A Complete Guide to the Human Aura Energy Field

This is a complete guide, to the aura energy field. In which we will cover the physical electromagnetic energy field, and the human spiritual aura energy field. As well as the etheric aura template, and how the aura relates to our chakras. As well as our moods and emotions, and along with what we happen to be doing at different times of the day. In the article we are going to concentrate on the human aura energy field. As all life has a spirit and an aura.

What is the Aura?

The spirit aura is an energy field that surrounds all living things. It is mostly produced by the spiritual chakras, and other spirit energies that are given off. Matter also gives off an electromagnetic energy field. The two are produced in different ways. One being physically produced, and the other being spiritually produced.

How the aura can be seen

To begin with all matter gives off energy and has an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds it. Some psychics or spiritually aware people, can view the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds all matter. Crystals are a good example to be able to view this energy. Often it can be seen as a clear energy field. However some psychics are able to see colours in electromagnetic energy fields. Normally it only extends, one to a few inches off the body or substance being viewed.

Then there is the spiritual aura energy field, that is produced by the spirit and the energies it gives off. The spiritual aura can extent from 2 inches to 3 or more feet off the body. This energy field is produced by the spirit, and the spiritual chakra energy system. Again some psychics can see it as a clear wavy energy, that often looks somewhat like a heat haze coming off of a hot road. When seen like this it normally extends between 1 to 6 inches off the body.

Psychics who can see the aura and are more developed, can often see the aura in colours. This can vary from a few inches to a couple of feet or more of the aura. This again depends on their ability to see aura, and it varies from one person to the next. So they might see 1 inch, or up to 3 feet of the aura surrounding a person.

How the can aura be viewed

Those that can see the aura, are either natural to it or have to develop such an ability. In many cases it takes lots of practice. Seeing the aura is often easier to see indoors against a plain background, whilst taking the eyes slightly out of focus.

Although that etheric template shows bands of colours. These colours surround the spiritual being and make up the aura, and are mostly produced by the chakras. Most who can see the aura can see one, or many different colours, one blending into another. For instance a person can sometimes have some bands of colours seen going around them. However in most cases it is seen in a more blotchy way. As an example; a person might have a thin band of white aura within a inch, often seen around the head. With pink over the top of the head, and yellow going down to the shoulders. Then to one side it goes into green, and lower over the body blue on once side, and on the other side purple. This in most cases can vary greatly with each individual.

The aura reflects illnesses

The aura of those who are ill. Can often be seen to have grey or muddy colours in the aura. This reflects their spiritual depletions and illnesses of mind, body reflected through the spirit. The aura reflects how we are on a physical, mental/emotional and spiritual level. Those who are ill can benefit greatly from Reiki healing, or other energy healing. This will help to removed these negative energies and recharge any depleted spiritual energies. As healing will boost and supplement the life force energies. Spiritually when ill, we are somewhat like a battery that needs recharging. This in turn can help natural self healing to take place where it is possible.

How the aura can change through the day

The aura can go through several changes in colours every day, depending on what we are doing. This is due to different chakras opening and closing, to blend their energies together. This is to help us with the given situation, hence the changes in the auras colours. Although most of us do have a prime or base colour in our aura that is normally present.

Which represents our nature and how we are as a person, as well as our level of spirituality and goodness. So a very good and healthy persons aura, would be fairly big and bright, with many colours. Whereas a very bad persons aura, would often be smaller, with some darker colours present. Some might think this might be black or red. Which it can be, but black and red in the aura is not always a bad sign. Black is the opposite of white, and can be good at times, as can red.


So for instance, we might get up and our aura is blue, and by the time we get to work, it has change to a dark blue with some green further out. When we chat to our best friend at work and are inspired, it might change to pink and green. Then we give a presentation to our bosses, it might turn yellow or gold over the head. Later we visit a loved one we care for, it might turn pink in places.

Once we get home to do the chores, it dims a little. If later we become romantic with our partner, before we sleep, it might become very hot and passionate red. Then later somebody phones and tells us of something very sad. Then it may go pink and crimson, or darker colours. This is because we are sad, so grey or black maybe present. These are just examples, as it is different for each person.

What do the different colours of the aura mean?

Each colour of the aura can have several meanings. This depends on what we are doing, our nature, moods, emotions and thinking. There are far to many variations to do it justice here, so here is a general colour wheel.

Aura Colours Meanings

Mostly if we are happy then most bright colours are good to have in the aura. White often means high spirituality, yellow or gold might mean a teacher, blue a healer, pink very caring, red in love or angry, purple might mean peaceful, green might mean very well balanced emotionally or a love of nature and so on…

Aura Readings

Good psychics that can view the aura, can often develop the ability to give a very personalized reading of somebodies aura, giving a very accurate past and present life reading by viewing the aura. The psychic becomes attuned to each colour in the aura and feels what it means for that person, on an intuitive level, as the same colour can have several meanings for each individual. For instance, red might mean passionate love or anger, so the psychic needs to sense what it is in this persons case and what it means for that person.

The etheric aura template

The etheric aura template, as seen in the picture is seen in bands of aura energy, these are related directly to one of the main seven chakras, and they are energy bodies of the spirit that have meanings, as well as uses and purposes.

The Aura Temple

Kirlian Photography

Kirlian Photograph LeafSwamis Aura Energy FieldKirlian Photography is very interesting. I am sure most of us would enjoy having a Kirlian Photograph taken of our energy field. Kirlian Photographs, take images that may well be of the electromagnetic energy field, rather than the spiritual aura. Capturing a non physical spiritual aura on a physical camera is unlikely to my own view. I feel there is no doubt some very interesting information can be gathered about a person through these photographs.

Semyon Davidovitch Kirlian invented this photographic process in 1939. But it was not publicly released until 1958, and Kirlian photography was not very well known until 1970.

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