There is No Death – The Continuation of Life & Spiritual Awareness

There is No Death

There is No Death – We all Survive Physical Death & Live On & Awareness of Spirit

There is no death as each of us will survive death and live on in the realms of spirit. The spirit realms have been created by god for the continuation of all life. All life on earth has a spirit and will survive physical death to live on in spirit.

Of course this is my personal prospective, from being aware of spirit since 1995. I have been involved since then, listening to many mediums and spiritually aware people. Receiving incontrovertible proof and evidence from my own spirit loved ones. That indeed they are alive and well in the afterlife, and have survived physical death. I always say to those who I tell these things, that we are each here to find our own beliefs and truths on these matters. So when I share mine, feel free to accept, reject or hold what I say for your own further understanding.

The Spirit Realms

Whatever you like to call the spirit realms, they exist. Every life here has the god given right to crossover and continue their life in spirit. None are judged to be unfit or unworthy to pass over and enter the next plane of spirit. Only man chooses to judge man here on this world and beyond, and say differently. God is the all loving father, who welcomes all of his children and all life to enter the afterlife. Which is the continuation of all life hereafter.

Not all people are good on this world, but they have as much right to enter the afterlife as any other. Those who say they will go to hell are wrong, there is no hell, and god would not condemn any life to go to such a place, even if it did exist.

Crossing Over

Entering the kingdom of god, is not so very hard. When our life comes to an end here, we come out of body. Still very much alive and who we have always been. Our loved ones in spirit are often there waiting for us, to comfort and greet us when we die. Soon after that, our light, a portal of passing gets brighter before us. Our loved ones and spirit guides come down it from the spirit realms to welcome and greet us, if they are not already there waiting by our side. They will help us to crossover into the next life if we are ready. This is often a happy reunion for many here and from beyond to be reunited.

Here we morn their loss of our loved ones, but in spirit they celebrate their return to our true homes above. We were of spirit before this lifetime, so crossing over is really returning back to spirit, and who or what we were before this lifetime. One thing I have heard a great deal from spirit. Is they were grateful for the love and care those here showed to them leading up to their passing. And sometimes how glad they were to crossover and leave the pain behind.


There is no judgement of any crossing over, as they are all welcomed and treated with love, be they good or bad people. God created the afterlife and spirit realms as a place for all life to live on. It is the continuation of all life, be that human, animal or plant life. There are like here, good and bad people on the next plane of spirit. Those who have done great wrong, are on the odd occasion at some point, if they committed great crimes here upon earth, dealt with appropriately by those on the next plane, as they do have justice there to.

The Next Plane of Spirit

The next plane of spirit that we go to, is not alien to us. We still have a spirit body like we have here. There are many of the same things on the next plane of spirit. So life continues as it was here. The spirit realms are created to be a plane of familiarity, what we will feel comfortable with.

Loved Ones in Spirit

You need not worry or fear for your loved ones in the next life. They are safe and alive and well within spirit. Their illnesses will soon heal and they will begin to rejuvenate in spirit, as spirit is ageless. Therefore over the course of a few years, their spirit body rejuvenates back into their prime of life and health, which would be in their young twenties.

Our loved ones are granted something very special by the all loving Father God, and that is when they cross over, a small part of themselves comes away from their spirit. That part remains here with us, this part a spirit orb, can remain here forever to be with those they love and care for. They can also in this form do other things as they wish, some choose to be of service to mankind and become a spirit guide and such like. Spirit orbs can fly, even through closed doors to visit us. They can hear and see us, and they can communicate to those who are spiritually aware, through clairvoyance and other psychic spiritual abilities.

Animals & Pets

Our love animals and pets cross over into the spirit realms, on the same planes as we will go to, when our time comes. We can find them again. All life including plant life, also lives on in the spirit realms.

Crossing Over

Those who die and pass over have freewill, just as we do here. Some choose not to cross over right away, as they wish to stay here for a time with those they love. Normally withing a short time they will cross over into the spirit realms, and they can return here at anytime they wish, through their portal of light. They can come and visit us whenever they wish, and are not so far away from us, as we might think.

A few people here are aware that there is a spirit presents around them at times. They can sometimes see spirit in their peripheral vision, standing to one side. They may also at times, see a spirit orb for brief moments flying about in a room. Spirit loved ones, do other things to try to get our attention and let us know they are alive and well. Some can smell a loved ones perfume, or maybe a picture of them gets moved at times. They may even be heard in clairvoyant ways. Some have even heard them walking in the home, or making a bell ring.

Sometimes our loved ones in spirit, might come to us as we go to or wake up from sleep, or sometimes in our dreams. As at these times our mind is in a much more spiritually aware state of awareness to spirit communications.

Spirit that come to prove they are still alive

I can with my hand on my heart and in truth impart the good news. Our loved ones who have left this world, are all alive and well in the afterlife. You will be reunited with them in time to come. So do not fear for their well being, as they are safe and well. Even those who have sadly taken their own life, are loved and cared for in the realms of light above. Be at peace that they are ok and can get on with their lives. Spiritual evolution takes a long time, so they will be on the next plane waiting for you when you get their. Even if the odd person was to evolve to a higher plane, they can be with you as much as they wish.

I have had my own loved ones in spirit, come to me hundreds of times through mediums, to prove to me they are alive and well. As well as being aware of their presence around me at times.

The Planes of Spirit

The Earth plane is the first plane of spirit, and is called plane 1. This is a plane of both physical and spiritual existence, and there is no life possible without spirit. Here on this world we can develop and evolve spiritually. This is the same for spirit in the spirit realms. Mankind has so far evolved in the spirit realms to plane 10, through spiritual evolution. On plane 10 are the most highly evolved spirits, save god.

I have been made aware, that there are 12 planes of spirit in all. Father God lives on plane 12. That is not to say he does not visit the other planes of spirit. As any spirit on any higher plane can visit, or choose to live on any lower plane. It is my understanding that Christ the son of god “Jesus” lives on plane 10. As does Citadel the son of god “Peter” brother of Christ, as they both enjoy living life with other evolved spirits.

The only way to get to any higher plane is through spiritual evolution and self betterment. There are some people here, who are more spiritually evolved than others. Some of them can achieve plane 3 and go directly there from the earth, skipping plane 2. However they can still choose to visit plane 2 or live there if they wish. As I said any spirit on a higher plane can travel through their light back to any lower plane and that includes the earth.

Those Who Warn Against Having Any Communications With Spirit

There are those who warn against communicating with any spirit. They accuse all spirit that communicate with us as deceiving us, and that they are all demons, trying to delude us. That we should stop, and turn to their belief and denounce all these spirit as being demons. This strikes me as odd, when there are many instances in the bible of angels and spirit communicating with those in the bible, such as Mary seeing an Angel and Jesus seeing Moses.

When Mary saw an angel, she was maybe helped by god to be clairvoyant. Even if only for a short time, to hear the message Archangel Gabriel brought to her. Christ also saw a vision of Moses, and this to was a clairvoyant ability. He did many spiritual healings, which are also spiritual abilities. There are many stories in the Bible of spirits/angels that come to give messages.

Spirit that come to us are not demons

It is not at all true that spirit that come to us are demons. If god did not wish us to have these abilities to communicate with spirit, then he would of made sure we did not have them in the first place. Yes there are both good and bad people in spirit, and the bad ones mostly live on plane 2, the next plane of life. Some in spirit do not change their ways. Those who do not change can be shrouded in a cloak of darkness. It is sad that sometimes these people can be very malicious and malevolent toward some here, who are aware of spirit. But there are also so many good people in spirit, that do so much good with people here. They are often our loved ones in spirit and our spirit guides and angels.

My Own View on Developing Spiritual Awareness with Spirit

My Own View on Developing Spiritual Awareness with Spirit. Well for sure there are bad and evil spirits out there. They can cause some spiritually aware people big problems, and can make their lives a living hell. There are two sides to every story. There are a great deal of people that have the most wonderful experiences communicating with spirit. Be that their spirit guides, angels, helpers or loved ones. Their are also some very good mediums, who act somewhat like a telephone line between the two realms. They often bring comforting and loving messages to the recipients from their loved ones in spirit. Giving evidential proof it is them, and that they have survived physical death, and are still very much alive and well.

So the end conclusion is, make up your own mind. Be aware it will never be 100% safe to develop spiritual abilities. There will always be some negative and bad spirits, as sadly this is sometimes just the nature of man. If you have a natural spiritual ability, as some do all their lives, or it develops on its own or if you choose to develop it. Then take time to think of all the possibilities. If you wish to pursue it. Try to find a place where you can be with other people who are aware of spirit, or find a spiritualist church, where they have development classes and mediums. They can give you advice on how to do it more safely, and how to protect yourself in a better way.

The Future Spiritual Awakening of the Earth to Come

I am aware, that there are great spiritual events to come in the near future. I myself have been working with the spirit realm since 2011. Asking that our loved ones and spirit guides, should have greater powers to protect us from unwanted spirit. This is to keep all here on earth a great deal safer from negative spirits, than we currently are.

Author Neil

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