The impact that Mobile Cell Smartphoned Can Have on Social Behavioral Changes, Mental Health & Children

In this modern world we become ever more dependent on technology, using mobile cell smartphones have become a integral part of our lives, to run our schedules and daily life, that we have formed and can have a dependency on. Many now seem mobile phones as a necessity in our life. Our children now have these devices at younger ages and are becoming even more dependent on them, spending far to long most days using them. There is growing evidence that this is affecting their mental health and attention span. We need to be concerned for their mental well-being and take this into account. Many of us would not want to see our children becoming addicted or harmed by such technology.

The Way Mobile Phones and Cell Smartphones Can Harm Your Mental Health

Chasing Dopamine

Dopamine addiction and craving and the reward, is seeking to use your phone or for interaction with it, that can lead to an addiction. Some of the signs are; you feel the need to keep checking your phone to excessive amounts. Spending an excessive amount of time on your phone for reward.


Research shows mobile phones can cause anxiety. Some experience intense anxiety, when they are away or parted from their phones. Others get withdrawal symptoms when they do not have it with them, and overuse of their phones can lead to anxiety.

Disturbed Sleep Patterns

Disrupted sleep is a very common result of over use of smartphones, particularly later in the evening or day. Picking up your phone to check it during the night is very bad for your brain, as smartphone screens give off an intense blue light in the dark, and your brain gets confused by this light, because it is very like the brightness of the sun. This causes your brain to stop producing melatonin, which is a hormone that helps the body to sleep, and makes it harder to get back to sleep.

Stress in Your Relationships

Although these phones can help us to keep in contact more readily with those we care for, and might think they help our relationships, they can actually have the opposite effect. There are other times, when we may sit down for a family meal and are constantly checking our phone before, and sometimes during and after having a meal. This can put a great deal of stress on others, as we are not paying them attention, and they often feel left out or ignored, this can cause relationships to suffer. Smartphones can cause social isolation, leading to suffering mental health issues.


There is overwhelming evidence from science, that links smartphone use to increasing depression and higher suicide rates, particularly amongst teenagers. The evidence that some teenagers are over using smartphones, that make them increasingly less happy in their lives. However when used in more moderate ways, they don’t have such affects.

People Can Become Less Productive and Have a Short Attention Span

Smartphones can have negative affects on productivity and attention span. You might find focusing on tasks at work or at school hard to do, and it is easier to make mistakes, as your attention can be elsewhere.

Research has even found that medium to heavy use can affect areas of the brain responsible for attention and control. These people had higher anxiety, depression, insomnia, and impulsive behaviour.

To Sum Up

If you find it difficult to be separated from your phone for any period of time, and are using it and not engaging in real life. Then your phone can be having a very negative impact on you, and affecting your mental health. Research shows low to moderate use is not that harmful, but heavy use can impact mental health.

Some of the symptoms are, feeling depressed and more likely to use a smartphone to seek social interactions. Also feeling anxious, where you might keep checking your social media and such like.

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