My Fun Health Fitness Workout with Healthy Eating

This health fitness Workout is my own personal way of staying fit and healthy, combined with changing to a healthier diet. I am not a qualified fitness instructor. What motivated me to loose weight and get fit, was starting my Reiki 1 in the early summer of 2015. About a month after my Reiki 1 attunement, big changes happened in me, to make me want to get fit and healthy. At that time I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol, as well as being overweight, weighing 15 stones. It was at that time, that I also decided to go vegetarian again, which helped me a great deal to cut fats out of my diet.

How best to workout

The best way for a long term health fitness workout and exercise program , is to find something that you enjoy doing to stay fit and healthy. If you do things you don’t enjoy, then the appeal and motivation to keep doing it, can soon be lost. So you can workout at home, or go to a gym, or find a class that is fun to do.

How my health & fitness workout progressed

To begin with I took it easy with the exercise and workout, and slowly built it up over 4 weeks, to working out 5 times a week. This consisted of dancing 5 times and working out with weights twice a week. Within 3 weeks my fitness levels had improved considerably. Withing 2 months, I was able to fully workout to achieve my maximum level of fitness.

Weight lost over the coming year

Withing a year I had lost a total of 32 lbs, through working out and healthy eating. I down sized from extra large to medium size in clothes, and felt so much better for it.

Health improvements

Again there were considerable improvements in my health. My high blood pressure had returned to normal, and I was allowed to stop my medication for it, and it still remained normal. My high cholesterol was originally about 5.9, and after the first year it had gone down to 4.5. This was all due to the workouts and healthy eating. My blood pressure, cholesterol and weight have continued to stay in good order since that time.

What I am doing now

At the time of writing this. I am still working out once a week. I have put on a few pounds, and am still in good health. My eating is more or less the same, only that I have the odd treat days, hence why my weight has risen by 8 lbs. This is where my body feels healthy and comfortable. I am still able to mostly fit into medium clothing.

In the longterm

I fully intend to keep working out and eating healthily, as I know I would put on weight, and end up getting high blood pressure and cholesterol again if I stopped working out. So it has become a long term commitment on my part, to look after my body and health.

What it takes

To stay healthy, it takes a determined mind to keep working out, even when you do not feel like it, combined with a good diet on the most part.

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