Seeing Dark Shadow Spirit Figures & Spirit Orbs in Peripheral Vision

Shadow Spirit and Spirit Orbs

Seeing Spirit Dark Shadow Figures and Spirit Orbs Out of the Corner of the Eyes

Seeing flying seeing flying black shadows spirit figures or spirit orbs flying, seeing flying black shadows around the home for the first time, can be a little unnerving to say the least. These spirits are most often seen out of the corner of one eye in peripheral vision. This can be quite creepy and make us feel scared. One might easily assume these are evil spirit, because they appear as shadows! When in most cases there is an innocent explanation. Some here have always seen spirit in these ways, while in others it can develop. Seeing spirit in these ways are spiritual and psychic abilities.

When we see shadow spirit figures standing to one side, and then look directly at them, they are normally not there and have disappeared! Yet we know we saw them, and were not seeing things!? Spirit can sometimes be seen, when looking in a mirror. We may see them as shadows or spirit orbs behind us. One of the places we might begin to see spirit orbs, is flying around the home. Again most often seen in peripheral vision.

Shadow spirit figures are how we might first begin to see spirit
Those who begin to firstly see spirit, often see them as shadow spirit figures. This is a mixture of both psychic and clairvoyant abilities, as they are seeing by the spirit eyes, rather than the physical eyes. Hence why they are harder to see, when directly looked at, using the physical eyes more so. In time these abilities can develop with some, until spirit can be seen as solid to look at, as anyone here might be.

Spirit orbs

When spirit crossover into spirit, a small part of themselves remains here, in spirit orb form. This is so they can be in the spirit realms and here at the same time. It is given to them by god, so they can be with their loved ones here, when ever they wish. This helps them to be able to get on with life in the spirit realms, while also being here at the same time. Some also become our spirit guides and such like in this spirit orb form.

We may also see spirit orbs, as shadows flying, or as moving glints of light, or sometimes as sparks of light. Some here even see spirit orbs in colours. Most spirit orbs that are seen, are about the size of a marble, but some can be quite big, especially that colored orbs.

What are and who are these spirits?
When we see a spirit as a dark shadow, it is easy for us to jump to the conclusion they might be an evil spirit or something ominous. In most cases this is not the case. If we begin to see spirit, they are aware of this. So they are doing this to get our attention, often to make us question and seek the answers, as to why we are seeing them. This in time may lead us to find the answers? Often the answer is, that indeed spirit are trying to get our attention, and are often wanting us to seek and find them. This is to see if we wish to know more, and develop it further. So in 99% of cases, it is innocent and nothing to be fearful of. Rather it is just the first way that we begin to see spirit.

What should we do?

Each has to choose for themselves what to do. It might well be spirit trying to get our attention to investigate, who they are and what they want? Those who can sometimes explain why we are seeing spirit, are spirit mediums who can communicate with them. They can bring us a message and the understanding of who these spirit are, and what message they wish to give us.

Places to find the answers, as to why we are seeing spirit. Are places like the spiritualist churches or centers. Where they have mediums who give demonstrations of clairvoyant mediumship. This is a really good place to start looking for your answers from spirit. Very often we will find an innocent explanation, for why this is happening to us.

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