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Plastic Pollution & Environmental Care

Plastic pollution has become a major environmental issue Thee accumulation of plastic products in the environment. How plastic is having a very detrimental impact on wildlife and on their habitats. Most plastic in itself is very durable, and on the most part biodegradable. Often leaching toxic chemicals into the watercourse and oceans.

Effects on Health

Plastic pollution dose not only affect the oceans, it also the land and waterways. Marine life  and humans can both be harmed by plastic. Often by getting entanglement in plastic, or by ingesting it. Through disruption in normal hormonal activities, when ingested in food or drinks packaged in plastics.

More plastic than fish!

By 2050 research suggests that there could be more plastic in the oceans than fish in it. This is by weight along.

How is gets into the environment

Some two thirds of plastic is coming form the land, such as litter left on beaches, or enter the ocean from rivers and drainage. Pollution in the form of littering in our towns and cities. Industrial plastic wast. Those who flush plastics down toilets. Spills are sea from containers, discarded overboard and fishing nets.

What we personally do?

Firstly we can use less disposable plastics. Just taking our own reusable shopping bags, when we go shopping can help. Then using glass or wood containers rather than plastic ones at home or work. We can urge our governments to change and support a cleaner plastic free environment.

Blue Earth | Sir David Attenborough’s Plastic Message

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