Energy Vampires Psychic Emotional Vampires Draining Your Energy

Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires and Psychic Vampires Stealing Your Energy & White Light Protection

There are two type of energy vampires. Those who receive or take our spirits subtle life force energies, the chi energy, unintentionally or intentionally. This drains our energy. Energy vampires, may not always be aware they are draining our energy, because they just feel better when around us. Often this is because of the positive energy we give off. As it uplifts them and makes them feel better. Then there are psychic vampires. Those who are deliberately feeding off our energy. Even if at times they are unaware they are doing it or how. They often get as close to us as they can. But this can be done at some distance.

The 5 types of people we can come across

  • Those who are happy and vibrant and when we walk away we feel uplifted.
  • Normal people and when we walk away, we feel the same.
  • Those who are suffering, and out of care, even if we do not realize it, we are sharing our energy with them, to help them. When we walk away we feel drained.
  • There are those we often feel drained by, at times when we are around them. They may not realize they are drawing on our energy in some cases. Again when we walk away we feel drained.
  • Then there are those who are deliberately stealing our energy. Often they want to be close to us, even in our aura space. When we walk away, we feel tired and very drained.

Symptoms of having the chi life force energy drained

  • Typical symptoms when around somebody, that is ill or has a mental illness and is suffering. Is beginning to feel down our self. Taking on some of their feelings and symptoms, such as depression, if they are depressed for instance.
  • When some body is draining your energy or deliberately doing so. You may experience A shortness of breath, feelings of tiredness, faster heart beat, sweating and feeling dizzy or nauseous. Going from a normal state of feeling fine, to a state of having very low energy and laboured.

How to protect ourselves against energy vampires using white light

There are some ways to protect ourself. Use this when around those who might drain your energy. We can invoke white light protection from god or the universe. To do this we reach up with our mind to the universe, to connect with this source of white light for protection. Or we can pray to god for this protective white light energy. We then see this energy come down and enter our crown chakra, or the top of our head.

We allow it to flow within us and fill our entire being. Then see it flowing out into our aura to envelop us, in its protective light. It keeps expanding out beyond our aura, to form a shield of light. This helps to keep any negative energies and emanations of others from entering us. We should empower it intentionally, to prevent others from taking or stealing our life force chi energy.

Here is two of my videos to help with this

Grounding & Protection – Spiritual Earthing Centering Clearing Balancing

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