Technology and New Age – Using Digital Media for Spiritual Growth

technology and new age

It used to be that new age was a niche market. You had to really be looking for a specific shop, book, or item, if you wanted to dip your toes into the water. These days? New age learning materials have never been more accessible. Whether you want to find out your horoscope, learn about chakras, try a new guided meditation, or even enjoy a reiki healing session… you can. Technology and new age practices go hand in hand. There are fantastic resources available online for anyone looking to find out more or continue on a path of spiritual growth.

The accessibility of new age materials is important because it allows more people to learn, discover, and explore topics they may never have come across otherwise. Best of all, it can be done from the comfort of their homes – or on the go. Yes, information is now easier to find and share. A simple click of a button can sign you up for an online course on crystal healing or help you download an app full of mood-boosting positive affirmations. It is thrilling to think that watching a YouTube video or reading an ebook could potentially change your life for the better.

Intrigued? There are many ways to incorporate technology and new age into your daily routine.

Technology and New Age: Guided Meditation

listen to guided meditation

The practice of meditation is important. Studies show it reduces stress levels, improves concentration, increases happiness, and boosts self-awareness. If you aren’t sure where to begin (or struggle with silencing the mind), try guided meditation. It is literally reaching a meditative state with the help of a guide. A narrator speaks to you in a calm and relaxing manner and takes you on an inner journey. This type of meditation provides the best of both words: sound and stillness.

This type of meditation involves visualization or repeating certain words or phrases. Additionally, some guided meditations are focused entirely on relaxation while others are dedicated to themes of empowerment or self-improvement. What you listen to will depend on your own preferences. However, once you are in a meditative state, the subconscious mind becomes relaxed and open, which allows positive suggestions to firmly take hold. Be open to listening to different narrators and styles to determine what you like best.

How to Practice Guided Meditation

There are a number of different ways to experience guided meditation. Some people prefer to go to a session (where a narrator leads the mediation either one on one or in a group setting) while others like to blend technology and new age by listening to a CD, audio download, or watching a guided meditation video. There is no right or wrong way to practice, because the most important aspect is getting in touch with your inner self. Ready to try it out for yourself? Begin with these guided meditations for health and healing.

Follow New Age Social Media Accounts

Most of us use social media at least once or twice a day. (Though many are guilty of logging on far more frequently!) One fantastic way to blend technology and new age is to add spirituality to your social media accounts. There are many ways to go about this, for instance you can always start following Instagram accounts related to new age practices, positive affirmations, or self-help. Or you can join a Facebook group related to crystals, where you can talk to other crystal lovers and learn more in the process.

In addition to following new age social media accounts, you can also add a little positivity to your own pages! Re-tweet that Louise Hay quote, post a picture of your sage bundle, or create a board on Pinterest that is dedicated to personal and spiritual development. Just as you can learn from others…others can learn from you.

Download Oracle Card Apps

oracle card readings

Maybe your schedule is always jam-packed and you are constantly commuting to work. That doesn’t mean your spiritual practices should fall by the wayside. Digital media provides instant access to just about everything, including oracle cards and tarot decks. Spirituality and new age practices are adapting like never before! Sure, a physical deck is always preferable, but in a pinch, you can enjoy spiritual growth on the go.

It doesn’t matter if you are on the way home from work, waiting to meet a friend, or are winding down before bed. A selection of cards is just a tap away. That allows you to gain insight, learn more about yourself, and find answers to questions that have been weighing on your mind. Without ever shuffling a card.

Oracle Card Recommendations

There are countless options available in app stores, ranging from themed oracle decks (many are free but some cost a small amount to unlock all of the cards) to tarot cards, zodiac inspired decks, and more. A few popular options include:

  • Ancient Wisdom Oracle Cards. These oracle cards can be used in a few different ways. Choose one card, three, or five for a reading that gives you insight on the past, present, and future. You can use the free version or upgrade for a small fee to unlock all 60-oracle cards. One excellent feature to note? The Ancient Wisdom app actually includes reversed cards as well, which gives you the full experience of a physical deck.
  • Spirit Oracle Cards App. Another must have download is the Spirit oracle cards app. You can pick one, two, or three cards for a reading related to the body, mind, and soul. The aim of the Spirit deck is to remind us that we are powerful creators. It connects us with our spirit and guides us towards a positive future. With 48 cards in total (many can be chosen from for free and the full deck is available for a small fee) it is both beautiful and well rounded.
  • Archangel Michael Oracle Deck. If you are interested in angel therapy, this is a wonderful option. Choose one, three, or five cards. Then you will receive a reading focused on spiritual development, healing, and advancement. There are 44 cards in total with a wide selection available for free. Something to keep in mind? Each card has a lengthy description, affirmations to recite, and a few alternative meanings. This is definitely a quality oracle card app.

Watch Healing Videos on YouTube

If you are a visual person and prefer to learn through videos, YouTube is your best bet for technology and new age. There is so much content to choose from, with millions upon millions of videos uploaded regularly. This is an example of technology and new age at its finest because it opens the door to a wealth of information and wellness related materials. Besides that, you can heal from past hurts, fit in a little relaxation, or dig deeper into your spiritual knowledge with ease.

Creators to Consider

Simply search for a video related to your interests. It might have to do with Bible scriptures or an energetic healing or spirit guides. Don’t be afraid to search for anything and everything that piques your interest. Here are a few notable suggestions to start with:

  • Gentle Whispering ASMR. There are thousands and thousands of ASMR related channels. (If you don’t know what ASMR is, find out more about it here.) However, the most popular is Maria from Gentle Whispering ASMR. Her soft tone and sweet nature make it easy to achieve relaxation and tingles. Additionally, she has a number of videos related to crystal therapy, chakras, and meditation.
  • Neil Cooper. Another fantastic new age media resource is Neil Cooper, a certified Reiki master. His channel has an assortment of videos. That includes personal stories, distance reiki healing sessions, ASMR videos, and discussions about life and spirituality. You can also read his articles, here on Spirit Earth Magazine!
  • Brad Yates. EFT (or emotional freedom techniques, which you can read about here) is dedicated to tapping away emotional blockages in your life. Brad Yates is one of the best there is – covering topics like abundance, gaining closure, and loving yourself.

When it comes to technology and new age, there are no limitations. You can download an ebook about self-care or purchase a chakra balancing meditation, watch an ASMR video for relaxation, or even look for uplifting quotes online. The immediacy of digital media can be used to tailor your learning experience. Have fun with it!

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