Jaron Lanier interview on how social media can ruin your life

Social media addiction and manipulation is a genuine concern, especially where the the younger and new generations are concerned. It is easy to get plugged into social media, but how easy is it to unplug our lives from it? Could you go a week without using it!?

Facebook founder warns of social media addiction

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Social media has different sides – One is good and the others can be bad or very ugly.

The good

The good is, there are so many helpful and useful things on social media. Such as entertainment and new things the enjoy and learn from. As well as keeping in touch with friends and those we love and care fore. There are many good groups and communities as well.

The bad

The bad is, we can spend to much time on it. It can become so distracting, that we end up missing out on real life and the world we live on. This can affect our social lives and interactions with others. We can become addicted and very distracted in this digital world.

The Ugly

Some who control social media, deliberately try to get us addicted, for their marketing and money making schemes. This in turn drive us in certain direction and show us certain content. This can be an attempt to deliberately manipulate our opinions or drive us toward certain topic, brands and products. This could be a very unscrupulous way of marketing or manipulating people.

Social media offers a sugar coat pill to attract us

Sugars Coated Dopamine Pill

This can appeal to our social media addiction addiction and give us a dopamine reward. Sadly there is a down side, that some end up very depressed, even suicidal. There are studies that suggest social media is one cause of depression, perceptually in the younger generation.

Good heath and use the avoid social media addiction

Like most things in life, social media in moderation, may well be the best solution. Set time aside to really unplug and do the really important things in life with friends, family and those you care for.

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