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Spirit Realms Afterlife

The Spirit Realms and Afterlife Hereafter & The Evolutionary Planes of Spirit

The spirit realms, no matter what different names we might give them, are the afterlife for all life here upon the earth to move onto. In all there are twelve planes of spirit including the earth. The earth being the first, called plane 1. The earth itself is considered to be part of the spirit realms, as we are all spirits living within a physical body and host. All life has a spirit and there is no life without spirit. We are here to live life and procreate. It is as far as I know, not possible for humans to get pregnant in the afterlife.

Here on this plane of spirit, it is possible for us the develop and progress ourselves spiritually. So the earth is the first plane of spiritual evolution, where we can begin to evolve. This is just the beginning of our spiritual evolution.

The 12 planes of spirit

The next plane of spirit where most of us will go, is called plane 2. A few more spiritually evolved people here might get to plane 3. Plane 2 and those planes above are planes of familiarity. In other words, there are many things there that are not dissimilar to what we are used to here on earth.

The next plane is not a physical plane of existence, it is spiritual. But they do have human bodies and all the spiritual counterparts of matter. So the spirit realms are like physical worlds, that are in a much higher state of vibration. This to spirits perceptions, is like living on a physical plane of existence. They can build and make things from the etheric counterpart of matter.

Lower planes of evolution

As you might imagine, walking with dinosaurs on plane 2, might become a little hazardous at times. So for practical reasons, there are lower planes of evolution, where life of the distant past lives. Our spirit realms, plane 2 and above, were created for the time of man and were there waiting for us. So homo-sapiens are about 200,000 years old. At a guess life on the next plane could be up to that age.

Planes of evolution for good and evil

There are higher planes of evolution for good people and life in spirit to evolve to. God has not created any planes of evolution for evil people in spirit to evolve to. This was done to avoid the possibility, that one day they could become gods of darkness and evil. If this happened they would do nothing but try to reap hell on everything and everyone. So for good and practical reasons, any evil person in spirit is stuck on plane 2, or a few remain here on earth for sometime.

What spirit can have

They have all the mod cons there like we do. Cars, phones, buildings, gardens and all the rest. If you were there, you would think it just like this world to your prospective. The only real big differences are. There are no diseases or illness in spirit, other than some still suffer mental illness, which was always non physical anyway. The light source is artificial, provided by god, as they have no Sun. They live by time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

What spirit do

Spirit contrary to some beliefs, do have to sleep. They do not have to eat or drink to survive, as their spirit energy and chakras, provide their daily energy life force requirements. However most in spirit do still eat and drink, because they enjoy it. It is advised that spirit do eat at least once every 125 years. I guess this it to turn their system over, or to provide the spiritual counterpart of matter, that their bodies might need.

Spirit is ageless and healthy

Spirits do not age physically. When we cross over, into spirit we begin to rejuvenate back to our early twenties, and children grow up to that age. God also puts any serious things wrong with us to rights. This happens, as or soon after we cross over. For instance if we had a leg amputated, we will have that leg back in spirit. So most deformities are put to rights, to make us whole and healthy. The only thing some might still struggle with, is their mental health.

What are people like in the spirit realms

People on the next plane are pretty much like here. There are both good and bad people on the next plane of spirit. This is because people do not necessarily change just because they live on. So most people in spirit are good people like here. There are those who choose to spiritually evolve in the spirit realms. They can progress to higher planes of spiritual evolution. This is by free will, but many choose to live on the next plane, rather than evolving at the given time.

The 12 planes of spiritual life and evolution.

Higher Planes of EvolutionWell as I have said the earth is the first plane of spiritual evolution, and we can choose to evolve ourselves here. The next plane is not that different from here. There are those who choose to follow the path of spiritual evolution and those who do not.

Each higher plane is again pretty much like living on a physical world. The big difference is really what the people are like. On each higher plane the people are more spiritually evolved and progressed in good ways.

Mankind has so far evolved to plane 10, where they are highly evolved in spiritual terms. Father God lives on plane 12, but visits lower planes at times. Christ and his brother Citadel also live on plane 10. There are animal and plant life on all the planes of spirit. Possibly some animals might also in some way be more progressed on the higher planes? This I am unsure of.

Our loved ones in the spirit realms

We need not fear, that our loved ones might of evolved and moved on from the next plane by the time we get there. As spiritual evolution takes time, and they can travel to any lower plane if they wish to anyway.

The kingdom of god

Gods Spirit

The real kingdom of god, is not so much without of us, it is more within us and what we are and can become. So it is not so much a place, like the earth or the spirit realms, although they are a part of it. We each have the spirit of god, to live and experience life for ourselves. We are in gods likeness as spirits, only not very evolved like god is. Through evolution, we keep getting a little more progressed and a little more likened to god, bit by bit. Over a very very long time, through eternal progression and evolution, we might one day become likened to God, as Gods and Goddesses ourselves.

Father God is our loving Father in spirit and like most parents he loves his children. He would like to see us do as well in life, and allows for us to evolve ourselves if we choose to. So it seems god does not put any limitations on what we can become in spiritual terms.

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