Empathic Abilities Feeling & Sensing Others Emotions & Overloading

Empathic Abilities

Empathic Abilities from Psychically Sensing Others Emotions and Feelings

Good Bad EmotionsHaving Empathic Abilities Can be a Blessing or Curse. Empaths can pick up and sense or feel other peoples emotions and some take on the feelings of others. For a few like somebody doing job interviews, this can be a very handy gift, as also for those who can turn it on and off at will. But for those who are open and empathic all the time, then being an empath can be a curse. These people often find they get emotionally overloaded around people with negative emotions. Such as anger, frustration, jealousy, hate, sadness, depression and such like.

This especially happens when in a crowd or around certain people. So much so that many with empathic abilities, find they have to leave and escape being in crowds. This happens because they take these bad emotions onto themselves, and begin to feel like these people do and suffer from an empath emotional overload. Sadly it can be very hard to block and close down these empathic abilities.

Learning how to best close down empathic abilities

Empaths Suffering Others EmotionsIf you suffer from this, then some can learn how to better ground and protect themselves and close down these spiritual and psychic empathic abilities to lessen their state of awareness. When doing so, the awareness of others emotions can be greatly reduced, to make it more bearable when around other people or in crowds.

Firstly – Ground yourself

Form a deep connection to the earth to ground yourself with its nature and energies. This helps to bring balance and helps us to form a connection with the earth, and its vibration and can balance and harmonise our entire being.

Secondly – Protect yourself with white light

White Light ProtectionWe can invoke white light protection, from the universe or pray for it from god. Allow the white light to enter your crown chakra and envelop you. Allow it to fill your whole being with light and expand outward beyond your aura. This will help to form a barrier and shield of protection around you, to keep the negative emotions of others at bay.

Thirdly – Close your spirit and chakras down

Chakra LocationsTo be less spiritually and psychically aware, see your spirit dimming. Then see your seven main chakras, and all the other chakras closing to a much less aware state. The chakras will never fully close, but can be help to be less sensitive and aware of others. You can see them as a flower or lotus closing its petals, or as a lantern that is bright being turned down to become dim. Or as discs or balls of light becoming dimmer. You might also see the chakras, as doors or windows to your soul, and see them being closed to keep out unwanted perceptions.

Follow these videos below for more help.

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