Crystal Shapes – What They Mean and How to Use Them

crystal shapes

There are as many ways to use crystals as there are crystals themselves! Each beautiful stone has the ability to balance powerful thoughts and emotions with ease. Additionally, crystal shapes play a significant role in the way each piece works. With common shapes including hearts, pyramids, spheres, and even spirit animals…. it is possible to personalize your crystal collection in both appearance and effectiveness. Here are a few popular shapes you may come across and what each one represents.

Crystal Shapes – Characteristics of a Pyramid

Crystals are linked to certain characteristics. For example, rose quartz relates to feelings of self-love and love for others while selenite is tied to good luck, protection, and cleansing. The list goes on and on. However, the type of stone is just one aspect to keep in mind when crystal shopping. The physical shape is just as important as the colour and various properties. It can intensify or even alter the way a crystal works. For instance, a pyramid shape is incredibly powerful and manifests or amplifies energy.

In Egyptian times, it was believed that a pyramid represented rays from the sun. That same idea can be applied to pyramid crystal shapes. They have the ability to draw energy out through the top or spread high vibrational energy outwards. This sacred shape is also believed to amplify the energy behind your intentions. According to an article on the healing pyramid, anything placed under a pyramid (written intentions, other crystals, and so on) receives additional life force energy…making it possible to manifest your desires.

Using Crystal Spheres

crystal ball

Another commonly used shape is a sphere. Though there are many crystal shapes to choose from, the sphere is wonderful because it radiates energy symmetrically. Due to the round shape, the energy of the crystal is released equally in all directions. This brings forth a sense of balance and peace. It can also make your environment (whether that is at home, the office, or a sacred space) feel more relaxing and enjoyable to be in.

A clear quartz sphere, for instance, releases cleansing energy in all directions, filling a room with a positive vibration. On the other hand, a green aventurine sphere emits a soothing yet abundant energy. It is important to focus on the shape as well as the type of crystal. Why? Certain stones are better suited for your living room than your office space or bedroom. In addition, crystal spheres can be part of a meditation practice. The round shape allows you to feel whole and united. Hold it in your hands as you meditate and allow the balanced shape to make you feel connected on a deeper level.

Making the Most of Squares

It is not unusual to see square crystal shapes. This form relates to the root chakra, which connects you to the physical. It relates to energy associated with survival, instinct, and safety. (You can read more about the seven chakras in this helpful guide.) A square or cube shaped crystal is all about connecting to your root chakra and bringing it into balance. The best stones for this purpose include red jasper, hematite, and smoky quartz. Combining these powerful crystals with that equally powerful square shape allows you to ground your energy and connect with the Earth.

For anyone struggling to feel grounded or “rooted” to something…a square crystal is extremely effective. It has the ability to bring balance to the root chakra, connect you to the Earth’s energy, can help you to feel better in your physical body. One way to use it is to place a square crystal in each corner of a room. This grounds and protects the space from negative outside energies.

Powerful Crystal Points

pointed crystals

There are also crystal points to consider. This particular shape is best when you want energy to move in one specific direction. You can focus the energy of the crystal in a deliberate and direct manner, making this one of the more commonly used shapes. The point can be very effective as part of manifestation work. It allows you to direct the energy surrounding a certain goal, wish, dream, or intention up and into the universe. This allows you to speed up manifestation with ease!

Crystal points can be used in many different ways. For example, if you want to break old patterns or emotional ties to another person, direct the point towards them. (A photograph or personal item can work as well.) Then turn the point away to release that negative energy. Effective crystals for this purpose are clear quartz or a piece of black obsidian, but any pointed stone will work. Crystal points increase your vibration and make you feel more empowered in your day-to-day life.

Other Shapes to Consider

It doesn’t end there! Not even close. There are many other crystal shapes you may come across, including:

  • Heart Shaped Crystals are a wonderful reminder that love is everywhere you turn. Place these stones anywhere you need an extra dose of love! This specific shape attracts love from others and improves self-esteem.
  • Crystal Clusters are made up of multiple crystal points grown together on a matrix. Not only are these beautiful to look at but this shape vibrates at a higher energy than many others. It can also direct energy in various directions.
  • Spirit Animal Crystal Shapes are also quite popular. Anyone interested in connecting to their spirit animal guide can do so with a crystal form. These carved crystals come in various animal shapes (ranging from monkeys to birds, horses, and more) and can be used for protection and guidance.
  • Crystal Skulls have increased in popularity over the years. They have a rich history and are connected to various myths and legends. These crystals are thought to be a tool for communication with higher beings as well as healing.

Crystal shapes are powerful. They direct energy, manifest intentions, and release negativity from your life. It all comes down to what you want (or need) at any given time. Now that you know the meanings behind some of the more commonly seen shapes, the way you use crystals will become even more effective.

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