Fall Nature Walks – How to Add Spirituality to the Great Outdoors

fall nature walks

Go outside! Enjoy nature! You have likely heard those words time and time again, especially during the fall season. The weather has turned from muggy and hot to crisp and cool….making it the ideal time to add fall nature walks to your routine. In addition to the comfortable temperatures, there are many more reasons to get acquainted with the great outdoors. Studies have shown there are numerous mental and physical health benefits associated with walking. That includes improved short-term memory, increased energy, reduced stress, better vision, a stronger ability to focus, reduced inflammation in the body, and boosted levels of creativity.

What are you waiting for? With the season officially underway, it is time to find out how to add spirituality to your fall nature walks.

Fall Nature Walks – Dress the Part

The best place to begin is with your wardrobe. While you don’t need to dress like an A-list celebrity to take a walk, it is a good idea to blend practicality with spirituality. To tackle the practical aspects, layer your clothing (so you are comfortable at any temperature), wear rain-resistant pieces (just in case Mother Nature decides to have some fun while you are out and about), and wear comfortable shoes (for protection from the elements). Preparation will make fall nature walks far more enjoyable.

smoky quartz jewellery

Now for the spiritual aspects of your ensemble. If you are interested in jewellery or accessories, wear thoughtful pieces. For instance, a necklace with hematite (a protective and grounding stone) or smoky quartz (for both grounding and stabilizing) can connect you to the Earth and intensify your overall experience in nature. You may also choose to focus your wardrobe on a certain colour or colours. Many colours are associated with the fall season. When worn, they can help you focus on certain chakras or balance out specific emotions. Some examples include:

Colour Meanings of Fall Shades

  • Red: One of the best aspects of the fall season are the turning leaves. Suddenly, everything is a wash of red, yellow, and orange. When it comes to red, there are many colour associations. This shade stimulates the mind and boosts both focus and energy levels. If that wasn’t enough, red also increases confidence, protects against fears and anxiety, and is the colour of the base or root chakra. The colour red also represents beauty in many cultures.
  • Orange: This colour is special as it brings forth feelings of warmth and energy – which are ideal for fall nature walks. Orange encourages the desire for social interaction and stimulates activity. (Which makes orange a wonderful choice if you are taking a walk with a friend or family member.) This colour relates to the sacral chakra and has to do with creativity, fertility, and emotions.
  • Yellow: Another commonly seen colour in the fall season is yellow. This symbolizes optimism and happiness. Golden yellows (which epitomize this time of year) relate to a positive future. This colour also stimulates creativity, activates the memory, and encourages communication. Yellow is the chakra colour of the solar plexus. It is linked to the stomach and can empower someone to find their own personal strength.
  • Green: The colour green is absolutely everywhere during this time of year. Imagine slick green grass sparkling in the morning sunlight. Talk about picture perfect! Green is a stress-relieving colour that can actually improve your creativity. It represents balance, rebirth, and progress. This can also relate to money and prosperity – as well as health. Green is the colour of the Heart Chakra and it relates to love, empathy, and compassion.

Take Time to Meditate

outdoor meditation

Another tip to help you enjoy fall nature walks is to meditate. Scope out a quiet place where you can practice meditation, grab a seat, and allow your mind to still. You can either meditate in silence or with the use of a meditation app on your phone. It all depends on what you prefer! Let the sounds of nature (like rustling leaves or a softly flowing stream) calm, inspire, and renew your spirit. It will make a big difference and may even deepen your meditation practice.

You may also want to enjoy a grounding meditation. As you begin your hike, be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to the sights and sounds and let yourself get inspired by nature. If you see anything that calls to you on your path, like a rock or twig, pick it up. When you eventually sit down to meditate, place the found items in front of you. (You may also want to incorporate some crystals from home for a more intense meditation.) This process will deeply ground you to the Earth and leave you feeling more stable, rooted, and grateful for everyday blessings.

Get Creative Outdoors

Fall nature walks can also be a wonderful time to express yourself creatively. Many people find that they have brilliant ideas during walks – so take a notepad and pen with you to jot down any thoughts you may want to come back to later. This is also an opportunity to do a bit of free writing or journaling. If you are more into visuals, your walk can also include time for sketching, filming videos, or taking pictures.

You may even want to read a book, poem, or spiritual scripture while surrounded by natural beauty. The scope for imagination and creation is limitless when you are connected to the great outdoors. Do what feels right and have fun with the process! Since creativity is often linked to Spirit and spiritual development… this is your chance to open up and express yourself like never before.

Whether you are hiking on a trail, walking around a nearby park, or enjoying a full-blown meditation session in the woods, there are many ways to enjoy the outdoors. So, live life inspired! Instead of sitting inside waiting for the days to get colder and colder, make the most of the season. Fall nature walks are good for the mind, body, and soul.

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