Clairvoyant Mediums – Bring Messages from Deceased Relatives

Clairvoyant Mediums

Clairvoyant Mediums Often Channel Messages from Deceased Loved Ones to give proof or Survival

Many psychic clairvoyant mediums or spirit mediums, do a great job of bringing evidential proof that our loved ones, such as family and friends have indeed survived physical death. Mediums give messages from the spirit that comes to them and it is not always the spirit we might most wish to hear from. So the medium does not have control over which spirit choose to come forward. Spirit mediums bring us many messages of support and love. Those who have passed over can tell us through these mediums, how they are still alive and well in spirit. This can greatly help to put our minds to rest, knowing they are alive and well in the afterlife.

How clairvoyant mediums work

Mediums act somewhat like a telephone, between the physical and spirit worlds. A good medium will get in the region of 65 to 100 percent of what they are saying correct. Some mediums raise their mind up into a more spiritual state of awareness, into a heightened state that is more aware, attuned and sensitive to spirit. This what some call a altered state of awareness where spirit are ore able to impart their feelings thoughts and perceptions to the medium. While other often more experienced and aware mediums don’t have to do anything to be aware of spirit and perceive what they are giving.

These clairvoyant senses coming from spirit, peculate into both the subconscious and conscious mind of the medium. Sometimes the mediums mind can change what is given slightly. This is because their mind sometimes miss translates what they are being given by spirit using these subtle abilities. Other times they can be very precise in conveying what the spirit is giving.

Don’t feed the medium

If you ever go for a mediums reading or message, the medium should not question you. Do not offer them information about yourself, the person in spirit or situation. Unless they ask you who in spirit you would like to hear from. Answer with a yes or no, or sometimes I cannot place them. Until you know who it is, or the medium tells you who this spirit is. It is the clairvoyant mediums job, to prove they have a spirit communicator for you, with an evidential message. This should most often be a spirit you can recognize and who you know. At times the medium might give a relative or somebody we never met and don’t know much about.

They will often give you a description of this spirit and some memory links, that you and this person is spirit shared together or are aware of. This may also include telling you of events happening around you, that this spirit may have seen or know about. They will keep going back to spirit for more information, until you can place who this spirit is. The medium might ask if you recognize this person, if you do, then you can tell them who it is. Then you will most often get a loving and helpful message from this person in spirit. Others in spirit, might also come forward during the message.

The main four types of clairvoyance mediums use coupled with psychic abilities

Clairvoyant Mediumship Third Eye

Spirit mediums, clairvoyant and psychic mediums are the same thing. Most mediums do use psychism, this is often used to form a psychic link with the person here. Often this is done through hearing the recipients voice or holding their hand. This in turn helps the draw a spirit to the medium and make the connection stronger to spirit for the recipient. Sadly it is not always the person in spirit, that we most wish to hear from, but often it is the one that needs to come forward at this given time, even if we do not see the reason why. If the person who is wishing to receive a message sends their love to the medium. Then their energy can help the medium to form a better connection with the spirit that is drawn to them.

1. Clairvoyance – clear seeing

Clairvoyance is an inner seeing. It is what spirit give to the medium to see on the inner third eye. Most clairvoyant mediums do see on the minds eye, but not all. Often they will see the spirit communicator, and be able to describe them or place and situation that the spirit is giving.

2. Clairsentience – clear feeling

Clairsentience is the ability to receive intuitive messages through feelings, emotions and physical sensations. Spirit will often give feelings of conditions, that they passed with, or that somebody around the recipient has. Also they will pass great feelings of love and such like to the recipient of the message.

3. Clairaudience – clear hearing

Clairaudience is when the medium can hear, intuitive messages given directly into their mind. The medium can therefore hear the spirit communicators voice in their mind, rather than through the physical ears. This is inner hearing.

4. Claircognizance – clear knowing

Claircognizance is the intuitive ability to know something. So it is inner knowing that the medium feels certainty about. Again this is a subtle ability. It often helps the medium to be more direct and sure in what they are giving.

There are other types of clairvoyant abilities like, Clairalience – clear smelling and Clairgustance – clear tasting, among others.

Physical Mediumship

There is also physical mediumship, which I will not go into here, as it is another subject completely.

Standards of Mediumship

Like all things in life, there are some better clairvoyant mediums than others. Mediumship is not a find art, rather it is a subtle ability, that mediums have. The same medium might give the best ever message to one person and struggle with the next. It is not always down to the mediums ability. As it also depends how good the spirit that comes forward, is at passing the message into the mediums awareness. Spirit that have recently passed over, can sometimes find it hard to come through, where others find it easy.

Of course there are sadly some charlatans and bogus mediums out there. Mostly they are just trying to make money, and can rip people off with cold readings. If you want to find a good reputable medium, then look for recommendations from others you know. The other option is to see if you have a local spiritualist church or center. Here at least you will not get taken for a ride. They often run services or evenings of clairvoyance. The mediums generally get very little, other than their travelling expenses paid. The standard of mediumship in spiritualist churches or centers is often very high.

Spirit Guides & Angels

Spirit Angel or Guides

Sometimes a spirit guide or angel might step forward in a mediums reading to give advice. Their might give encouragement, or inform the sitter that they might have certain spiritual abilities that can developed.

The video of the Medium Below is of Therasa Caputo

Of course she is a show medium, but a very genuine person and good medium. She gives a very good understanding of what a genuine medium is like and capable of.

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