Sage Smudging – Cleansing Negative Energy from Your Home & Aura

sage smudging

Do you feel like you need a fresh start? Are you ready to remove negativity from your life? Sage smudging is the solution. This process involves the burning of dried white sage. The sacred smoke is thought to connect us to the spirit world. Its use dates back over two thousand years to the Indigenous Americans. The plants were part of a ritual that called on ancestors and it was believed that the sage smoke would absorb negativity.

Though there are several other cleansing rituals…. sage smudging remains the most popular today. Whether you are moving into a new home or are ready to release difficult emotions, this healing technique can be extremely helpful. Here are some ways you can use smudging to remove negativity from your home and aura.

What is Sage Smudging?

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The practice of smudging involves the burning of a sage bundle (sage is a type of herb and bundles of dried sage leaves are often sold in new age or spiritual shops for the purpose of cleansing) or sage scented incense. Sage smudging is meant to clear away energies from the outside world. This smoke is also thought to remove unwanted influences and negative emotions. It purifies, is linked to healing, cleansing, improved mood, and can transform your personal energy.

Occasions when you may need to smudge your home or yourself include:

  • If you have moved into a new home or living space
  • After a guest or guests leaves your home or sacred space
  • Before you meditate
  • When you feel out of sorts, negative, or out of alignment
  • Following an argument or difficult conversation

How to Cleanse Your Home With Sage

It may be necessary for you to remove negative energy from your home, office, or sacred space. Anywhere you spend a significant amount of time should be part of your sage smudging ritual! To smudge your home:

  1. Even the most peaceful homes will accumulate negative energies every now and then. So start by gathering everything you need for this ritual. That includes a smudge stick (also known as a sage bundle), a candle, lighter or matches, and a bowl with sand or water.
  2. Light the candle and take a minute or two to put your intention into this cleansing ritual. Watch the flame and say a prayer or ask for a beautiful, cleansed space, full of love and light.
  3. Put the end of the sage bundle into the candle flame until smoke begins to come off of the smudge stick. Place it into a fireproof container and allow the smoke to flow freely or you can simply carry the sage bundle in your hand. (If you choose the latter, be careful not to burn yourself.) Wave the smoke through each room with your hand and continue to set an intention of cleansing and purifying.
  4. Try to go through your home in a clockwise direction, starting at the front door. The corners of the room collect energy so always focus on those areas. And open up all cupboards and closet doors as well. Every part of your home should be cleansed!
  5. When you are finished, place the burnt end of the sage stick into the bowl of sand or water. This will extinguish it completely and end your session.

Cleansing Your Aura

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Another important use of the sage smudging ritual is to cleanse your aura. The aura is essentially an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds each and every human being. This energy comes from your spirit and is made up of seven different layers. If your emotions are all over the place or you are going through a difficult time, it might be a good idea to cleanse yourself. This will bring balance to your aura…and give you a little peace of mind. To smudge yourself, start by:

  1. Gathering everything you need for smudging. That includes the smudge stick (sage bundle), candle, matches, and a bowl with sand or water.
  2. Just like when you sage a house or room, light the bundle in the candle and set an intention. This may be to release the emotions you are feeling after an argument, to start fresh, or to achieve mental clarity.
  3. Wave the smoke around your body, starting just above your head. Circle the smoke around yourself and slowly move down the body. Make sure to smudge the front and back as best you can…and don’t forget to circle the feet as well. The smoke should cleanse every part of your body during this process.
  4. Breathe deeply and continue to focus on your intention. Stop whenever you feel your aura has been completely cleansed of any negativity.
  5. Place the end of the sage stick into your bowl of sand or water to end the session.

Why You Also Need to Cleanse Crystals

Smudging is not limited to the home or aura. It also includes crystals. Since they are in your home, these stones can also carry unwanted energies or emotions. Crystals are able to hold onto and amplify energy and this is true of both positive and negative energies. So, if your stone belonged to another person, is a new purchase, or just doesn’t feel quite right…. it might be time to cleanse it of any lingering energies. Simply burn the end of the sage bundle and hold the crystal in the smoke for a minute or two.

How Often Should You Smudge?

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Now you know the sage smudging basics. So, you might be wondering how often it needs to be done. The truth? There are no set rules. It completely depends on what feels right for you. Some people prefer to cleanse their home or aura on a regular basis (every few days or once a week) while others only perform this ritual when they feel a calling to do so. Listen to your intuition as much as possible. Whenever you feel your space needs a good cleanse, get that sage bundle burning!

Clear away the negativity once and for all. Sage smudging is a wonderful way to remove unwanted energies that may be dragging you down or limiting your personal growth. Make a positive change and get ready to enjoy the many benefits of this ancient ritual.

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