Crystals for Halloween & Origins of Seasonal Superstitions

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Holidays are divisive. They tend to cause feelings of excitement and anticipation or anxiety and stress. It all depends! Though the origins of Halloween date back to Samhain (where the divide between the living world and spirit world is thought to be the thinnest) these days, it is better known for costumes and candy. Whether you are interested in celebrating the lighter or darker side of this holiday, it has never been easier to get into the right frame of mind. For instance, there are plenty of crystals for Halloween to help you achieve a sense of balance and make your seasonal celebration stand out. You can also learn about the origins behind a few well-known superstitions. Keep reading to kick-start a memorable holiday of your very own.

The Best Crystals For Halloween

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It may not be at the top of your to-do list, but there are many reasons to use crystals for Halloween. Between decorating, handing out candy, and heading to parties or special events… it becomes all too easy to feel energetically overwhelmed. Using certain stones can help achieve a sense of peace, calm, and balance. Not to mention combat negative energy that might derail your celebration. Some of the best crystals to use are:

  • Carnelian. This grounding stone can benefit your life in many ways, including how you celebrate Halloween. It is red or orange (which ties into seasonal colours perfectly) and is extremely protective. It allows you to let go of the past and focus on the present moment. Carnelian also helps increase energy and creativity – making it an essential if you are creating a costume or are out celebrating.
  • Red Jasper. This type of jasper is beneficial during the holiday. All jasper is grounding, but since this is a time of seasonal changes (falling leaves and cooling temperatures), grounding is especially important. Red jasper draws from the earth and makes you feel centered in your body. It also allows you to experience feelings of comfort and safety, which is ideal if you feel anxious about attending a Halloween party.
  • Calcite. There are many types of calcite in a variety of colours, but orange calcite is ideal. It is one of the best crystals for Halloween because it ties into the symbolic shade of the season. This stone is powerful and cleanses away negativity. It allows you to let go of anything no longer serving you in your life. Orange calcite in particular makes the process of letting go easier. So, if you feel like a cloud is hanging over your head this Halloween, choose calcite.

Different Ways to Use Them

Make sure your Halloween is everything you want it to be! There are plenty of ways to incorporate these stones into your holiday celebration. Once you have those crystals for Halloween on hand, you can:

  • Place them around your home as part of your seasonal decor. This is a must if you are hosting your own party or plan on having guests over on or around Halloween. Keep pieces near the front door or in common areas where there will be lots of different energies.
  • Add one or two of these stones to your Halloween costume. An orange calcite necklace works well with a pumpkin outfit and the red stones (carnelian or red jasper) are wonderful additions to a witch costume or any other attire you can imagine! See what you have in your jewellery collection. Then figure out what will work with your Halloween look.
  • Carry grounding, protective, and energizing stones with you. They might be in your pocket or purse when you head out to celebrate. Using crystals for Halloween in this way means that you can always breathe easy. Not only are the stones nearby but you can hold them in your hand whenever you feel overwhelmed.

Origins of Seasonal Superstitions

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In addition to crystals for Halloween, there are also superstitions you should know before the holiday. Superstitions are described as any belief or practice that arises from ignorance or a trust in fate or magic. (This can also relate to beliefs that have to do with luck.) Essentially, superstitions are rooted in our fears, worries, and beliefs. They often lead us to take action, like throwing salt over the shoulder, so we can feel safe from bad energies.

Halloween Related Superstitions

  • Never Cross a Black Cat. Many believe that it is bad luck if a black cat crosses your path or if you walk past a black cat on Halloween. The superstition dates back to the dark ages when women who lived alone were often accused of practicing witchcraft. As a result, their furry companions got a bad reputation. Black cats were thought to be animals given to witches by Satan.
  • Don’t Destroy a Spider’s Web. It can be pretty tempting to tear down the web of a spider – particularly when it is near your home. However, a common superstition believes this causes bad luck. However, in medieval times, seeing a spider on Halloween meant a loved one was watching over you. So think twice before you sweep away a webbed home on Hallows Eve.
  • Only Burn a New Candle on Halloween. Know the candle that you put in your jack-o-lantern each Halloween night? Make sure it is a new one. According to folklore, burning a new candle brings you good luck. Once you are done burning the candle…get rid of it! That same folklore believes that burning a Halloween candle at any other time of year will cause strange things to happen.


It is certainly an interesting time of year! The weather is changing, lots of holiday events are taking place, and everything seems spookier than usual. Keep yourself protected, balanced, and excited for the season with crystals for Halloween and a solid understanding of holiday superstitions.

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