Spiritual Possessions & Attacks – Protect Against Evil Spirits

Spiritual Possessions & Attacks

Spiritual Attacks & Spiritual Possessions & The Best Ways to Protect Against Evil Spirits

Let us start by saying spiritual possessions and attacks, are indeed very real and do happen. However there are some mental illnesses that exhibit similar symptoms. Having dealt with both, it is often very hard to tell the difference between somebody with a delusional psychotic state of mind. Such as someone who is suffering Schizophrenia, or a true spiritual possession or attack.

The reason for this is that those suffering spiritual possessions or attacks, or those who are suffering schizophrenia. is that they both display the same symptoms. So there are those who are truly going through a spiritual possession or attack. Who are diagnosed by a psychiatrist, as suffering from psychotic episodes or schizophrenia.

Spiritual Possessions and Attacks Linked to Cannabis

One of the questions psychiatrists often ask, of those suffering these types of symptoms, when being assessed. Is have you been smoking cannabis? This is because they have a fair number of people who are suffering, say schizophrenia who have smoked cannabis. So they have been linked. Psychiatrists, have no belief in any spiritual possessions or attacks. So they are looking to diagnose a mental illness in all cases.

When in fact cannabis does open up more spiritually and psychic perceptive parts of the mind. Hence in some cases, it is possible this has made them more aware of spirit. So cannabis could be the cause, as to why some are spiritually possessed or attacked. It could also be the case it might also trigger delusions. I have known people diagnosed with schizophrenia, that I know for a fact were actually being spiritually possessed and attacked.

Does medication help spiritual possessions and attacks

It is hard to think that medication given for a psychotic and delusional condition. Will help to stop a true spiritual possession or attack. And of course it will not, but it can help ease some of the conditions of the mind, that are suffering from the fear and trauma caused by such an attack. So for those suffering a mental illness, or are spiritually attacked, it does not hurt to try it to see if it helps or not. Spirit also use the victims subconscious mind to pass what they do, so anti-psychotics, can sometimes help to decrease this.

Spiritual Practices and the Ouija Board

It always pays to learn to ground and protect ourselves, when doing any kind of spiritual meditation or work. This is when we are trying to become more spiritually aware or use a spiritual ability. There are both good and bad spirits present, here upon the earth. There is no hell, nor any real demons. But there are evil spirits from the next plane of spirit and afterlife. Some are earth bound spirits, and can be very negative or evil.

Dangers of playing the Ouija board (Witch Board), unless you are very well developed and protected, is a very bad idea. People think it is a game. Some end up being spiritually attacked or possessed because of it. The reason is they are unprotected, and ask the worst question, saying! Is there anyone out there? This very question invites any spirit to come to them, including any negative or evil spirits. So these people become like a beacon of light, that can attract bad spirits to them. This is like a moth to a flame. The best advice is to get rid of the Ouija board outside. The best thing is to burn it in a safe place, to break the hold of any such spirits.

There is no hell nor any real demons

The truth is, there is no hell nor any devil or real demons. God loves all his children unconditionally. Therefore there is no judgement of those fit or not to enter the afterlife, as all are welcome there. The next plane is not so very different from here and both good and bad people live there. Sadly some of the worst of them do terrible things to some here. Such as spiritual possessions and attacks.

There are very good and bad spirits here upon the earth. Unfortunately good spirits, do not as of yet have a great deal of powers to stop the negative spirits. However the spirit realms are working very hard on this at this time to rectify it. So that spirit guides, angels and our loved ones in spirit, have far greater powers to protect us more fully.

How some spirit can affect us

Spiritual Possessions & Attacks
How it often of feels when being spiritually attacked or possessed

Spirit can communicate with those here that are more aware of them. They can have extreme mental and sometimes even with the odd person, physical affects on us. There are those who are also sexually abused by spirits. This can vary from making us fear, to a full blown spiritual possession. There are also spiritual influences, we may not be so aware of at times. These can affect or moods and emotions.

These spirit can lie and pretend to be anything, and can show themselves in any form they wish. They can use their imaginations to project many things into our awareness. They might look like something very evil, or lie to us telling us they are a past life partner, to try to get a hold over us.

The minds of those suffering these types of attacks can suffer greatly. Some can develop mental illnesses under the strain of such attacks. Some may have suicidal feelings cross their mind, or even attempt suicide. This is how really bad it is to suffer such spiritual persecution, from bad or evil spirits.

What you can do to help yourself

It is hard to fully shut these types of spirits out. But we can learn to sometimes lessen their affects on us. Firstly we need to learn to ground and protect ourselves with white light. White light can help to shield us and cast away these dark spirits. We might also use those things we hold dear to in religions and pray for protection if desired. We can invoke the names of those like Jesus or Buddha for instance to cast out these dark spirits.

Next we need to learn how to close our chakras and spirit down. This can help us to be less aware of spirit. Fear often makes us much more susceptible to these attacks. Being as brave and positive as we can, will help. Another thing the is worth trying it to use white sage to smudge your home and aura.

Spirit Possession and Attack Help Videos

The following videos, will help you learn how to ground and protect and close yourself and spiritual awareness down to a lower level, to be less aware of these spirits. It can take regular and lot’s of practice.

Grounding & Protection – Spiritual Earthing Centering Clearing Balancing

Sage Smudging – Cleansing Negative Energy from Your Home & Aura

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