Seeing Aura & Feeling Aura – The Spiritual Aura Energy Field

Seeing Aura Energy Field

Feeling and seeing the aura energy field with psychic abilities

What is the aura. The aura is made up of two different types of energy. The first is electromagnetic energy, that is given off by all matter. The other is given of by the spirit life forces, which are produced by the spirit chakras energy centers. Seeing aura, the aura can be seen in many different colour depending on what we are doing. You can read more about the aura and its colours here.

Seeing aura by heighten your senses

There are a few way in which people can see aura. One way is through the eyes, normally against a plain light sometime dark background. This is using your spirit eyes and psychic abilities. You would normally heighten your spiritual and psychic abilities and senses to do this. Seeing aura over the top of the head is often the best place to view it.

There are different ways in which you might see the aura. Some can to begin with, see the aura as a milky white around the person head and sometimes shoulders and body. Others might firstly begin to see aura as a thin white line close to the body. It may also been seen in many colours, either as bands of colours, or more blotchy formations of colour in the energy field. Some can see the aura as clear energy, that looks quite like a wavy heat haze coming off a hot road. Normally seen 2 to 5 inches off the top if the head.

Clairvoyant Mediumship Third Eye


Another is to see the aura in your psychic third eye. By again heightening your ability to senses and see the aura. This is more a psychic and intuitive gift, that can be developed.

Seeing aura by heightening your abilities and senses

To see the aura, firstly ground and protect yourself, and open the chakras and at the end close your chakras and spirit and ground once again. If you do not know how to do this, then visit this page and video on grounding, protection, opening and closing down.

Here is a video of seeing aura

Feeling the aura energy field

By using your hands you can touch and come into contact with the aura energy field. To start off, sit somebody on a chair and stand behind them. Put your hand 2 to 3 feet above their head. Close your eyes and slowly lower your hands until you come into contact with the aura. When you come into contact with the aura, you will feel it tingle of your hands. Or it might feel a wind like sensation. Some may feel warmth or coolness as they come into contact with the aura. Another experience is as though there is an inviable force field that feels like it is putting up some resistance as you touch it.

Here is a video on touching aura

Like with many spiritual abilities. If you wish to develop them more so, then practice as often as you can.

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