Psychic Cord Cutting from Negative People & Influences

Psychic Cord Cutting

Psychic cord cutting can help to set us free of negative people and their influences on us

Do you want to be free of that negative person in your present or past life. Psychic cord cutting can help to set you free of that person who is still affecting you in your daily life. It can release you from these ties. Allowing you to be free and give you the release you seek. Then you can move on with your life, leaving them behind.

What are psychic cords?

Psychic cords are invisible and etheric or spiritual in nature and are psychic connections like channels that form between two people. Often these people are those we are or have been closely connected to. But not always, it can also be somebody that has treated us badly or been a negative influence or abusive to us. This can happen from just one encounter in our life, that is still affecting us in the present day. This is where psychic cord cutting can help.

These psychic cords can pass many different influences back and forth. Which most often is how you and this person or spirit feel toward each other, which can be either good or bad. So with people who are negative influences in our lives, through this connection can end up being very detrimental to us. Distance or time makes no difference, as they can still be having negative influences over us in the present day.

Psychic cord cutting is used to break these unhealthy connections

Archangel Michaels Sword of Light

This is where psychic cord cutting comes in as a useful practice. Cutting away these negative psychic cords, will help to sever any bad influences over us. While still leaving any good connections, fully intact. This is often done using a sword, by medium, clairvoyant, psychic, healer or spiritually inclined person. The sword that is used is a sword of energy. Many will use Archangel Michael sword, as he is a protector. Psychic cord cutting can be done with the person present, at any distance remotely or via a good video, where the intent is seal in.

I personally you use Archangel Michael sword, and see it as a sword of light, to cut through these psychic cords, ties or attachments. The sword can be invoked or ask for in prayer and is used with the intention of cutting away any negative cords from others. It will cut through any undesired cords of dark negative influences to set the recipient free in most cases. Sadly it does not work percent of the time with everybody. In this case try it again if you can.

The sword is passed through the aura about 1 to 2 feet off  the body. It is passed down the front and back of the person. Then down the sides going under the feet and over the head to break and sever all cords and attachments. Protection and grounding along with healing can then also be given to enhance this effect. It will help to seal the aura to prevent any re-connections from forming. However if you wish or allow by your intent that these connections reform they can do so.

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