Crystal Healing & Family – Uses & a Shared Spiritual Journey

crystal healing family

It isn’t always easy navigating family situations. When it comes to blood, emotions run high, people get heated, and countless things are left unsaid. At least every now and then! Thankfully, crystal healing can be used to ease tensions, strengthen relationships, and help you deal with a wide array of family-related issues. The best way to begin a path of healing is to break it down, problem by problem. Find the one that relates to your own life and choose crystals accordingly.

Crystal Healing for Family Issues

moonstone crystals

There are many advantages to using crystals in your everyday life. For those unfamiliar, crystal expert Judy Hall describes crystal healing as a vibrational energy-based system of healing that brings the mind, body, spirit, and environment back into a place of harmony and balance. Using crystals thoughtfully (and working through any lingering issues) can improve many aspects of your life, including family relationships. These stones are a great way to regain a sense of peace and move forward in a positive and healthy manner.

Poor Relationships

This is one issue that most people deal with at one time or another. Perhaps someone in your extended family has shut you out, your relationship is strained, or you find it difficult to keep in touch on a regular basis. These situations can cause emotional pain that may be hard to let go of. When you don’t know what else to do, consider crystal healing. You can place crystals directly on your body, around your home, next to a picture of someone you have a troubled relationship with, or simply hold onto one of these stones until you feel your emotions start to balance. Reach for rose quartz (which enhances and strengthens relationships with yourself and others) or moonstone (this stone can make you feel more empathetic towards a person or situation). Both of these crystals can help heal a struggling family relationship.

Fights and Arguments

It happens. Sometimes, as much as you may want to avoid a conflict, an argument breaks out. This can cause you to feel stressed, angry, and overwhelmed. There are a few ways to deal with the fall out of an event like this. Some suggestions include healing breathing techniques, meditation, journaling, and of course, crystal healing. The use of crystals can help to balance your emotions and heal your heart. Some suggestions include blue howlite (which aids in reasoning and patience) and black tourmaline (for protection from negativity and the negative energy of others). These can give you a little peace of mind – and resolve some of that anger and resentment. If you are worried that an argument may break out, prepare yourself ahead of time. Carry black tourmaline or wear a piece of jewellery with blue howlite to your family event.

Inability to Let Go of Past Hurts

This is one family-related issue that is all too common. Maybe someone said or did something in the past that you are still holding onto. Perhaps they abandoned you, put you down, or abused you. This could be affecting the way you see yourself (your self worth and value) or even the way you are living your life (the decisions you make and the people you choose to associate with). To start healing those past hurts caused by family relationships, make the most of crystal healing. Reach for something like smoky quartz (which allows you to let go of old patterns and beliefs that are holding you back) or aquamarine (this is a soothing stone that releases old wounds, angers, and fears). With a little help…. you can start to let go in a way that is healthy, safe, and nurturing.

Sharing a Spiritual Journey with Familyfamily bonding

There is no denying the importance of family. Love them or hate them, chances are, you want your loved ones to be an active part of your life. However, when it comes to these relationships, everyone has baggage. That’s okay! One way to heal is to share your spiritual journey. Even if they don’t believe in crystal healing, oracle cards, or anything that falls under the category of new age…. your journey can still be one that includes family. Simply alter the ways you go about including them. Here are a few foolproof suggestions to include family members in your own spiritual path.

Give a Piece of Crystal Jewellery

There are always special occasions to celebrate with family. From holidays to promotions, graduations, and marriages…. a significant event is a wonderful reason to give a family member a meaningful gift. A few examples include: a piece of jewellery with a meaningful stone (like amethyst or rose quartz) or something with their birthstone for a gift that is personal, meaningful, and stylish. Your loved one will be thrilled with your thoughtful token of affection.

Go For a Nature Walk

While you may want to do a Reiki session with or on a family member, it isn’t always realistic. It depends entirely on what each person believes and is open to. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful, bonding experience. A good alternative is to go for a nature walk together. Carry some grounding stones with you to connect with the earth while you enjoy spending some relaxing time with someone you love. Good crystals for this purpose are smokey quartz, jasper, and hematite.

Share Positivity Whenever Possible

While your family may not understand or agree with crystal healing or your spiritual beliefs, they can certainly get on board with positive thinking. Speak to each other about all of the wonderful things in your life (rather than complain about work and fall into a trap of negativity), recite affirmations, and do what you can to lift each other up. Simply being a beacon of light and love can strengthen your bond in unexpected ways. Give it a try the next time you spend time with family!


There are many ways to get spiritual with your family and improve your relationships in the process. Crystal healing is a wonderful option as there are many beautiful stones to soothe your emotions and boost your mood.

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