Trance Mediumship – Channeling Spirit Guides & Controllers

Trance Mediumship

Trance Mediumship is When a Spirit Takes Control of The Mediums Mind

In trance mediumship and channeling, the trance mediums mind is harmlessly pushed to one side. This allows, what is often a trusted spirit guide or what they call a controller, to take control of the medium’s mind. Occupationally the medium is aware of little bits of what is being said or done. When the spirit gives back control to the medium, they come back into full awareness over a couple of seconds. In most cases, the medium is unaware of what has been done and said during heir absence. This is because, they have no memory of what has been said or taken place.

However, there are many levels of trance mediumship. This varies from very light trance, where the medium is still fully aware of everything that is taking place, to deep trance as explained above.

What happens in Trance Mediumship

The trance medium releases their mind to the spirit controller. The spirit will then in a few seconds take full control of the mediums conscious and in part subconscious mind. Once the spirit has control, they normally keep their eyes closed. Then most often, they will channel a talk or address through the medium. This might be to an audience or for another purpose. Such as making recordings and such like.

Changes in the Trance medium that can take place

During trance mediumship. The medium may take on the spirit controllers voice and accent, as well as characteristics. A few even have transfiguration which is physical mediumship. This is where the mediums face can be seen to alter, to take on the features of the spirit guide or controller.

Trance Mediumship is sometimes use in healings

Some mediums are trance healers. This is where the spirit takes control to give a healing. I will go into this more in another article.

The Late Colin Fry an Amazing English Trance Medium channeling His Spirit Guide Magnus

I was fortunate enough to see Colin giving a demonstration of mediumship and then channeling Magnus in Trance at Bognor Spiritulist Church in the early 2000’s

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