Powerful Healing Crystal Stones – Best Crystals to Use

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Crystal healing is nothing new. It has been used in many ancient cultures and in countless spiritual rituals. Today, crystals are worn in jewellery, placed around the home, used in grids, and included in meditation, among other things. Powerful healing crystal stones are believed to: clear away negativity, transform personal energy, align the chakras, and improve mental, emotional, and physical health. Are you in need of healing energy? Then pay attention to the stones you choose. Here are some of the most effective for healing and transformation.

Powerful Healing Crystal Stones – Amethyst

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Easily one of the most well known and effective at healing is amethyst. It has a long list of healing properties. This makes it extremely versatile for healing and treating a wide array of aches, pains, and emotional situations. Amethyst balances stress and anxiety – and has the ability to heal extreme or difficult emotions. It also improves communication and intuition. This allows powerful healing crystal stones like amethyst to soothe raw emotions after a difficult conversation or situation. This stone can also make it easier to get over a hangover, improve difficult work scenarios, and connect to spirituality. Anyone with the zodiac signs Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, and Capricorn will find this stone especially effective.

There are many ways to use amethyst but placing a piece strategically can boost its healing properties. One example includes: placing amethyst in a family room. This will improve the mood of the entire family and aid in open and honest communication. (Check out this Spirit Earth Magazine article for more ways to improve communication.) It also works well when placed in an office or work environment to relieve stress and learn to trust your intuition.

Iron Pyrite

healing crystal pyrite

Though there are many powerful healing crystal stones out there, iron pyrite should absolutely be considered. This stone is essential if you are looking to remove negative energy or heal old patterns of thinking that no longer serve your best interests. It is often referred to as a warrior stone – and for good reason! It heals low self-esteem and confidence issues by increasing feelings of self worth. If that wasn’t enough, pyrite removes negative energies from within you and around you, promoting positive thinking and giving you a more optimistic view of life.

Pyrite is a multi-purpose stone. For instance, if you are looking to heal an addiction of some sort (to food, toxic people, shopping, substances, and so on) this stone can be very healing as it strengthens willpower. Coupled with its ability to increase confidence…. it can work wonders if want to make positive lifestyle changes. Anyone with a Leo astrological sign will find this works even more successfully in their lives. Include it in a crystal grid or meditate with it nearby for added effectiveness.

Tiger’s Eye

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Another crystal that is healing is Tiger’s Eye. This has many practical uses but is commonly used in times of stress. The stone works well if you are under pressure or feel intense stress, either at home or work. Holding it in your hand or meditating with the stone nearby can calm your mind and help put things into perspective. It also creates a better sense of personal understanding and awareness – which can aid in better decision making. Additionally, Tiger’s eye reduces self-doubt, puts difficult situations into perspective, and balances toxic thoughts and emotions with ease.

When finances are a concern, Tiger’s Eye is something to consider. It reduces money-related stress. It also aids in financial growth and maintenance. This stabilizing stone is wonderful as it helps you feel calm, gives you peace of mind, and provides you with a beautiful grounding energy wherever you go. Capricorns will find this crystal even more intense and powerfully healing, so if that is your Zodiac sign, be sure to add it to your crystal collection.

Raw Emerald

healing with emerald

With so many powerful healing crystal stones to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down the options. Thankfully, raw emerald stands out from the rest. It is a stone that represents hope, renewal, and personal growth. Raw emerald clears away negativity as well as any lingering negative energies that may be holding you back. This is especially true when it comes to love. It has the ability to remove negative thoughts tied to relationships, which makes it easier to attract and accept successful romantic love in your life.

If that wasn’t enough, there are many other healing properties to be aware of. Raw emerald can also increase your ability to focus (which is important if your mind has a tendency to wander or you are struggling with a specific project) and encourages feelings of loyalty (which can help those who have difficulty committing or are distrustful of others). Anyone that falls under the astrological signs of Taurus, Gemini, and Aries will find raw emerald to be an essential addition to their daily lives.


Many powerful healing crystal stones are effective. Each has the ability to benefit the mind, body, or spirit in one way or another. Find the crystals that best suit your particular needs  and make them an active part of your everyday life. A meditation here, a thoughtfully placed stone there…. before long you will start to notice positive changes.

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