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Trance Healing & Healers Giving Healings & Performing Psychic Surgery

What is trance healing

Trance healing is either where a trance medium or trance healer allows a spirit to have control of their mind and body. Normally this is with a trusted spirit guide, or what they call a controller. Thus the trance mediums or healers mind is pushed harmlessly to one side. They remain in a dormant unaware state of mind while the spirit has control. In most cases they have no awareness of what has taken place in their absence. There are trance healers who also heal pets and animals.

How a trance healing is performed

Trance Healing

The trance healer allows their controller to have control, this just takes a few seconds. Once the spirit is in control, they may give a hands-on healing or some form of physical therapy, or performs psychic surgery. The client may feel energies and wire like feelings within them.

My one concern in the latter two of physical therapy and psychic surgery is that; there is no real way as of yet, to tell if these spirit are qualified to perform such things. However most spirits in some way do tell their healer who they are, and what they did, saying if they are a doctor or surgeon for instance.

Trance Psychic Surgery

Trance Psychic Surgery

Trance psychic surgery is where the spirit controller performs a spiritual surgery on the client. Some swear by it, and tell of how it has helped their condition. The spirit surgeon will remove any offending problems and energy. For instance, they will cut away an area that is causing discomfort or illness. It is possible this allows new good energy to enter into this area, to replace any depleted energies. Whereby the spirit becomes whole again.

I know someone that had psychic surgery, they could sense an instrument being pushed up their nose to remove polyps. Another person had a bad shoulder and could feel it being operated on, and the offending tissue being pulled out and removed. They said they even heard it being thrown away into a waste bin by the therapy table. They swore by it and said their shoulder got much better after they had the trance healing.

So it is for each to decide if they would wish to pursue such a thing or not.

Trance Mediumship – Channeling Spirit Guides & Controllers

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