Protective Crystal Stones – Benefit Your Life & Feel Better

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Have you ever felt lost? Scared? Alone? Then protective crystal stones are absolutely essential. Certain stones have the ability to bring forth powerful feelings of safety, security, and comfort. They can also remove negative fear-based thoughts and surround you with a loving and protective energy. This allows you to move through your day with both peace of mind and confidence. The best way to enjoy all of the wonderful – and protective – energies crystals can bring into your life is with one of these standout stones.

Protective Crystal Stones – Red Goldstone

There are many protective crystal stones on this planet. One to keep in mind is red goldstone. Though the word gold is in the name, there is no actual gold inside. Rather, the name represents the small golden flecks or sparkles scattered throughout. This particular type of stone is man-made glass infused with copper particles. However, red goldstone has been embraced by crystal lovers because it protects and deflects unwanted negative energies. Not only does it look beautiful but its appearance symbolizes something truly remarkable. The gold flecks represent the idea that light can be found even in the darkest of times.

Red goldstone has many uses. It is especially effective at helping balance emotions and create a sense of stability for those feeling emotionally or physically lost. This crystal has the ability to help with courage, confidence, focus, ambition, and insight. Additionally, red goldstone is useful for anyone who wants to achieve and maintain a more positive attitude or outlook on life. If that wasn’t enough, this stone also works well with distance healing as it enhances transmission of healing energies. Carry this in your pocket when you are out (or are feeling uneasy) or place a piece in your bedroom for grounding, protection, and added positivity.


crystal healing labradorite

Another highly protective stone is labradorite. It is so protecting that even acclaimed crystal healer and author of “The Crystal Bible,” Judy Hall, wears a piece around her neck whenever she interacts with others. The reason for this? This crystal creates an interface between your energy field and someone else’s. Essentially, it establishes an energetic boundary between yourself and the rest of the world. Talk about protective! Labradorite is useful at shielding against psychic attacks, psychic vampires, and anyone who does not have your best interests at heart. Though there are many protective crystal stones, this is one of the best. This is especially true for anyone who falls under the Pisces astrological sign.

If that wasn’t enough, labradorite is also known to prevent energy leakage. (This is where your own personal energy is unknowingly given away or taken away by another.) It can also make you more objective, raise consciousness, and cause you to feel more grounded and balanced. Additionally, this stone is good for empathic people (read more about empathic abilities here on Spirit Earth Magazine) because it prevents you from taking on the pain and emotions of others. It is also helpful for empaths because labradorite protects against fears and insecurities – and can strengthens faith in yourself. Wear a piece of labradorite around your neck whenever you feel you need protection against a specific person or know that you will be in a large crowd. Couple it with other heart healing stones like rose quartz for even more protection.

Black Tourmaline

protective black tourmaline

Protective crystal stones come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. One that is jet-black and ultra effective is black tourmaline. How effective is it? Many people call this stone a daily cleanser or disinfectant for the soul. Yes, it is a one-size-fits-all protection stone. It creates a shield around your aura so that no lower vibration energies can affect you. This shield also protects against psychic debris. Anything ill-intentioned (like someone thinking a negative thought about you or hoping you will fail at something) will bounce right off of you and leave you completely unharmed.

In addition to keeping outside negativity at bay, black tourmaline can also work well at removing inner negativity. Perhaps you have been thinking some not-so-kind thoughts about yourself. Or you are not feeling a whole lot of self love lately. That’s okay. This crystal protects against outside influences and cleanses the aura of any internal negativity. There are many ways to use this protective crystal in your everyday life. Wear it as jewellery, carry it in a pocket or pouch, place it in your vehicle, put it around the home, or keep it near electronic devices. The latter works well if social media or work emails have been making you feel stressed or unhappy lately. Anytime you need an extra dose of protection…reach for black tourmaline.


Benefit your life with protective crystal stones. They have many uses! For instance, crystals can remove negativity, keep you grounded, and shield you from unwanted outside energies. For the best results, wear them, keep them at work, or add them to your home decor. Not only do crystals look beautiful but they’ll leave you feeling safe, stable, and of course, protected.

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