Physical Mediumship Séances – Physical to One of Five Senses

Physical Mediumship & Séances

Physical Mediumship Can Be Sensed by One or More of the Five Senses

Trance Physical Mediumship

Trance is the most common type of physical mediumship. It involves the medium being in a deep trance-like state of mind. Where the mediums guides or other spirits, take over the mediums mind and body. This can be to speak or to demonstrate other physical phenomena, which often entails the use of ectoplasm

In physical mediumship, it can be sensed by one of the five normal senses. Physical mediumship was once practised widely among spiritualist’s in the 1940’s, to 70’s. These days it has greatly lessened. There are still however a small dedicated groups of mediums who are still practising physical mediumship in the modern day.

Direct Voice is physical mediumship

Direct Voice

Physical mediumship can facilitate direct voice phenomena. This is when spirit voices can be heard coming from mid-air. Again it can be clearly be heard by the audience or mediums sitting in séances.

This is not the same as trance, where the medium’s own voicebox is used to speak.

Transfiguration physical mediumship

Spirit Ectoplasm Transfiguration Materialisation Seance

Physical mediumship transfiguration is normally performed in a dim red light. As the audience watches on, the medium’s face can be seen to change. Their features will change, often dramatically. Until the face and features are recognizable as a spirit loved by somebody who is present. It can at times be the face of a spirit guide.

Apports and Asports

Physical Mediumship Apports

During a controlled séance, an apport can be opened, that is an amazing thing to behold. When the apport is opened by a spirit, items will appear, seemingly out of nowhere before those present in the room. It is normally something small or meaningful for those present. It can be letters, coins, flowers, crystals or items of jewellery. But it can be just about anything.

Asports are the opposite. This is when something present in the room disappears, to re-appear somewhere else.

Levitation is physical mediumship

Physical Mediumship Levitation Seance

Levitation is once again a physical phenomenon. Often during a séance, a mediums spirit team will be able to move objects. Like small balls or even floating tables and chairs around the room. That all those present will witnessed.

Materialization physical mediumship

Spirit Ectoplasm Materialization

Materialization is again physical mediumship, where materializations are performed. It is rare and mostly happens in private séances. It is said to take years to develop and produce. Those sitting in séances may feel hands being put on them. Or somebody giving them a handshake or hug. Often without being able to see any physical spirit performing this.

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