Star Sign Crystals for Earth Signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

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Every Zodiac sign has characteristics that make it unique. Certain personality traits (both positive and not so positive) have long been tied to specific signs… and so have crystals. It’s true! There are star sign crystals best suited to different astrological signs. When it comes to Earth signs, which include Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, the crystals themselves may vary. However, there is no denying the powerful, healing, and balancing energy they can create when used thoughtfully. These are some of the best crystals for Earth signs. 

Star Sign Crystals for Taurus

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A Taurus is known for being both strong and quiet. It might take them a while to get to know another person, but once they do? Their caring and dependable nature will win over absolutely anyone. There are specific star sign crystals that work best with this sign. So, if you are a Taurus, be sure to add some of these to your collection.

  • Jade. A stone traditionally linked to the Taurus Zodiac sign is Jade. It is a crystal that offers protection (for both your loved ones and your possessions) and creates a sense of harmony in your life. It is also thought to be a stone of luck – and it blesses whatever it touches. Wearing Jade is a great idea for this specific sign, as it will connect you to the strong and powerful energy of your star sign.
  • Malachite. This next crystal is also commonly linked to Taurus. Malachite is known for releasing stress and creating balance. This is especially important, as people with this sign tend to be inflexible and stubborn, which causes unwanted stress in their day-to-day lives. This stone is also known for activating all of the Chakras. So, consider keeping your eyes peeled for this one!
  • Sapphire. Another traditional Taurus stone is Sapphire, which is known as the “Stone of Prosperity.” This works well for the goal-oriented Taurus, drawing joy, enlightenment, and abundance into their lives. It also relates to trust and sincerity. There are many ways to incorporate this crystal into your life. Simply add on a piece of jewellery to connect to this beautiful and positive stone.

Other Crystals for Taurus

There are a couple of other stones that work well with Taurus. One example includes Amber. This stone is grounding and connects you to the natural energies of the earth. This is significant because Taurus is known for being down to earth and grounded. It works with the “earthy” energy of this sign and magnifies it in a positive way. Another crystal to consider is Dioptase. This type of crystal is useful for supporting matters of the heart, boosting compassion, and aiding in the forgiveness of others.

Best Crystals for Virgo

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When it comes to the Virgo personality, there are many strengths. Typically, they are loyal, practical, hard working, and analytical.They are able to find logical solutions for difficult problems – without being overbearing or coming on too strong. Certain pieces work well to highlight positive traits and balance out any negative (or not-so-wonderful) characteristics. Here are some of the most effective types for the sign of Virgo:

  • Citrine. When it comes to finding balance, citrine is an essential for Virgo. Since this sign tends to be something of a perfectionist (and expects others to live up to their impossibly high standards) they often feel frustrated. That is where citrine comes in handy because it removes negative energy with ease and removes those feelings of resentment and frustration. This stone can also help turn dreams and intentions into everyday realities.
  • Jade. One crystal that is a must-have for this Zodiac sign is green jade. It is one of the birthstones tied to Virgo – and it creates strong feelings of happiness and harmony. This is also a stone of abundance, which can help Virgos achieve the (many) goals they set for themselves. It makes it possible to manifest dreams and bring prosperity into their lives. This is perfect to have around the home or office.
  • Carnelian. Another great option is carnelian. It is also a traditional birthstone for the sign and is used for luck, can balance the body, attract prosperity, boost drive and ambition, and can even increase feelings of courage and confidence. This stone can also clear the mind of negative thoughts and help you stay focused, centered, and grounded.

Other Essential Crystals for Virgo

In addition to the stones listed above, there are a few other options to consider. They include: blue sapphire(which focuses on the throat chakra and aids in communication), celestite (this stone allows you to access intuition and creativity), and fluorite (it removes negative energy and boosts spiritual growth). Incorporate any of these star sign crystals into your daily life for a balanced and harmonious existence.

Effective Stones for Capricorn

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The Capricorn has many positive characteristics. That includes being practical, intelligent, disciplined, and ambitious, to name just a few! By taking a logical approach to life and all of its twists and turns…. this sign has a tendency to think through every possible scenario. For the most effective use of crystals, the Capricorn sign should consider the following options.

  • Garnet. The first on this list of star sign crystals for Capricorn is Garnet. It is a crystal that provides gentle and loving support, which is essential if you want to balance out this ultra driven and focused sign. It also aids in further commitment to reaching specific goals and is a stone of loyalty. As a result, it can make the Capricorn less pessimistic in regards to personal relationships.
  • Red Tiger’s Eye. Certain stones compliment zodiac signs flawlessly. When it comes to Capricorn, Red Tiger’s Eye is just one such example. This stone compliments the natural energy of the sign and highlights the positive traits. That includes feelings of confidence, self-love, and motivation. Carry this stone before a job interview or if you are working on an important project.
  • Rainbow Obsidian. One drawback of this astrological sign is that the Capricorn’s ambitious and focused nature often results in a work-heavy schedule. That often means relaxing or carefree activities get put on the back burner. Using star sign crystals like rainbow obsidian helps create a deeper sense of balance by boosting imagination and creating a dream-like state of mind.

More Crystals for Capricorn

If you still aren’t sure which stones are best for this sign, consider the following: black tourmaline (which is wonderful for grounding, protecting, and calming) and emerald (this stone is tied to the heart chakra which is important as many Capricorn’s struggle with matters of the heart because of their logical and cautious nature). Add these to your wish list to effectively balance out challenging emotions or characteristics.

Earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn all have their own gifts to share and issues to deal with. Using star sign crystals is one way to balance out personality traits – and create a stronger sense of harmony and stability in everyday life.

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