Water Sign Crystals – Star Sign Crystals for Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces

water sign crystals

Incorporating crystals into your daily life doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, there are many ways to go about it! The stones you choose may vary based on your intuition, personal preferences, or specific needs. However, they can also relate to your astrological sign. Water sign crystals are any stones linked to the three water signs of the Zodiac. This includes Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces. Each has its own distinct traits, but generally speaking, water signs are known to be intuitive, nurturing, and deeply emotional. Using crystals can bring harmony and balance to these characteristics.

Water Sign Crystals for Scorpio

healing crystal rose quartz

Are you passionate? Do you feel things deeply? There is a high chance you’re your astrological sign is Scorpio. Some of the most common qualities are as follows. Scorpios are extremely focused and are rarely deterred from their mission once they set their sights on something. They are also passionate, caring, and intuitive. On the flip side, this sign has a tendency to hold onto anger and resentment. If you are a Scorpio then try making use of the water sign crystals on this list.

  • Aquamarine. Traditionally associated with Scorpio, Aquamarine is calming and is very helpful when it comes to communication issues (or blockages in the throat chakra). Its blue, green, or aqua color is closely related to water. So of course, it aids in relaxation and provides a sense of calm. Since people born under this sign tend to be quite passionate and can get worked up easily, a little calm can go a long way.
  • Hematite. Another option is hematite. This stone is able to bring a sense of peace and calm to the stubborn Scorpio. It is also especially effective at getting rid of any depressing or gloomy emotions that are being held onto. Hematite can also be useful for this sign as it reduces judgement of others and boots feelings of kindness.
  • Rose Quartz. This next stone is a definite must-have for Scorpios. It opens the heart to many kinds of love. It also helps maintain a positive attitude (which can be difficult for this sign at times) and enhances self-confidence. The colour of rose quartz is also very soothing, which can be beneficial for this sign. Use it to let go of anger or resentment or bring love into your life.

Other Crystals for Scorpio

There are other water sign crystals that can work well for Scorpio. One example is Golden Yellow Topaz. This specific stone is effective at increasing awareness. Since this sign tends to be focused inward a lot of the time…this crystal helps focus attention outward. Another crystal to consider is Malachite, which you can read more about here. It releases toxins from the heart as well as the rest of the body. Since this passionate sign tends to hold onto emotions, this can be helpful for releasing and letting go of negative fear-based thoughts.

Must Have Crystals for Cancer

healing stone lapis lazuli

Certain characteristics and personality types are dominant with different signs. For instance, Cancers are known for being adaptable, loyal, and emotional. Other words to describe them? Kind hearted. Family oriented. Creative. This sign is also known to be overly emotional and have a fear of rejection. Not to worry! Using water sign crystals effectively can create balance and highlight their many strengths.

  • Lapis Lazuli. The first stone on this list is known for its ties to truth, wisdom, and enlightenment. Lapis Lazuli has a bold blue shade that is not just visually appealing but also quite powerful. It strengthens intuition and improves your sense of judgement. This is important, as Cancers tend to make decisions based on their emotions rather than facts or logic.
  • Moonstone. Another useful stone for Cancer is moonstone. Since the moon is the ruler of this sign, it only makes sense that this would be useful! Moonstone is a crystal that works well to create new beginnings. Since this sign struggles to let go of the pain of past rejections, this is essential. This stone also balances emotions and reduces stress, which often results in increased levels of creativity, inspiration, and success.
  • Emerald. This gorgeous green stone symbolizes healing and hope. Not only does it look beautiful but emerald works well for Cancers dealing with difficult or stressful situations. The reason for this? It can boost spiritual growth and the ability to communicate effectively with others. In addition, it makes people more honest. It has also been found to improve memory.

More Essential Stones for Cancer

While the water sign crystals listed above are useful for anyone with the Cancer Zodiac sign, there is another that should not be overlooked. Citrine can work wonders! For starters, this stone does not hold onto negative energy (which is always a good thing). It opens up the mind and makes it easier to accept or consider other ideas and viewpoints. This is important as Cancers often have difficulty doing so.

Effective Crystals for Pisces

bloodstone crystal

Water signs are known for being intensely emotional. So, it should come as no surprise that Pisces are often overwhelmed by their strong emotions. On the plus side, there are many positive traits associated with the sign as well. Pisces are typically friendly, selfless, creative, and imaginative. Here are some of the most beneficial water sign crystals for this astrological sign:

  • Amethyst. One word to describe Pisces is sensitive. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing…and plenty of creative projects can come out of this sensitivity. However, to balance that, a protective crystal can be vey helpful. Amethyst is a fantastic choice for all water signs but Pisces in particular. It is protective and has the ability to heal emotional and physical issues. This is also a calming stone – making it a wonderful choice for meditation or to carry with you throughout the day.
  • Bloodstone. There is no denying that Pisces tends to be quite emotional. That makes the need for balance even more important. Bloodstone is a wonderful choice in this case. If you feel overwhelmed or like you cannot keep your emotions in check, reach for this stone. It is quite grounding. This earth energy puts emotional situations into perspective and creates a deeper sense of calm.
  • Labradorite. Another option is a protective crystal. Labradorite balances and strengthens the aura. It also protects against negative energies and is linked to transformation and personal change. Not only does it protect the Pisces against unwanted outside energies but it enhances feelings of self-worth.

Additional Stones for Pisces

In addition to the stones listed above there are other crystals that work well for Pisces. The first is Turquoise. This stone is wonderful as it aids in healing and releasing the past. Since Pisces get hurt easily and tend to be pessimistic, Turquoise is a wonderful tool for moving forward with optimism. Another option is Blue Lace Agate. It is a stone of balance and stability and should be used whenever emotions are running high.

Water sign crystals can be extremely helpful. They help balance the intense emotions associated with signs like Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces. Incorporate them into your life as a way to make positive lifestyle changes.

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