Air Sign Crystals – Star Sign Crystals for Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

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We all have quirks, traits, and preferences that make us who we are… but certain characteristics can be linked to date of birth. Our Zodiac sign often plays a part in who we are and how we relate to the world around us. Though some people are more similar to their astrological signs than others, there is no denying that certain personality traits are tied to specific signs. Crystal healing can help balance these traits. For instance, there are several air sign crystals linked to Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Are you ready to find out which ones work best? Here are some of the most effective crystals for each astrological sign.

Air Sign Crystals for Gemini

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There are many different crystals and each has its own specific uses. If you are interested in crystal therapy (or just want to connect more deeply to your Zodiac sign), start by adding crystals thoughtfully into your home or office. Another option is to wear accessories with useful stones. Are you ready to find out which ones work best for Gemini? This sign is expressive, intellectual, and clever. However, they are also tense, restless, and have a tendency to be serious at times. Some air sign crystals that have been linked to Gemini are:

  • Agate. Known as the Gemini Sun Stone, agate attracts strength and provides protection to the wearer. Additionally, it blocks out bad dreams and helps you deal with stress and outside pressures with ease. Gemini’s should wear agate when they are searching for a sense of calm in their lives. There are many different types to consider (blue lace agate, for example, boosts the ability to communicate) so choose one that speaks to your needs.
  • Blue Sapphire. Those born under Gemini can be either very talkative or very quiet and nervous, depending on the situation. That makes blue sapphire an important stone to work with. Why? It can help balance your communication skills. Additionally, this stone gives you peace of mind and an overall feeling of calm. This healing stone can also aid in learning and boost your psychic abilities.
  • Citrine. Most Gemini’s are naturally curious and clever…though they may feel bored and restless if something does not interest them. To balance this out, it is important to use citrine. It is a strong manifestation stone that can help you let go of fear and impatience. This stone can also be used to manifest money, boost your willpower, and create a feeling of abundance.

Other Crystals for Gemini

There are many other air sign crystals that work well with the Gemini Zodiac sign. A few examples include apatite (which relates to service, healing, communicating, and balancing energy), chalcedony (it eases self-doubt and brings a feeling of peace and inner reflection), and amber (this stone can help Gemini’s re-charge whenever their energy is running low). Incorporate one into your daily life and prepare for transformation!

Essential Stones for Libra

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When it comes to the air sign of Libra, there are both positive and not-so-ideal characteristics to consider. This astrological sign has is known for their kind personality and gentle demeanor. They also have a desire to create peace and harmony in their lives. On the other hand, this sign likes to please others. As a result, Libras often feel stressed and overwhelmed. Another area of concern? Libras can be indecisive and often appear detached. The best way to create harmony is by using air sign crystals effectively.

  • Peridot. Traditionally, the stone most associated with this astrological sign is Peridot. It comes in several different colours (olive, lime green, and yellow) and is a healing stone. This also balances the Heart Chakra, which is vital for the Libra, as they are often consumed by the idea of love and romance. Need more? Peridot increases understanding and wisdom – and heals emotional wounds.
  • Aventurine. There are many different types of aventurine out there. In fact, the colours range from green to blue to brown. That being said, the most effective for Libra are either green or blue. Blue aventurine is often associated with the sign because when used, it reduces stress. This is important, as the Libra can often feel overwhelmed. It also builds feelings of confidence and improves creativity. 
  • Bloodstone. A great grounding stone for Libra is bloodstone. Traditionally, this stone is thought to have magical powers and heal problems within the body. The stone works well to heal and create balance within the heart chakra, sacral chakra, and root chakra. It also is able to ground this unforgettable air sign with ease.

Additional Crystals for Libra

In addition to the crystals mentioned above, there are many others to consider. That includes: jade (which relates to love and wisdom), tourmaline (there are many different colours and they each offer protection and provide comfort), and moonstone (which allows this sign to feel joy on a deeper level). With so many useful air sign crystals to use…. achieving balance is easier than ever.

Must Have Crystals for Aquarius

hematite for aquarius

There are plenty of noteworthy characteristics for Aquarius. For starters, this sign is friendly, has a great sense of humor, and can lighten the moods of others. That’s not all. They are also intelligent, independent, and loyal. As for the not as positive traits? Aquarius people are unpredictable, stubborn, and inflexible. Incorporating air sign crystals can help achieve a balance between the lightness and those stubborn qualities. Some of the most effective include:

  • Apatite. One useful stone is Apatite. It works well for any Aquarius looking to make a significant change in their lives. It allows you to look at things from a different perspective, to see the big picture, and maintain a positive attitude. This stone can also be helpful for this sign because it aids in change and personal transformation. This is vital as it is difficult at times for this inflexible astrological sign to open up to change.
  • Hematite.  Another must have crystal for Aquarius is hematite. This is a wonderful grounding stone. It has the ability to make you feel rooted and balance out the air and water energies tied to this particular Zodiac sign. It also allows you to move forward and release the pain of the past.
  • Aquamarine. Many consider this crystal to be the best for Aquarius energies. The reason for this? It helps to turn thoughts, dreams, and goals into everyday realities. Additionally, it allows you to communicate ideas more effectively. Since communication can be an issue (due to a detached and aloof nature), this is especially important to have on hand.

More Aquarius Crystals to Keep in Mind

In addition to the air sign crystals mentioned above, there are others to consider. That includes amethyst (which grounds and protects this sign), amber (to release negative energy and slow an overactive mind), and moonstone (to aid in emotional balance and reducing overreactions in stressful situations). There are benefits to each, so don’t be afraid to add them to your crystal collection!

It is amazing how effective certain crystals can be when thoughtfully paired with an astrological sign. Make use of these air sign crystals to amplify the positive characteristics of each air sign – and balance out those not-so-spectacular traits. Reach for stones that feel right and suit your sign.

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