Fire Sign Crystals – Star Sign Crystals for Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius

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The element of fire has long been tied to the astrological signs of Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. As you can guess, these signs are full of enthusiasm and passion. They house a creative spirit, have large personalities, and are self-motivated. Are you ready to become your best self? It is easier than you think. Using fire sign crystals allows you to focus on personal strengths and soothe any characteristics that might be a little too intense. These stones for fire signs can help you achieve a more harmonious day-to-day life.

Fire Sign Crystals for Leo

fire sign crystals

Warm. Creative. Passionate. Those are just a few different ways to describe the Leo. This fire sign has both its positive and not-so-positive traits, but each one makes up the distinct personality of this zodiac sign. Whether your birthday falls in Leo territory (July 23rd to August 22nd) or you know someone who has the unforgettable roar of the lion, there are many personality traits to shed insight on this astrological sign. They are optimistic, loyal, and generous but can also be possessive, stubborn and impatient. The dynamic personality of a Leo can be balanced out using these fire sign crystals:

  • Tiger’s Eye. One crystal that is a must-have for this sign is Tiger’s Eye. This links to abundance. The result is that it becomes easier to turn dreams into a reality. It attracts positive things (whether that is money, kindness, or material goods) into your life. If that wasn’t enough, this stone can also be used with the energy of the earth and sun to keep a Leo grounded – all while increasing their vibrational energy.
  • Carnelian.  Something else to look out for is carnelian. It is a wonderful crystal that taps into the creativity this sign naturally possesses. Additionally, it also increases personal power. Why is this important? That feeling of confidence makes it easier to freely share gifts, talents, and creative projects with others. On low energy or low confidence days, meditate with a piece of carnelian for best results.
  • Rose Quartz. There are many wonderful qualities Leos have to offer. However, one of their struggles is that they hold onto emotional hurts. That is what makes rose quartz such a wonderful crystal to use. It helps clear out old pains and draw out wounds that are preventing you from moving forward with your life.

Additional Crystals for Leo

In addition to the crystals listed above, there are several others to consider. That includes: red garnet (for higher thinking, confidence, and empowerment), adventurine (to heal and release negativity), and golden citrine (to direct personal power and aid in creativity). Any of these fire sign crystals will be welcome additions to your everyday life.

Must Have Stones for Aries

zodiac sign aquamarine

Aries are always front and centre. In fact, they are often considered to be leaders of the pack. Not only is Aires the first of the Zodiac signs but these people are fiercely independent and have charismatic personalities. The latter makes them especially appealing to others. As a result, those who fall under this charming and enthusiastic sign tend to inspire others to follow their example. On the other hand, this sign can also be stubborn, arrogant, and scattered. With the use of fire sign crystals, those more difficult traits can be put on the back-burner…. while all of that charm stays in the spotlight.

  • Aventurine. The first stone to consider is aventurine (specifically green aventurine). It promotes abundance and growth but has a beautiful grounding energy as well. Using aventurine is essential for Aries because it provides the stability needed to complete tasks and achieve goals with ease. Place a piece in your office or anywhere you may be working on a specific project.
  • Red Jasper. Yet another grounding stone is red jasper. It is especially useful for Aries because it encourages you to think before you act. Since this sign can be rather impulsive, this stone is quite beneficial. In addition, this is a healing crystal. It removes stress from the body and calms the mind.
  • Aquamarine. Sometimes, this fire sign can get a little too fiery. Whenever that happens, simply reach for a piece of aquamarine. This water stone is gentle and can ease extreme emotions or reactions. Additionally, aquamarine works well to aid in communication. If you are in the middle of an argument or feel yourself becoming too scattered or stubborn, hold it for a minute or two – or take time to meditate with this soothing stone.

More Crystals for Aries

It doesn’t end there! A few other fire sign crystals for Aries to consider include: bloodstone (for grounding and stabilizing energy), emerald (to provide hope and the promise of a fresh start), and carnelian (for creativity). Choose any one of these crystals for a balanced astrological sign.

Essential Crystals for Sagittarius

Sagittarius crystal healing

When it comes to the final fire sign, Sagittarius, there is plenty to be impressed by. A few words to describe the Sagittarius? Passionate. Truth-seeking. Enthusiastic. They are also curious, open minded, and love to travel the globe. On the other side, this sign can also be a little too passionate and overly enthusiastic. This can cause the people closest to them to feel overwhelmed at times. Not to worry! With the use of fire sign crystals, all will be well. A few of the most effective for Sagittarius are:

  • Blue Goldstone. In general, goldstone is an extremely protective stone. However, blue goldstone is especially useful for Sagittarius. This is because the blue stone is both protective and encouraging. It helps you to be driven and pushes you to work towards completing goals. Since this sign can be a little scattered at times, focused energy is especially important.
  • Lapis Lazuli. This fiery sign can definitely use some cooling off every now and again. That is where lapis lazuli comes in handy! It is gentle and calming – which can balance out intense emotions. Want more? This stone encourages clear communication. It can also help you determine which goals (since this sign tends to have many goals and projects on the go at one time) should be prioritized.
  • Smoky Quartz. Sometimes, a little grounding can go a long way. This crystal is wonderful at creating a deeper connection to the earth. Grounding is important for this sign because they tend to be quite positive and sometimes need a reminder to keep their feet on the ground. Additionally, smoky quartz has the ability to transform negative energy into positive energy.

Other Stones for Sagittarius

Still searching for the perfect Sagittarius crystal? A few additional examples include: snowflake obsidian (another grounding stone), peridot (a healing and protecting stone), and turquoise (a wonderful stone for travellers as it is said to promote safe adventures). Use one or all of these fire sign crystals for noticeable results.

What’s your sign? Once you understand the traits associated with your Zodiac sign…. choosing appropriate crystals is a fairly simple process. These fire sign crystals can help create a sense of stability and peace in your day-to-day life. Give them a try. Before long, you will start to notice an energetic shift. 

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