New Age Tools For Travel Anxiety & Staying Inspired on Vacation

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Travel is an essential part of a balanced lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be a far off adventure to a foreign land. Simply making a concentrated effort to explore new places makes you a traveller. No excuses! Getting away from it all doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take you away from responsibilities at home or work. There are day trips, weekend getaways, and yes, overseas journeys. Feeling nervous at the thought of travelling? Anxious? Afraid? Not to worry. There are plenty of new age tools to reduce common anxieties and make sure your vacation is both enjoyable and inspiring. Are you ready to do some travelling? Here are some must have tips to help you see the world joyously.

New Age Tools to Reduce Travel Anxiety

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There are many potential scenarios that can cause you to worry. This is especially true when it comes to travel. For instance, do you have all your documents in order? Will you have a safe flight? Do you have enough money saved to splurge and have fun? What if your luggage gets lost or stolen? The possibilities are endless when it comes to travel anxiety. Anything can set it off. Though some anxious feelings may not seem logical (or all that important in the grand scheme of things), a few worrisome thoughts have the potential to derail your fun-filled adventures. Breathe easy. There are plenty of new age tools to help ease your mind.


The mind is powerful. Though many of us go through life scaring ourselves (by imagining the worst case scenarios)…. it doesn’t have to be that way. Maybe you are feeling nervous or anxious on a bus ride to an unfamiliar area. You don’t quite know which stop to get off at. Suddenly, your heart starts racing and you are consumed by a paralyzing fear that you are about to get lost and your entire vacation will be ruined. Whenever you find yourself in an anxious travel-related situation, pause. It is time to practice positive visualization.

Envision yourself, surrounded by a protective white light. Focus on images of yourself, at your destination, feeling happy and at peace. See yourself laughing and enjoying yourself. Concentrate on that protective white light that shines all around you. Visualize it in your mind and repeat affirmations in your head. “I am safe and protected. My body knows exactly where to go. I am always at peace.” Whether you are dealing with turbulence, insomnia, or general anxiety brought on by travel, you can put positive visualization to the test.

Guided Meditation

Perhaps you feel a little stressed during your vacation. This is not an uncommon situation. In fact, it only makes sense when you consider that you have (temporarily) left everything familiar. If you find yourself struggling with the unfamiliar or simply need a little help dealing with anxiety, guided meditation can be useful. There are many guided meditations and hypnosis tracks on both iTunes and YouTube to listen to on your phone, tablet, or any other device. (One excellent option is Guided Deep Relaxation & Healing Meditation for Mind Body & Spirit.) There are even guided meditations specifically geared towards travel situations, like flying or taking a cruise.

Look for a meditation or hypnosis track that fills you with a sense of calm. Then add it to your iPod or cell phone before you take your trip. This will help you feel prepared. Sometimes, simply knowing that you have new age tools to combat anxiety prevents feelings of anxiety from ever appearing! However, if you do start to feel anxious, press play and wait for all those travel fears to fade away.

Healing Crystals

One travel companion you should never leave home without? Crystals! Before any vacation, take time to pack a small cloth bag with your favourite crystals. These new age tools can be extremely helpful and as a result, can reduce intense feelings of anxiety and clear away negative or self-destructive thoughts. When it comes to choosing stones, there are many that are wonderful for travel. Some suggestions include: amethyst, malachite, green aventurine, tiger’s eye, and moonstone.

In addition to those travel-friendly stones, you can also add in one or two protective crystals like labradorite or black tourmaline. If you feel called to do so, you may also want to bring along a few small tumbled stones that you are drawn to. Trust your instincts and choose accordingly. Pack your chosen crystals in a purse, suitcase, or carry on luggage. Knowing that they are nearby will help you feel safe, protected, and anxiety free.

Tips to Stay Inspired on Vacation

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Every vacation is different. Some leave you awestruck while others are fun and fancy-free. However, one common issue travellers have is feeling uninspired. Sure, you’re having a good time, seeing new things, and exploring the world…but having a good time and feeling inspired are two very different things. Perhaps you are someone who likes to have alone time or requites portions of the day to rest and relax. That isn’t always possible when travelling. Don’t let the small stuff steal your inspiration. These tips will help keep you smiling and put things into perspective.

Pay Attention to Sunsets

When you’re travelling, there are always a million things occupying your mind. Whether it is where to go for dinner, which theme park ride to line up for, or what you’ll do the next day…. it’s easy to miss the small stuff. Wherever you are in the world, make time for sunsets. Pay attention to them, appreciate them, and allow yourself to be inspired by them. Simply noticing this natural wonder can make a huge difference. You may also want to snap some pictures or film a video to share with loved ones when you return home.

Pause and Appreciate Small Moments

Speaking of paying attention! There is something to be said for small moments of appreciation. Unfortunately, they don’t always happen as often as they should. It is easy to become consumed by plans and dinner reservations. In the midst of all that, gratitude and appreciation can become scarce. Make your next trip the best one yet by focusing on effective new age tools. Stopping to smell the roses is a must. Every now and then, pause, and look around you. What do you see? Smell? Hear? Feel? What stands out to you? What inspires you in this moment? How are other people reacting to what you are seeing and experiencing? The more observant you become, the easier it will be to experience moments of magic.

Take Lots and Lots of Pictures

Photographs are a great way to get inspired. Not necessarily beach selfies (though those are certainly great for social media) but pictures of places, landscapes, or events. Capture these inspired moments with a photo or two. Capture whatever inspires you and makes you smile. You can extend these moments of inspiration by looking back at your photos each night before bed. That inspired state of mind will help you sleep better, boost your mood, and enhance your overall vacation experience.

Seeing the world? Learning new things? Travel opens you up to some seriously remarkable experiences. Don’t let fears, worries, and anxieties stop you in your tracks. Put these new age tools to the test. With a little preparation and the right attitude, your vacation will be enjoyable and inspired…. wherever the road may lead.

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