Spiritual Home Improvement – How to Use & Store Crystals at Home

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You’ve heard it said before: home is a sanctuary. Most of us envision our home as a place of peace and tranquility. It is a sacred space where we separate ourselves from the stresses, strains, and endless responsibilities the outside world demands. Quite simply, our homes allow us to be. What a gift! If your home is feeling less like a sanctuary and more like a place of isolation and fear…. crystals are all you need. Yes, they are aesthetically pleasing pieces of home decor, but their healing properties cannot not be ignored. They have the ability to alter the vibrational energy of your living quarters. It is time for some spiritual home improvement. Here are the best crystals to add to your space and tips to store all of your new age tools.

Spiritual Home Improvement: Use Crystals to Give Your Home Positive Energy

spiritual home improvement

Energy is everything. When you are surrounded by negative energy…everything you think and feel becomes negative. On the flip side, when you are surrounded by loving and positive energy, your mood is more likely to be optimistic and upbeat. That is why it is vital that you set your home up for success. Certain crystals boost positive energy, rid your space of lingering negativity or resentment, and create a more welcoming environment. (Another way to remove negativity from your home is with sage smudging. Read more about that process here.) Though there are many stones that can raise the vibrational energy of your space, a few of the most effective are as follows.

Best Crystals for Your Home

  • Citrine. Some crystals are just generally good to have around. That aptly describes citrine, especially if you are looking for some spiritual home improvement. This stone boosts feelings of happiness, doesn’t hold onto negative energy, and is thought to bring prosperity into the home. If that wasn’t enough, citrine helps you look at the future with optimism, awaken the higher mind, and improve self-esteem. Make sure you place this somewhere special.
  • Clear Quartz. Another great crystal to keep in your home is clear quartz. This is thought to be a master healer. The reason? Clear quartz amplifies positive energy, good thoughts, and increases the effectiveness of other crystals. It also removes negative energy, aids in emotional balance, and cleanses the soul and spirit. If that wasn’t enough, this stone can also help improve concentration and improve memory. Everyone in your home will love having this beautiful and positive crystal around.
  • Jade. If your home seems loaded with tension, stress, and unhappiness lately…. add in a little jade. It is a wonderful tool for spiritual home improvement. This crystal promotes balance, peace, and wisdom. (All are important when it comes to dealing with different personalities and family relationships.) Additionally, jade is believed to welcome vibrant health into the home – as well as wealth and generosity. Place it somewhere like the living room or kitchen so everyone in your household can experience the benefits.
  • Rose Quartz. Don’t forget to add rose quartz to your home. This is a must, as it brings positive relationships to the forefront. That means everyone in your home will live in harmony and appreciate one another. Yes, rose quartz boosts feelings of love (for yourself and others) and respect. Keep a piece in the bedroom to strengthen your relationship with a spouse or romantic partner.

How to Store Crystals and New Age Tools

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It isn’t easy. Making sure each and every item in your home has a designated spot can be a real chore – especially if you want things organized. While it may be fairly simple to find a place for your kitchen supplies or hand towels, when it comes to your spiritual pieces, this process can be a little challenging. Where should your oracle cards go? Books? Crystals? Grids? The list goes on and on. Once you have included crystals on your spiritual home improvement journey, it is time to learn how to store them, along with all of your other new age tools.

Figure Out What You Have

First thing is first. Take some time to look at everything you have. Put all of your spiritual items in one place so you can assess how much storage space you will actually need. This process also allows you to see what you have more of, what you want to prioritize, and so on.  It’s amazing how quickly we lose sight of what we have. Maybe you thought you had one piece of rose quartz but quickly realize you have six. Knowing what you have is the key to any organizational project!

Decide What You’ll Display

Out of everything you have, there are probably a few special, unique, meaningful, or much-needed items you want prominently displayed around your home. For example, a crystal that promotes balance or positive energy, a wall hanging dedicated to the chakras, or your go-to book for home remedies. To make the most of this spiritual home improvement, put items that are used often (or for a specific purpose, like cleansing) in a place that makes sense and brings you the most joy. Listen to your instincts and switch things up whenever you feel called to do so.

Choose Your Storage Method

It is time to make decisions about how you’ll store everything. Will you dedicate an entire bookshelf to your spiritual items? How about a table? Or a room? Perhaps you want to group all of your books on crystal healing together or display them on your coffee table. There are many options. From decorative boxes to storage containers, shelves, and even closets. Decide if you want things neatly tucked away, semi-visible, or out in the open. Then sort out your beloved (and healing) items accordingly.

It doesn’t have to be difficult. Focusing on spiritual home improvement can be as simple as adding a healing crystal to your favourite room. Or clearing out negativity. Or perhaps, getting your new age items organized. Do whatever feels right for your space. The most important thing is that your home makes you feel safe, secure, and at peace.

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