Complete Crystal Healing Guide – What to Do During a Session

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The use of crystals dates back to ancient civilizations. Despite their long history, the popularity of crystals continues to soar in present day. More and more people are learning about these powerful stones – and healers are eager to share their gifts with others. Are you interested in a complete crystal healing? Whether you want to know what to expect or want to perform this healing ritual yourself, here is everything you need to know about bringing balance to the body. This guide will highlight what to do before and during a healing session.

Complete Crystal Healing – Setting Up Your Space

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This process can be a beneficial experience for yourself, a loved one, or a client. Crystal healing has been found to improve mood, reduce anxiety, and in some cases, even address acute and chronic illnesses. However, in order to receive a complete crystal healing, it requires preparation. Making sure your space is peaceful (so the other person can relax fully into the process) and balanced (by clearing the room of any negative or outside energies) is crucial. There are many different ways to prepare. This may include sage smudging or another form of cleansing. Doing so energetically clears the space of anything that may interfere with the healing. You could also add in some calming decor pieces or play therapeutic music in the background.

It is also important to have somewhere for the other person to lie down. Ideally, a treatment couch is best but you may also choose to have them lying on a normal couch, sitting in a chair, or lying down on the floor. (If you choose the latter, make sure there is adequate cushioning to keep the person comfortable.) It depends on your resources and the space you have available to work in. The main focus should of course be the comfort and safety of the person receiving the healing. Put yourself in the their shoes. Would you be comfortable? What would better help you relax? What would your overall impression of the space be? There are no hard and set rules. Simply do what feels right for your space and the person you will be healing.

Choosing Appropriate Crystals for the Session

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For a complete crystal healing to be effective the crystals you choose are of course, important. Each requires a certain amount of thought, care, and consideration. To start, you will need a quartz centre stone. (Something like clear quartz works best because it is often referred to as a master healer. It has the ability to amplify energy and make other crystals more powerful.) This stone is typically placed underneath the treatment couch. However, if you are not using a treatment couch, the crystal should be intuitively placed nearby.

Additionally, you need a crystal pendulum for dowsing. Essentially a pendulum is a symmetrically shaped crystal (or object) that hangs from a chain. It works to receive information and is useful as part of crystal healing. The type of crystal pendulum you choose can vary from client to client but some popular choices include: amethyst, clear quartz, and rose quartz. You may also choose a pendulum crystal that calls to you and compliments your personal energy. It is always best to listen to your instincts and make the choice from there.

Then it is time to gather the crystals needed for placement on or near the body. These typically relate to the main chakra points. Some examples include:

  • Root Chakra (smoky quartz, hematite, red jasper)
  • Sacral Chakra (carnelian, tiger’s eye, goldstone)
  • Solar Plexus Chakra (citrine, yellow jasper, pyrite)
  • Heart Chakra (emerald, aventurine, amazonite)
  • Throat Chakra (sodalite, aquamarine, angelite)
  • Third Eye Chakra (amethyst, purple fluorite, charoite)
  • Crown Chakra (blue lace agate, clear quartz, ametrine)

How to Perform a Crystal Healing

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Once you have your dedicated space set up and your crystals on hand…. it is time to actually perform a crystal healing session. Begin by preparing yourself mentally. You may want to do a short meditation or hold a crystal that is meaningful to you. Once the client or loved one enters the room, take a few moments and talk with them. Discuss what you will be doing and address any areas of concern they may have. From there, they can sit or lie down.

Take this time to attune to the client. You may want to do a few relaxation techniques if the person is especially nervous or simply move right into the healing work. This process will vary based on your own personal intuition and any cues the client may be giving you. After the person is in a position to receive healing, use your crystal pendulum to begin dowsing. This process involves holding the pendulum above the different chakra points on the body to check for potential blockages or shifts in energy. The crystal pendulum acts as your receiver, so ask yes or no questions as you hold it over the body. For instance, is the root chakra blocked? Pay attention to the way the pendulum moves or shifts. From there you can determine which areas require additional healing.

Using Crystals on the Body

From this point, the healer will determine which crystals need to be used for the client. Each stone is placed on or around the body for the seven main chakra points. You may hold the crystal in the person’s energetic field or aura for several seconds prior to placement. (This is simply to clear away any energy that is no longer serving the client.) The length of time a crystal needs to be on or near the body for a complete crystal healing depends on energetic blockages, specific areas of concern, and so on. It may be a minute or it may be fifteen minutes. Much of this requires an inner knowing and trust in ones self.

After the healing is complete, it is time to remove the crystals from or around the body. Gently bring the person back into awareness, blow out any candles that are lit, and ask the person how they are feeling. They may be very relaxed, they may have seen colours or a white light during the healing, or they could be experiencing a strong sense of peace now that energetic blockages have been released.

For a complete crystal healing to be effective, it is important to understand what to do. These steps are an essential part of the process! Whether you are looking into having a crystal healing session performed by a professional or want to learn how to help others…. this guide is a wonderful jumping off point. 

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