Psychometry – Psychic Readings of Objects Belonging to Others


Psychometry is where a psychically aware person can hold an object that belongs to another person. And then give often a very acculturate reading about that person. This is using their spiritual abilities and intuition, which are both psychic abilities.

Psychometry readings are most often done with a object owners most personal and love items, such as a watch. The psychic then picks up on energies and vibration left behind by the owner to give a reading of that person. However, it could be just about anything, like a pipe or comb. Furthermore, things like metal possession and many other items, still hold that persons energy within them very will. Even if the person in question has passed over.

Psychometry Psychic Readings and Mediums

Personal Items Psychometry

When a psychic hold an item, like a watch of a deceased person. They can again give a very accurate reading. Furthermore, if the psychic is also a medium, it can draw this spirit to them to give a message.

Hence this is why we might often see psychic asking to hold the hand of the person they are reading. This allows them attune and link into the person more strongly. With psychometry the object being held, works in this way and may draw a spirit in to communicate. Then psychic mediums can relay a message from this deceased spirit. They most often are loved ones or those we have known. However, not always depending in the item being held.

How to develop psychometry

One of the best way to develop psychometry is practice. You may be able to sit in a development group and have ones person blindfolded. Then someone holds a crystal for a minute. After this it is given to the blindfolded person. Then they give a psychic reading about the person who held it. Giving what they pick up and feel from the crystal about this person. Often this can be very accurate and is a good way the develop such an ability.

It can then be progressed by holding objects that belong to somebody else, who is not present, either alive or deceased, that the person who brought it knows well.

Psychic and Mediumship Development

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