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Love is the most powerful force in the world. So of course, many of us spend our lives either searching for or trying to maintain romantic relationships. Whether you are currently seeking someone special or want to strengthen an existing bond, consider using crystals for love. Crystals are wonderful because they can be used in many different ways. For instance, they assist in healing emotional wounds, strengthening bonds, and so much more. When it comes to love and romantic relationships….certain stones work better than others. Here are some must haves to encourage romance and attraction.

Best Crystals for Love and Relationships

Where to begin? Whether you are just getting started with crystals or have lots of experience, you may feel unsure about the first steps. There are so many stones to choose from. Especially when you walk into a metaphysical shop and see shelves upon shelves of beautiful crystals. Some are raw, some are polished, some are large, and some are small. Going in with a plan (or looking through your existing collection thoughtfully) will help reduce stress or overwhelm. It will also help you find what you need faster! So, which crystals relate specifically to love? Here are some of the best crystals for love to attract and strengthen romantic relationships.

Rose Quartz

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No crystals for love list would be complete without a little rose quartz. This is easily the most commonly known (and used) crystal when it comes to all things love related. Many have even dubbed it “the love stone.” This is for good reason! It emits a strong and beautiful energy of unconditional love. Rose quartz is believed to heal struggling relationships, increase feelings of self-love, and even help you be more loving to others. Most importantly, this crystal is known to attract love into your life. The more receptive you are, the better! If your relationship is struggling, place rose quartz in the bedroom. If you are looking for love, wear or carry a piece of rose quartz with you throughout the day. Romantic improvements will likely be on the horizon.

Green Jade

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Another wonderful crystal is green jade. It is extremely encouraging of new love relationships. It can be used not only to attract a new love but also throughout the relationship itself. Green jade promotes feelings of trust – and brings luck and good fortune to the forefront. Anyone looking to renew or improve an existing relationship should reach for this stone. Just as it is helpful for new love, it also breathes new life into old love. This is a must have piece if you want to revive that spark or develop a deeper level of trust with your partner. Jade has also been found to promote love and attraction in later life relationships.


Rhodonite for love

Bring balance to the Heart Chakra with rhodonite. It creates harmony by balancing strong emotions and clearing away pain from the past. Moving forward from old hurts is essential. It allows you to open your heart to a new relationship. If you have dealt with difficult partners in the past, meditate with this stone to release old feelings. This will help you let go of resentment and anger that may be holding you back. Though this stone is nurturing and loving, it is also quite grounding. It keeps your feet on the ground…even while searching for a new partner! While there are many wonderful crystals for love, rhodonite is one of the best. Why? It encourages unselfish love, forgiveness, and even boosts confidence.


crystal healing with amazonite

When it comes to crystals for love, never count out amazonite. This healing crystal is ideal for established relationships. It helps maintain that emotional connection, reduces feelings of anger or resentment, and creates a sense of harmony. Amazonite has been dubbed the Stone of Courage and the Stone of Truth. These qualities are important for any relationship because they allow you to speak your mind boldly and lovingly. This tranquil stone can also work well with newer relationships. It aids in communication and helps leave behind emotional baggage that can slow down progress. Carry it with you or hold a palm stone before date night for noticeable results.

More Love Boosting Crystals

It doesn’t end there! A few other crystals for love include: garnet (a stone of passion and desire), emerald (which boosts feelings of loyalty and companionship), malachite (to open your heart to love after a difficult break up), and green aventurine (for luck and increased confidence in yourself and your relationship). If you’re ready for a lasting romance, add any one of these love-boosting crystals to your life.

How to Use These Crystals Thoughtfully

Now that you know some of the best crystals for love…it is time to put them to good use. There are many different ways to incorporate crystals into your life. For instance, you can meditate using one or more of these pieces. Or you may want to place them around your home or in the bedroom. If you choose the latter, keep your love sector in mind. This is thought to be in the back right corner of the bedroom. So carefully place a crystal there to amplify that loving energy.

You can also keep a couple of crystals in your pocket, purse, or bag. Of course, wearing crystal jewellery is another great option. As you put on the jewellery each day, repeat this affirmation: I am open to love. I am ready to receive love. Or to deeply cement your loving intentions, look for heart shaped stones. This beautiful shape works as a physical representation of what you are seeking.

Looking for romance? Then make the most of these crystals for love. Each one radiates a beautiful and positive energy…and can help you attract, receive, and maintain romantic relationships. Whether you are newly single or in a long-term union, add these stones into your life. Love will be on the rise!

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