Crop Circles and UFO Hotspots Worldwide – Genuine or Hoax?

Crop Circles UFOs

Are the yearly crop circles that appear all over the world especially in Wiltshire England every year… really created by alien extraterrestrial life and genuine or hoax? Well there are the true believes that they are very real. Then there are those who keep an open mind to the possibility, that they could be made by extraterrestrial visitors and their spacecraft.

However, there are those who believe that they could be naturally occurring phenomena. Possibly being caused by the earths weather or electromagnetic energy fields. Such as lay lines or the earths energy centers, not dislike the earths chakras. Lastly, there are those who believe they are a very well organized hoax. For instance, a group of students making them in the dead of night for fun as a hoax.

Crop Circles

Crop Circles in Wiltshire

Generally crop circles in appear from June to August, before the crops are harvested. It is not yet fully understood how there intricate designs are made. They appear out of nowhere overnight and attract a lot of media attention. Many flock to see these newly appeared crop circles. Believing aliens are giving us these signs as messages of their presence and existence.

Crop Circles Around the World

UFO Hot Spots Around the World

UFO sightings are another as of yet unexplained phenomenon in many cases. Some are true believes that we are being visited by extra-terrestrial beings from outer space… while many will put if down to some other unexplained phenomena. Such as, secret government experiments or testing.

It is for each of us to decided what we choose to believe is the cause. It is sometimes hard to imagine we are alone in the universe… there must surely be many worlds like Earth in the universe that could support life. Even if it were create by god or the divine and supernatural.

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