Crystal Reading: What It Is and Four Different Types to Try

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You’ve likely heard of psychic readings or even aura readings. Though they may be more widely discussed, a crystal reading can also be of value. Unlike many other types of readings this does not predict your future nor will it tell you exactly what to do. Rather, crystal readings are a powerful way to gain understanding and clarification. They can help you find solutions to certain problems or gently guide you towards the best path. Want to learn more? Or perhaps even perform a crystal reading of your very own? This guide will teach you all of the basics so you can incorporate this spiritual practice into your life and the lives of others.

What Is a Crystal Reading?

Have you ever wandered a metaphysical shop? Chances are, one or more crystals caught your eye. Likely you found them either physically attractive or you were intuitively drawn to their energy. Crystal reading works in a similar manner. This type of reading has to do largely with your intuition. What stones catch your eye? What stones can you feel a strong connection to? The crystals you choose (or draw) mean something and their attributes can be applied to a specific situation.

For instance, if you asked a question about love and then drew a piece of rose quartz…this might indicate that you are ready for a serious relationship. Or it may mean that you need to focus your energy on self-love at this time. You will instinctively know which is correct for you. If you are struggling to determine the full meaning, meditate with the stone you have chosen. Or read about the metaphysical meaning of the stone. Whatever pops into your head or feels right for you likely is. Crystal reading can take a bit of time to get used to, but as you strengthen your inner voice, it becomes easier to do. The saying, trust your gut applies well to this type of reading.

Different Types of Crystal Readings

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There is more than one way to perform a crystal reading. Whether you are doing it yourself or have reached out to a healing professional, this is not a one-size-fits-all type of session. In fact, there are many different ways to approach a crystal-based reading. Some of the more popular options include:

Intuitive Selection

Perhaps the most commonly practiced crystal reading is intuitive selection. There are a couple of ways this specific type of reading is done. However, generally speaking there would be a table full of different crystals. The stones themselves can be big or small, tumbled or raw, round or in a specific shape. It may vary based on your own personal crystal collection and what you (or the healer) chose to put out.

Once the table has a variety of crystal to choose from, the session can begin. If you want, you can light a candle, set an intention, or write down any specific questions you want answered. (For example, searching for your life’s purpose or wanting to know how to forgive someone who has hurt you in the past.) Once the intention has been set…you intuitively select three to five crystals from the table.

From there, you can use a crystal book (or do an Internet search on your phone) and read about the healing properties of the crystals you selected. Apply the information to the question or situation you dedicated your session to. An example? Perhaps you set an intention to find out how to earn more money. Then you intuitively select a crystal like golden citrine. This stone relates to manifesting creativity and creative energy. (Read more about manifestation and crystal here.) Your crystal reading may be suggesting that creative projects can help increase your cash flow. Take your time and see what comes up for you during this process.

Drawing Crystals From a Bag

Another way that crystal reading is often performed is by drawing stones from a cloth bag. This is slightly different, as it has nothing to do with choices based on sight. Rather, the crystals chosen are based on either touch or an energetic connection between the person drawing the stone and the stone itself. Just like intuitive selection, this process requires you to select three to five stones.

Begin by placing a variety of small tumbled crystals into a cloth bag and mix them around gently with your hands. Take a minute or two to set your intention, ask any specific question you may want answers to, or simply ask for guidance. Then draw three to five crystals, one at a time. When all of your stones for the crystal reading have been pulled, you can begin your analysis. Look at the healing properties for each stone and think about how those properties may apply to your life or a particular situation.

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Crystal Ball Scrying

This is easily the most popularized type of crystal reading. Countless movies and television shows have shown someone pouring over a crystal ball. (Usually fortune tellers or something similar.) Despite the cliche, crystal ball scrying is extremely powerful and can help you with visions or impressions. It is often done using a perfectly round crystal ball. Something like clear quartz is a popular choice as it is a master healer but you can also tailor your crystal choice based on the area you are focusing on. For instance, a rhodonite crystal ball would work for issues connected to emotional balance or reconciliation of a relationship.

To perform this type of crystal reading, place a black cloth underneath your crystal ball. (This is to minimize reflections.) Set your intention but do your best to clear your mind beforehand as intense emotions can affect the accuracy of the reading. Spend time staring at the crystal and let your mind relax. Do not blink too much and remain calm and peaceful. You may see shapes, certain colours, or even images. These all provide wisdom and insight into a situation or scenario.

Keep in mind, this is a more advanced form of crystal reading. The clarity of the answers given (shown through those shapes, colours, and images) will vary based on the experience of the person performing the reading. It takes practice to see clearly and to accurately interpret what has been seen.

Crystal Oracle Cards

Lastly, you may want to perform a quick (and fairly straightforward) crystal reading using oracle cards. There are many different decks to choose from. The key is to choose a crystal themed or gemstone themed deck. Typically, each card has a picture of a different crystal and then there is a guidebook with possible meanings related to that crystal. Feeling a little uncertain? Just getting started with crystal reading? Using crystal oracle cards is the best place to start. It allows you to get comfortable with different stones, helps improve intuition, and makes it easy to understand your reading.

To begin, shuffle the deck of cards while thinking about a situation or asking a question aloud. Alternatively, you may wish to say something like, “reveal anything that I need to know right now” for a more general approach. Choose one to three cards from the deck for a basic reading. (There are more complex and detailed card spreads as well, typically outlined in the provided guidebook.) You can cut the deck in half to choose a card, draw from the top, or pick cards based on intuition. Whatever feels right is best! Then turn over the cards one by one. Look up each crystal in the guidebook and see what resonates with you.

To perform a crystal reading, choose one of the methods mentioned above. There are several options that suit a variety of skill levels. So, whether you are a beginner with crystals, intermediate, or advanced…you can enjoy the benefits of this type of reading.

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