Make Crystal Jewelry – Simple Guide to Wrapping Crystals

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Creative expression can take many forms. Some people love to paint, write, or draw while others enjoy making unique one-of-a-kind pieces. If you want to make crystal
jewelry (for yourself or as gifts for friends and family members) there are several ways to go about it. With the right tools, know how, and a spark of creative energy…anyone can make items that are both beautiful and special. This simple guide will show you how to start making crystal jewelry of your very own.

Make Crystal Jewelry – Wire Wrapping Crystals

make crystal jewelry

Perhaps you’ve been looking for a specific piece of jewelry but haven’t found the right item at your local metaphysical shop. Or maybe there is a stone you love and want to incorporate into your daily style. Whether you want to create something specific or simply want to do something creative, this venture can be extremely rewarding. So, are you ready to make crystal jewelry? There are several different ways to go about it. Easily the most popular method involves wire wrapping crystals.

Step-by-Step Guide to Wire Wrapping Crystals

  1. To begin, gather all the necessary tools. This method requires a pair of pliers, silver or copper wire, wire cutters, and the crystal you want to use. Though any crystal that is medium sized will work well, remember that the simpler the shape, the easier it will be to wrap. Whether you choose something raw or tumbled, that is totally up to you…just be mindful of the skill level required to wrap a more delicate or complex shape.
  2. Cut your wire (anywhere between 10-15 inches is ideal. If you plan to do a more detailed or intricate design, make it a little longer) and twist one end around the pliers three to four times. (This should look like the base of a safety pin.)
  3. Place the crystal against the wire, close to the ring shape you just created. Then carefully start wrapping the wire around the stone in any direction you please. You may want to create an X shape, wrap primarily at the top and bottom, or create a detailed woven or twisted design. The choice is yours! Play around with the wire, see what works, and don’t be afraid to make changes.
  4. Once you are finished with the design, wrap the remaining wire around that ring shape you initially created. This will give the piece structure and stability.
  5. Cut off any excess wire. You can use your pliers to add crimps or curves in the wire (for added flair) or leave your piece as is. Loop a chain or piece of thick string through the ring and ta da! Your wire wrapped necklace is complete.

This wire wrapping method can also be used to create bracelets and rings as well. For a little inspiration, check out this YouTube video of a wire wrap ring tutorial:

Wrapping Crystals with String

crystal wrapping

Another way to make crystal jewelry is to use string rather than wire. This involves a series of decorative knots, also known as macrame. Like wire wrapping, this can add to the overall beauty of the crystal you are showcasing…and can be altered to suit your own unique vision and personal style.

Step-by-Step Guide to Wrapping Crystals with String

  1. For this method, you will need a pair of scissors, three pieces of either string, cord, or twine (fifteen to twenty inches each), and the healing crystal stone you want to be the main focus of your piece. Again, the size and shape of your stone can be whatever you like but for this method, a medium to large stone will allow you to make a more elaborate and detailed design. See what works for you!
  2. Take one of the three pieces of string and fold it in half evenly. Decide where you want the base of your crystal to be (or where you want the bottom to be). Loop the string over the base to measure the size. Set the crystal down. Wrap your string around the bottom of the loop you measured and knot into place.
  3. Grab that second piece of string and fold it in half. Take the folded end and loop it through the loop you created with the first string. Fold the string back on itself and create a knot. Do the exact same thing with that third piece of string. This should leave you with a round loop, three knots, and the remaining strings.
  4. Use the remaining strings to tie knots wherever you like to create a net-like appearance. The more knots you create, the better your crystal will fit into the string, safe and sound. Continue measuring your string against your crystal until the entire stone has been wrapped.
  5. Twist the cords at the top and tie the remaining strings into a tight knot. From here, you can create a knotted chain (using a similar technique) or you can add this wrapped piece to an existing necklace chain or string.

Other Types of Crystal Jewelry

It doesn’t end there! You can create just about anything you set your mind to. In addition to popular wrap designs, you may also choose to get creative using stones with pre-cut holes. This allows you to make crystal jewellery with ease. Many metaphysical shops sell crystals like this. Otherwise, you can order stones of all shapes and sizes online. The pre-cut holes allow you to string crystals together (perhaps in a colourful pattern or in a way that is energetically beneficial) or create dramatic layered pieces. They can be incorporated into hoop earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and so much more. There are no limits to what you can create. As you become more comfortable with the materials – and as you refine your jewellery making skills – you will be able to make crystal jewelry that is more complex and personalized.

Do you want to make crystal jewelry? Now is the perfect time to get started. This is a wonderful way to unleash your creativity and show the world who you really are. It doesn’t matter if you use citrine, rose quartz, or tourmaline. Your homemade pieces will stand out for all the right reasons.

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