Reiki Healing for PTSD Abuse Trauma – Cutting Psychic Cords

Reiki Treatments PTSD Abuse

Reiki healing treatments can help a very wide range of conditions. Including abuse or many other types of trauma that a person has been or still going through. Therefore, reiki healing treatments can also help Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD among others. There is such a wide variety of abusive and negative experiences that some men, women and children have been thought in life, at the hands of others.

How Reiki Healing Treatments Can Help

Reiki Healing Treatment Hope

Importantly, reiki is guided by a higher force and intelligence. Hence, the reiki is naturally drawn to depletions and negative energies reflected within the spiritual life. Hence, healing happen firstly in the spirits subtle body and energy system. Therefore, with those suffering any of the above on a physical, mental/emotions or on a spiritual level, can often be helped through reiki healing.

Reiki knows what to heal first and will heal the different layer of problems over a course of a few weekly session. The healing sessions will draws negative energies deeply manifested to the surface to be released and cleansed away. Reiki treatments pass onto the physical life and mind, to allow holistic healing to take place of the whole being.

The Healing Crisis

Hence, it will sometimes give the recipient a healing crisis. Mostly this happens the next morning or day. However, the healing crisis is a natural part of reiki healing process. Crucially, it happen as these disharmonies are being released. Often it takes a few hours, but in some cases longer. Although the healing crisis can make make the condition temporarily worse as it is drawn away. It happen because it comes ot the fore. Most clients often feels much better after the release has happened.

One step at a time

Over the course of 3 to 4 weekly sessions, many clients make big steps forward, in their mental well-being and even feel the benefits physically. A sense of relief and freedom is often felt. This is the first step in their own self healing recovery and process.

Sadly, some are made to feel guilt by their abusers for situations they had little or not control over. Often being told or feeling as though they are the one who has done something wrong and made to feel guilty. As they heal they come to realizations they were not to blame.

Freedom from suffering

As these client heal, often for the first time in a long time, they regain their true self and identity. Experiencing freedom from the darkness that their life has sometimes been suffering for a long time. Many even from their childhood.

Reiki treatments and Cutting Psychic Cords

Furthermore, many reiki healers can perform a psychic cord cutting. As many victims, still feel the abuser or negative person is still affecting them and still has a hold on them. Psychic cord cutting, will cut away these bad psychic connections to others. Some can feel instant relief, often in the solar plexus intuitive center, or of the mind. Many feel a sense of freedom and these cords do not reattach.

Those I have healed


I have healing a number of clients with PTSD and other conditions, where they have been abused or victimized. I have to say with some very positive outcomes. See these clients go from strength to strength in their self recovery. Moreover, they come out of a tunnel of darkness they have been in for so longtime. Many have said what a relief it has been or a life changing experience for the better.

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