Birthstone Crystals – Traditional Stones for Each Birth Month

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You’ve seen them before. Birthstone crystals are quite common and can be found in a number of items, ranging from jewelry (birthstone rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces), to candles with stones inside, and even birthday-centric figurines dedicated to a specific month and stone. Often, these items are given as gifts but they can be worn or used throughout the year. All birthstones relate to a specific month in the calendar year – and have healing properties that can benefit your life. In fact, it is believed that wearing your birthstone brings good fortune. Ready to find out more? Here is everything you need to know about these traditional gemstones. 

Birthstone Crystals – History and Gemstone Meanings

Do you have an interest in crystals and crystal healing? Then you know all too well the emotional, mental, and physical benefits linked to these incredible gemstones. Throughout history, crystals have been used in rituals, ceremonies, as adornment and even as decor pieces. From Ancient Egypt to present day…the rich history of crystals cannot be denied. They assist in everything from physical healing to increased happiness, prosperity, good luck, and protection.

When it comes to birthstone crystals, everybody has one! Twelve gemstones are connected to the twelve months of the year. (One gemstone for each month.) Your birth month determines which birthstone you have. Though not everyone in the world is interested in crystal healing, birthstones are fairly universal. Even people who do not use crystals on a regular basis tend to be familiar with or interested in their birthstone. So, just what are the twelve different gemstones? Find your birth month below and discover the meaning behind the stone.

January – Garnet

The first of the birthstone crystals is garnet. Typically linked to the month of January, garnet is a stone of love and stability. It is grounding (associated with the root chakra) and protects against negative thoughts. Garnet can even ward off nightmares. Additionally, it boosts feelings of self worth and confidence. If you were born in this month, add garnet to your accessories or keep a stone in a room you spend a lot of time in. This will help you feel positive, loved, and supported.

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February – Amethyst

Amethyst is a very popular crystal for healing work and of course, in jewelry. However, if you were born in the month of February, this is also your birthstone. It symbolizes courage, strong relationships, protection, and peace. This crystal is also used for mental and emotional clarity. If that wasn’t enough, amethyst can also enhance intuition and bring forth feelings of serenity. For February birthdays, keep this stone nearby. Its healing properties will be even more intense in your presence!

March – Aquamarine

Next up? Aquamarine. Though there are many birthstone crystals, this is one that instantly catches the eye thank to its vibrant colour. Aquamarine is often linked to the sea (in fact, sailors once believed that a piece of aquamarine could protect them on the water). Metaphysically, aquamarine promotes health, love, hope, and mental clarity. If you are struggling to express yourself properly or feel there may be a blockage in your throat chakra…use this stone during meditation. It can calm the mind and improve your ability to be open and honest with others.

April – Diamond

Though the diamond is commonly used in wedding rings and other pieces of fine jewelry…it is actually the birthstone for the month of April. It should come as no surprise that this stone symbolizes everlasting love. However, it has many other properties as well. The diamond is powerful and can enhance other crystals. It also increases courage, can focus thoughts, increase creativity, and reduce feelings of fear and anxiety. If you were born in this month…treat yourself to something sparkly.

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May – Emerald

Are you a passionate person? Then the next of the birthstone crystals on the list will intrigue you. This wasn’t just one of Cleopatra’s favourite stones…it is also linked to increased passion, fertility, and love. Additionally, this is a gemstone of rebirth, wisdom, patience, and growth. It has also believed that emerald can target a number of physical ailments, including sinus problems, vision issues, and the liver. Keep this stone nearby if your birth month is May.

June – Pearl

For the month of June, Pearl is the traditional birthstone. It is a symbol of purity, stability, and love. This can be worn to ease a restless mind, calm worries, and keep a heated temper under wraps. Wearing pearls can also aid in creativity (it was often carried by artists and writers) and help to support a successful relationship. Whether you choose to wear pearl earrings, buttons, or cufflinks…there are many ways to add this birthstone to your next ensemble.

July – Ruby

Though there are many birthstone crystals on the list, ruby cannot be ignored. This deep red stone is connected to the root chakra and can be quite grounding. Ruby enhances personal energy, improves your outlook on life, and has been tied to both wisdom and success. Want more? Rubies are also stones of passion, protection, and strength. Increase your own sense of stability by carrying or wearing this crystal whenever possible. Especially if your birthday falls during the month of July!

August – Peridot

Were you born in August? Then your most powerful crystal is peridot. Its metaphysical properties are amplified around August born people. Peridot is known for being a protective stone that can remove negative or fearful thoughts. It can also guard against feelings of jealousy or worry. This is a stone of strength – and it is thought to strengthen the immune system. In addition, this gemstone can stabilize the mood and prevent intense emotions from taking over.

September – Sapphire

Birthstone crystals can be both beautiful and powerful. That is the best way to describe sapphire. The rich blue colour is stunning to look at…but it can also be incredibly protective for people born during this month. Historically, it was thought to protect against evil energies and even poison. Today, sapphire still represents protection, as well as strength and wisdom. Sapphire has also been linked to loyalty, honesty, and mental clarity. It can also be used to stimulate or bring balance to the brow chakra.

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October – Opal

It is time to get creative. If your birthstone is opal that means two things: you were born in October and you are a creative person. This stone is thought to increase imagination and creativity in general. It also represents innocence, hope, and harmony. Want more? Opal is a wonderful stone to ward off negative people or negative energies that may interfere with your creative projects. Wear it or keep an opal nearby while you work on painting, drawing, writing, singing, or any other creative endeavor.

November – Topaz

There are many metaphysical properties for topaz. Known as the birthstone for November, this stone is incredibly powerful. It represents many things, including love, strength, intelligence, and healing. It is believed to cleanse thoughts and direct energy wherever it is most needed. Topaz is also helpful for travel lovers as it is protective and encourages peaceful thoughts. Whether you are born in November or simply need a little wisdom…this is one crystal you’ll want to have around.

December – Turquoise

When it comes to birthstone crystals, turquoise is one to pay attention to. This is a stone of patience, success, and good fortune. It can be beneficial to wear if you need to have a challenging conversation with someone or if you are giving a presentation at work. Turquoise is a wonderful speech stone and is related to the throat chakra. Additionally, this crystal is thought to relax the mind, protect you from negative people or situations, and increase feelings of joy.

These birthstone crystals can be worn and used by anyone. Regardless of your birth month! Each and every one of the crystals on this list are powerful, healing, and beneficial. So, pay close attention to your birthstone but don’t be afraid to incorporate other stones into your daily life as well.

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