7 Crystals and Stones to Best Heal and Balance the 7 Main Chakras

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Crystals and chakras go hand in hand. The chakras are energy centers that run along the body. There are seven main chakras that begin at the base of the spine and end at the crown of the head. The word “chakra” means wheel or disk in Sanskrit and that is essentially what the chakras are – wheels of energy. When these areas of energy are in balance, you are confident, focused, and energetic. However, when they are unbalanced, crystals come in handy. They have long been used to balance and heal different chakra points. Not sure which crystals work best? Or what stones are most effective for dealing with the different chakras? Here are seven crystals and stones to help heal and bring balance.

Crystals for the Main Chakras

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You may have noticed that a certain colour is associated with each of the chakras. For instance, the root chakra is often tied to the colour red while the crown chakra is violet. (If you are interested, you can always read more about the different chakra colours.) These healing colours are linked to the most effective chakra crystals. In addition to colour, the metaphysical attributes of the crystal are also important. So, how does it work? Crystals have specific energy and that energy works with the vibration of the chakras. This allows the crystal to work with the chakras energy until it is restored, balanced, and healed. The following crystals for the main chakras are must-haves.

The Best Crystal for the Root Chakra

The root chakra is the first chakra and it is often tied to a feeling of security and stability. When this particular chakra is in balance, you feel safe. If the root chakra is unbalanced or weak, you may feel that your life is out of control or you may overreact to a situation. The best crystal to heal and balance the root chakra is red jasper. This stone is all about strength, grounding, and a connection to the earth. Can’t find red jasper at your local metaphysical shop? There are other options to consider as well. Crystals like red garnet and smoky quartz are also beneficial.

Use This Stone for the Sacral Chakra

Next in the main chakras is the sacral chakra. This is linked to the colour orange, as well as creativity, creative expression, and sexuality. If you’ve been feeling unmotivated, depressed, or in a constant state of frustration, this represents an unbalanced sacral chakra. Not to worry. You can bring this chakra into alignment with carnelian. This crystal is used for motivation and courage. With this stone by your side, it won’t be long before you are expressing yourself in positive ways. If you can’t get your hands on carnelian, citrine and tiger’s eye can also be used.

yellow calcite

Try This Crystal for the Solar Plexus Chakra

When your solar plexus is in balance, you feel joyful, confident, and encouraged. This chakra represents personal power. It is associated with success at work and at home – and brings forth positive feelings. When it is out of balance, you will find yourself feeling powerless. This can cause you to feel out of control. Additionally, it may lead you to control everything (and everyone) around you. Bring yourself back to a place of stability with yellow calcite. It clears away self-doubt and increases self-confidence. Otherwise, you can also reach for yellow jasper or citrine.

Heal the Heart Chakra With This Stone

The main chakras tend to have one primary colour. However, the heart chakra has a main colour (green) and a secondary colour (pink). Located at the heart centre, this chakra is the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. As a result, it is tied to love, relationships, and connections. The easiest way to tell if it is out of alignment? Issues in a relationship is a common sign. Otherwise, you may be feeling more emotional than usual. Reach for a piece of rose quartz to soothe and balance this chakra. Other options include green tourmaline and aventurine.

The Best Crystal for the Throat Chakra

Now for the throat chakra! The fifth chakra is linked to the colour blue (aqua, turquoise, and lighter shades of blue) and has to do with communication. It is all about verbal expression and being able to speak the truth. When this is out of balance, you will either find it difficult to express yourself or find yourself saying things that are hurtful. The best crystal to use for this particular chakra is blue lace agate. It will open and clear the chakra and allow you to communicate in a healthy and balanced manner. Can’t find this stone? Not to worry. You can also choose angelite or turquoise.


Use This Stone to Balance the Third Eye Chakra

The next of the main chakras is the third eye chakra. It is represented by indigo and has to do with being able to see the big picture. This chakra is also tied to intuition and inspiration. How can you tell if the third eye chakra is unbalanced? You may find there is a lack of clarity in your life or you are struggling to see the truth. Create balance by using an amethyst crystal. This specific crystal is used to remove negative attachments and protect against lower energies or psychic attack. Additionally, you can also reach for lapis lazuli or sodalite.

Balance the Crown Chakra With This Crystal

To finish off the list, focus on the crown chakra. It is linked to the colour violet but has a secondary colour of clear or white. The crown chakra is all about spiritual enlightenment and the connection to your higher self. If this is a blocked chakra or is in need of healing, you may find yourself feeling lost. However, you may also be unable to think clearly or feel as though your life has no purpose. Focus on clear quartz to heal this chakra and to connect to the rest of the seven main chakras. You can also use selenite or moonstone for this process of energetic cleansing and healing.

The seven main chakras can achieve balance with the use of specific crystals. Lay each stone on or near the chakra location – or add these crystals to your meditation practice. If you feel a specific chakra requires additional attention, wear the associated crystal as jewellery or carry a stone in your purse or pocket.

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