Being Positive in a Negative World: Practical Tips For Everyday Life


Have you noticed the shift? These days, sensational headlines are everywhere, social media is flooded with hate speech, and many people seem to be downright negative. Judgmental. Intolerant. It can be difficult to navigate these murky waters. Especially if you are someone who has chosen to live a positive life, full of light, love, and respect for others. What can be done? How can you block out all the noise and negativity…without burying your head in the sand? Keep reading to find out. These tips will help you focus on being positive even while living in a negative world.

Being Positive: Focus On Things That Return You to Joy

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It can seem impossible to shake yourself out of a negative mindset. It isn’t. Whether your negativity was triggered by an event in the news or you’re just having an off day…remember it is always possible to make a change. Start by cutting yourself some slack. Maybe you have a long to-do list for the day or have a million errands to run. Do only what you absolutely need to do and spend the rest of your time focused on joyful pursuits. What sparks joy will vary from person to person. For you, that might mean curling up with a good book, watching an old Hollywood movie, or calling a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.

It is also possible to add spirituality into your moments of joy. For instance, consider taking this time to work on your meditation practice. There are many benefits to meditation, including reduced stress and increased focus. So spend some time silencing the mind and going inward. Another option is to journal your feelings. Good, bad, or in-between, sometimes expressing your feelings in a safe space can make a world of difference. Or you can always visit a metaphysical shop (treat yourself to a new stone or simply enjoy the ambiance) or work with crystals in your existing collection. Focus on finding joy and being positive.

Use Your Voice Thoughtfully and Powerfully

Being positive doesn’t mean you should ignore what is going on in the world. You can still make a difference – and stand up against negative circumstances. For instance, is there a cause that you are passionate about? It might be animal rights or equality for all. Help this cause! You can use your voice to be a positive force in this world. The key is to speak out, stand up, and be respectful while doing so. The iconic quote from Michelle Obama, “when they go low, we go high,” describes this concept perfectly. If you choose to use your voice (by sharing a thoughtful tweet or engaging in a respectful conversation with a co-worker)…know that there may be negativity thrown your way. The most important thing to do is react as the loving, caring, positive human being you are. Avoid going low and focus on maintaining your integrity.

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking out yet, that’s okay! There are other ways to channel positive energy into the world. You can always donate money or time to a charity that means a lot to you. Or you can simply press the like button on Twitter, Instagram, or another social media platform. The latter is a wonderful way to offer your support without putting yourself out there quite as much. Always listen to your heart and speak up when you feel it is appropriate.

Know When To Remove Yourself From a Situation

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Most of us avoid negativity wherever possible. However, there are some people on this planet that thrive on bringing down others. Especially those who try to live their lives in a way that is positive and loving. You may deal with people like this they on a regular basis. In fact, they may be members of your family, people you work with, or acquaintances. For the most part, you likely try to avoid conflict, but there are times when enough is enough.

If you can sense that someone wants to have an argument with you, step away. Once you realize there is nothing to be gained, politely excuse yourself and create physical space between you and that individual. You may wish to be direct (letting the person know you do not want to partake in negativity) or you can always make a well-timed phone call. Another option is to use visualization to your advantage. If you simply cannot get away…. imagine a white light surrounding you. Picture all of the negative energies, thoughts, and words that are coming towards. Then picture them bouncing off that white light. This mental shield can protect you and create an energetic boundary.

Have a Mantra or Positive Action Plan Ready

Being positive is often easier said than done. Sure, you want to be full of love and light…but when everyday life takes over, it can be a challenge. Don’t worry. All you need is a plan. Simply prepare for situations before they occur. Since negativity can happen anywhere and at any time, decide what you will do if it occurs. What if you see a traumatic news clip? What if you talk to someone who wants to bring down your spirit? Know how you will handle various scenarios.

How can you come up with an effective strategy? Consider different options and determine which ones resonate with you. For example, you can carry crystals that are calming or have a positive energy (like amethyst or yellow citrine). You can focus on grounding techniques (deep breathing, visualization, connecting to the earth). Or you can recite mantras, positive affirmations, quotes, or anything else that brings you peace and returns you to a positive state of being.

Being positive is always possible. With these tips, you will be ready for anything and everything life throws your way. That’s right! It will become easier and easier to prepare, protect, and connect to your best and brightest self.

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