Best Summer Crystals – Stones for Energy, Positivity, and Creativity

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Are you making the most of summer? The season is often fun, exciting, and full of sunshine. Many people take time off work, travel, attend local events, and spend lots of time enjoying the outdoors. Despite the many positives associated with the season, rarely is it all sunshine and roses. According to the Depression Research Program at UCLA, summer depression is real. Stresses of the season combined with the societal pressure to have a good time can lead to a seriously lacklustre few months. It doesn’t have to be that way. One option is to make use of crystal healing. There are many summer crystals that can help you increase energy levels, feel more positive, and channel your creativity. 

Summer Crystals for Increased Energy

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Schedules are often overloaded once the summer season rolls around. There are get-togethers, casual dinners on the patio, backyard barbecues, concerts, and countless other activities. In order to enjoy them…it requires a certain level of energy. Since warm weather can make you feel sluggish, it is especially important to use summer crystals targeted towards increased energy. A few to keep in mind include:

  • Ruby has many wonderful metaphysical properties. Not only does this stone encourage confidence and joy but it has also been linked to higher energy levels and improved stamina. As well as increased blood flow. So, if you have a long day ahead of you, hold a piece of ruby over your root chakra for a few minutes. Let the gentle energy revitalize you – and help you stay alert throughout the day.
  • Carnelian is another crystal to consider. It is often used to increase motivation and courage…but is also used for endurance. Holding a piece of carnelian (or wearing jewellery with carnelian stones) will give you an instant boost of energy. If you find that you are feeling sluggish or can’t concentrate on everyday tasks, this crystal is a must.
  • Clear Quartz can also be an effective stone to increase energy levels. This is an ultra versatile stone and is often referred to as a master healer. Essentially, this amplifies the energy of other stones. That means you can pair it with ruby or carnelian to receive even more summertime energy.

Additional Crystals for Energy

Don’t have any of the stones mentioned above? Then look through your collection for the following: garnet (increases both motivation and energy levels), red tiger’s eye (not only is this particular crystal protective but it can also make you feel more energized), and red aventurine (keeps fatigue at bay and increases your energy throughout the day). Take a look at your crystal collection or head to a metaphysical shop for these summer crystals.

Use These Stones for a Positive Mindset

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It’s not always easy to be positive. Even when the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Though the summer may seem picturesque, it is all too easy to fall into a negative state of mind. This is especially common when summer plans fall through or you can’t participate in certain activities because finances are tight. To keep your mental attitude positive throughout the season, consider reaching for these summer crystals:

  • Turquoise should never be overlooked. When it comes to refocusing the mind, this is one effective stone. It increases intuition, wisdom, and happiness…but has also been tied to positive thoughts. If you are feeling scattered or it seems like a rain cloud is hanging over your head, hold onto a piece of turquoise.
  • Onyx is also a powerful summertime stone. This particular piece absorbs negative energy and transforms it into beneficial energy. It turns negative thoughts or situations into joyful occasions. Do you notice your outlook is pessimistic? Use onyx to turn that negativity into something wonderful. Keeping a piece nearby is a great strategy if you ever need a pick me up.
  • Citrine may be the ideal crystal for you this summer. It is all about joy and happiness. Citrine doesn’t just look bright and beautiful. It also provides a carefree mindset, a positive mental attitude, and an increased love of life. This is a powerful choice that will help you reclaim your light this season.

More Stones for Positivity

There are additional options to consider as well. To add a little positivity to the rest of your summer, look for: lapis lazuli (this stone creates balance and peace in social situations that make you feel anxious or unhappy), jade (brings emotional peace and calm), and rose quartz (which is ideal if your negative mindset is caused by relationship or romantic problems). Use these summer crystals to enjoy a truly memorable – and positive – season.

Increase Your Creativity With These Crystals

bloodstone crystal

Have you made time for creativity lately? Or are the summer months so full that you’ve forgotten to connect to self? It happens. Even the most creative people can cease to create when summertime distractions take hold. To make the remainder of your season enjoyable, focus on creativity. These summer crystals can inspire you to channel your energy in truly incredible ways:

  • Bloodstone may not be the first crystal that comes to mind for creativity but it can actually be incredibly useful. This stone increases creativity and aids in decision-making. The ability to make clear decisions can be beneficial when it comes to writing projects, artwork, and many other creative pursuits.
  • Opal is another wonderful option. It stimulates originality of thought and can help you express your true self. This combination ensures that all of your creative work is unique, interesting, and one-of-a-kind. Keep opal nearby when you are working on a creative project and hold it whenever you feel stuck or unsure.
  • Celestite can work wonders for creativity. It is often used by artistic people – or those who are creative for a living. The reason is simple: it connects you to the angelic realm. Celestite is gentle, loving, and soothing crystal that opens you up to new experiences and new forms of expression. Allow yourself to be inspired and encouraged with this stone.

Try These Stones for Creativity

If none of the crystals mentioned above are resonating with you, that’s okay. There are many other summer crystals that work well for creativity. Enhance your summer with stones like: yellow fluorite (which creates a sense of stability within group projects), aventurine (enhances creativity and helps you see alternative options), and diamond (increases imagination and the desire to create). All of these crystals will help you put your creativity to the test and make the most of the season.

There is still plenty of time to turn your summer around. Your season can be spectacular – with the help of a few well-chosen summer crystals. Add one (or more) of these stones to your life and get ready to experience a whole new perspective.

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